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  1. There was a pilot for Mall Airways who would look around the ramp for cutlery.
  2. I wonder if it will have SDDCDM (Système d'augmentation des caractéristiques de manœuvre)
  3. Amazing the things you collect.
  4. I think that “theairlinewebsite.com” should hand out their own awards. We can make up a bunch of categories and do it as a poll.
  5. Except that you are in YHM. The diversions that just miss YTZ curfew could get into YYZ. Give the passengers a voucher for the UP Express. I remember the Worldways diversions to YHM. Always a nightmare getting the passengers to YYZ.
  6. Unfortunately they aren’t.
  7. It’s going from bad to worse.
  8. A former Porter dispatcher told me YHM is a primary alternate. They have an agreement in place with a ground handler.
  9. USAir would ship white mice up to YYZ. Inevitably a box would be open on arrival. Had a bunch of loose frogs once on AAL a very **bleep** off Monkey in a cage on UAL. We needed broom handles through the cage to get it off. The guy that jumped out of the wheel well of a BWIA L1011 scared the crap out of me.
  10. Three time F1 champion. 1975, 1977, 1984