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  1. GGN operated YYZ IND turn today
  2. C-GKEK GGN CRJ2 is ferrying YYZ to MZJ as GGN7441
  3. And that was 11 years ago. January 15, 2009
  4. The first Air Canada (C Series) A220-300 arrived in YYZ on December 23. C-GROV went directly to a hangar
  5. A last name that is familiar in Canadian aviation.
  6. “Where on the airport is this going” West of the FedEx facility
  7. I wonder if it will open with a fanfare or a Concerto.
  8. https://www.somme-aviation-39-45.fr/dossiers-decouvertes/spitfire-mk-ix-occoches-13-mai-1943/the-isle-of-wight.html
  9. That aircraft was in YYZ October 2nd