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  1. https://www.somme-aviation-39-45.fr/dossiers-decouvertes/spitfire-mk-ix-occoches-13-mai-1943/the-isle-of-wight.html
  2. That aircraft was in YYZ October 2nd
  3. It goes into effect September 16, 2019 at 0600 for a full scale trial. This should be interesting.
  4. Pilots who went on strike have apparently lost their travel privileges. That’s going to make commuting difficult.
  5. Don’t you mean TM? ( Taureau Merde)
  6. B-29 at Malton. September 1951
  7. It reminds me of a saying. “ Why are there so many more horses a33es in the world than there are horses?”
  8. Or will soon be toasters.
  9. The pieces are starting to come together.
  10. There was a pilot for Mall Airways who would look around the ramp for cutlery.
  11. I wonder if it will have SDDCDM (Système d'augmentation des caractéristiques de manœuvre)