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  1. And coming this winter the idiots over at Westjet are dropping a lot of their point to point flights from smaller airports and funneling even more people through YYZ. Standing by for the inevitable sh*t show and corresponding headlines this winter.
  2. It's a zero sum game. Westjet isn't increasing the fleet significantly over last winter so all that extra capacity at the hubs is coming from a huge reduction in direct routes out the secondary markets. A windfall gain (initially) for Sunwing, Transat, Flair, and maybe even First Air (now that Chris Avery is the new VP of network planning) ? Looks like the plan is to use the original Westjet metal to operate out of the 3 hubs then perhaps use the new ULCC (Lessjet) to pick up the slack in the smaller markets ? Then once the hubs are surrounded, slowly pick away the routes there one by one. Sort of like what Rouge is doing. Union busting 101. It will be interesting to watch ALPA's move to this strategy.
  3. The media was hyping FLE1, YHM-YWG, as the first flight. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/newleaf-airline-winnipeg-hamilton-1.3693809 http://flightaware.com/live/flight/FLE1/history/20160725/1410Z/CYHM/CYWG In any event, lowering the bar for pilots in Canada yet again. If it lasts ?
  4. Well they are going to have at least 7 more B737's in the fleet than they did last summer (unless they decide to return more sooner), so I don't think you can discount my "from the factory" theory entirely. Sure the additional B737 capacity could come from oil-patch reductions and reduced flights out of Alberta, or tails replaced by Q400's or the B767. Just compare the summer schedule to last year and you might see what if any routes are being trimmed down. (I don't have the time to do it right now). The late announcement does seem a little suspicious, shortly after Canada Jetlines announces "possible" funding to use a Vancouver hub to Southern Ontario, which leads me to the preemptive strike theory.
  5. If that were the case, too many seats chasing too few passengers, it would seem logical to drop capacity not add it. Although being the airline industry "logic" does not always seem to be the deciding factor. The new Halifax to Vancouver and Winnipeg routes might have been influenced by the increased feed into Halifax provided by Encore that wasn't there last summer ? It will be interesting to see if they can make this Halifax mini hub work ? A few years ago they tried Halifax to London (Ontario) and Montreal and both routes didn't last more than one summer.
  6. The aircraft are coming from the Boeing factory. WestJet has taken delivery of 7 new Boeing 737-800's since October 2015, with 4 more planned in the remainder of 2016. Granted some older ones are being returned to leasors but there will still be a net gain vs the previous summer. These new non-stop flights from Vancouver to Hamilton, London and now Halifax seem to be a preemptive strike against Canada Jetlines ?
  7. How about on the $20 they put Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne holding hands and skipping through a sunny meadow with Unicorns and Rainbowns in the background. call it a $US dollar, because that's what's it's going to be worth then they get done with it.
  8. Let the games begin ! Friday, February 12th, NewLeaf launch day cheapest available webfares Hamilton - Saskatoon NewLeaf - $119.00 nonstop WestJet - $118.79 via Calgary Air Canada - no flights Toronto - Saskatoon NewLeaf - no flights WestJet - $118.79 nonstop Air Canada - $272.00 nonstop Abbotsford - Saskatoon NewLeaf - $89.00 nonstop WestJet - $72.58 via Calgary Air Canada - no flights Vancouver - Saskatoon NewLeaf - no flights WestJet - $187.03 via Calgary Air Canada - $187.00 nonstop (Jazz) Kelowna - Saskatoon NewLeaf - $89.00 nonstop WestJet - $83.08 via Calgary (Encore) Air Canada - $179.00 via Calgary (Jazz) Saskatoon - Hamilton NewLeaf - $119.00 nonstop WestJet - Econ Fare sold out, $607.00 Flex Fare, via Calgary Air Canada - no flights Saskatoon - Toronto NewLeaf - no flights WestJet - $317.23 nonstop Air Canada - Tango Fare sold out, $413.00 Flex Fare, nonstop Hamilton - Halifax NewLeaf - $99.00 nonstop WestJet - $97.32 from Toronto Air Canada - $232.00 from Toronto looks like WestJet is in fighting mood, Air Canada sitting back for now.
  9. It won't solve the problem completely but it will help.
  10. Accountability and transparency of the investigating authority and interested parties. So you don't get threads like this that start with "I am suspicious of their findings".
  11. Yes the TSB Act, no fault no blame policy. In the Air France case you provided above the Judge basically disagreed with these reasons and did release the CVR data to the lawyers. Granted with a gag order not to release them to the general public. It does highlight how the raw CVR data might need to be used to determine what REALLY happened, instead of the sanitised TSB PC no fault no blame version we get to see.
  12. One thing I find particularly annoying about this accident report is that the TSB is often paraphrasing what the pilots said instead of just publishing their exact words. A verbatim transcript, ie: NTSB, of the CVR recording would clear up some of the confusion. For example, copied from the report (page 4) ... 1640:07 - FO queries captain to confirm full deflection. 1640:08 - Captain concurs, and questions why full deflection when they are on the localizer 1640:11 - FO states they are not on the localizer 1640:14 - Captain states "It's captured; ten three is the localizer" My interpretation is that the Captain concurs that there is full deflection of the localizer, so presumably he meant on his side as well (granted it's not perfectly clear he meant that). And that at 1640:11 when the TSB says "on the localizer", the Captain meant the autopilot was "captured on the localizer" as his next statement (actually in quotes) seems to indicate. This seems to imply that both pilots had similar localizer indications on their HSI's. However without knowing exactly what was said I can understand why there might be some confusion. Did the FO say "full deflection on both localizers", "full deflection on my side", "full deflection on your side", "full deflection" ? What exactly is the Captain concuring here ? Fixated on the G/S and shoved the nose down when he realised it was indicating well below. Pushing the nose down to -5deg ! less than 400 feet above the ground ! is crazy even on a clear day. This is hard to refute, I'm not sure what you are getting at here ? In any event, even if the Captains HSI indications were stuck or on the VOR there were more than enough discrepancies and approach gate violations to warrant a missed approach well before they got anywhere near 396 feet.
  13. From the Arrow air thread, Moon The Loon wrote ... "Having said that, I am suspicious of their findings in the 7F YRB crash of a 737". Do tell ...
  14. Freezing rain and winds gusting to 63 km/h. It would have been a fun walk (slide) down those ramps. Plus half the passengers are still probably wearing shorts and t-shirts. The excuse does seem to have some plausability. METAR CYHM 290300Z 06027G33KT 2SM -FZRA -PL BKN006 BKN018 OVC026 M03/M04 A3003 The flight was operating from PUJ (Punta Cana) not CUN (Cancun) and the tech stop in Hamilton was planned in advance, it's shown on their website before you purchase the flight. Not sure why they wouldn't use YYZ, landing fee's might be a factor ? How do these international tech stops work ? Do all the passengers have to get off and clear customs or do they stay in bond on the aicraft ? The flight was on time, if the passengers were planned to get off then why wasn't customs there, and if they could stay on why the delay ? The unintended consequences of using a B737 to do an A330's job. Next time maybe fly Air Transat (disclosure - I don't work for either company). http://flightaware.com/live/flight/TSC791/history/20151226/0030Z/MDPC/CYYC ps - great to have a dedicated aviation forum back !!
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