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  1. AAS

    777X Folding Wingtip Approval

    https://theaircurrent.com/dispatches/beyond-the-carrier-deck-a-glimpse-at-the-777x-folding-wingtip/ The static test aircraft is complete
  2. A pressurized sailplane http://www.perlanproject.cloud/VirtualCockpit.html
  3. AAS

    Ramp Incidents

    Add to that list the increased number of gates that have adjacency conflicts.
  4. AAS

    Trenton 1971

    Good weather for flying awaits these Canadian armed forces jets at Trenton air base, which were to take part in the International Air Show at CNE today. The weatherman promised lots of sun and heat today and tomorrow. Showers, he says, will come tomorrow night. The 2 1/2 hour air show will include, for the first time, a salute by an Air Canada 747 jumbo jet and an exhibition of parachute jumping - Courtesy of Toronto Public Library & the Toronto Star Archives - 1971
  5. AAS

    Is that you Say again, over?

    FT is too nice for that.
  6. AAS

    Air Service to Small Cities

    Why should my tax dollars be spent to support an airline route when it’s not viable for a bus?
  7. AAS

    Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Link to the TSB report http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2018/a18o0002/a18o0002.asp
  8. The report from TSB http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2018/a18o0002/a18o0002.asp
  9. AAS

    Memory Lane

  10. AAS

    Memory Lane

    YQG was a Nordair scheduled destination. That’s how we got ribs from the tunnel barbecue
  11. AAS

    Memory Lane

  12. AAS

    A380 Wake Turbulance

    About a year ago there was this encounter with wake turbulence. http://m.aviationweek.com/ebace-2017/german-challenger-totaled-after-a380-wake-turbulence
  13. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/708781/frankfurt-airport-fire-germany-plane-flames-tow-truck-blaze
  14. The company I work for use to have random drug & alcohol testing. I consulted a laborer lawyer friend. He at that time told me that the random drug test could not give a level of impairment only that there was a trace of drugs. The case law involved Entrop VS Imperial Oil. “Random Drug and Alcohol Testing In Canada, differences in the law have emerged between random alcohol testing and random drug testing and between the unionized and non-unionized sectors as a result of the decisions of the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Entrop v. Imperial Oil Ltd.3 ("Entrop") andImperial Oil Ltd. v. Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 9004 ("Imperial Oil"). In Entrop, the Court of Appeal was required to assess whether an Ontario Board of Inquiry had correctly interpreted the applicable human rights legislation when it decided that random alcohol and drug testing was discriminatory. The Court determined that the Board's decision regarding random alcohol testing was incorrect and overturned it, on the basis that random alcohol testing by way of breathalyser measures present impairment and produces immediate results without impinging on an employee's right to privacy. However, the Court went on to say that automatic termination as a result of a positive test result would likely be found to contravene human rights law if the need for accommodation had not first been explored. The Court in Entrop determined that random drug testing, however, even for employees in safety-sensitive positions, could not be justified and that the decision of the Board of Inquiry in this regard was correct. In Imperial Oil, the primary issue that a labour arbitrator was originally asked to consider was whether the employer's random, unannounced alcohol and drug testing policy was reasonable. The Arbitrator did not consider the issue of alcohol testing because the employer's practice in this regard had gone unchallenged by the union since 1992. However, the Arbitrator adopted the "Canadian model" regarding drug testing and found that random drug testing is not permissible since the methods of testing currently available, either urinalysis or buccal (oral) swabs, are highly intrusive and incapable of measuring present impairment in a timely way. The Arbitrator further concluded that such testing was not reasonably necessary to accomplish an employer's goals of maintaining safety or promoting deterrence of drug use. The Court of Appeal for Ontario eventually opted to defer to the Arbitrator in this regard and did not overturn his award. As a result of the decision in Imperial Oil, random drug testing can generally only be performed in the unionized context as part of a rehabilitative program for employees with a proven drug or alcohol dependency. Often such arrangements are imposed in lieu of termination of employment and are agreed upon by the employer, employee and union in the form of a "last chance" or "return to work" agreement. However, where a drug and alcohol policy requires automatic return to work testing in every case, it could be viewed as unreasonable and/or contrary to Canadian human rights law. Furthermore, in circumstances where there is no evidence of dependency or abuse, but only a positive drug test, it is unlikely that an employer can impose random, unannounced return to work testing” Should be fun to watch this play out.