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  1. It records that little voice in your head.
  2. Joe Patroni would be proud.
  3. I went to the aviation museum a couple of years ago. You can get up close to most of their display aircraft. The aircraft that they are working on are visible but roped off. Look online for a "Groupon " deal or a coupon in one of the many book available around the hotels.
  4. She may be well educated but she certainly doesn't come across as smart.
  5. http://globalnews.ca/news/2946503/newleaf-travel-making-some-temporary-changes-that-will-impact-winnipeg-travellers/
  6. An ACA E190 did the same thing July 27, 2016 And an ACA B767 did it on August 5, 2016
  7. "Goose Bumps" Well done.
  8. That sucks. A friend of mine. His brother is their OC RAFAT. (I hate acronyms)
  9. This was taken in 1967. It was moored in a field at Islington & Eglinton in the west end of Toronto
  10. It's likely to be a busy ditch.
  11. Try printing something. My printer was not recognized. I got it to work but it was a PITA.
  12. This happened about a week ago at YYZ. There was a hole in the skin where the bridge auto leveler makes contact. I heard about the incident then found this picture floating around the Internet.
  13. C-FWAD went mechanical in YYZ tonight. C-FOGJ is replacing it. At least a 3 hour delay