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  1. If WOW goes belly up does it become MOM ?
  2. Jean Alesi. My friend saw the photo. Got in touch with the photographer and received a proper print. He had Alesi and the Concord chief pilot sign it. I have a copy. We toured the Benetton F1 factory as well as the Red Bull factory. He moved teams the first year after Red Bull bought out Stewart F1
  3. A friend of mine believes he is the only mechanic to work on both the Concord and that F1 car.
  4. I wasn’t working that day. When the ramp was slippery having a DC8 assist the tug with reverse thrust happened often. I was wing walking when a BAW 747 used reverse thrust to assist the tug. More recently a manager was asked if it would be OK for a Q400 to power back from gate 135. The manager asked “what’s a power back?”
  5. Should have stayed on the load bearing surface
  6. A Cathay Pacific aircraft was stuck at Tel Aviv Airport The plane was to operate flight CX676 from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion to Hong Kong. The Airbus A350-900 (reg. B-LRX) is stuck after the left main gear broke the asphalt during push back.
  7. 2019-02-15 A Rossiya B747-400 (EI-XLH) and a Azur B767-300 (VQ-BUO) were damaged when the stabilizer of the 767 struck the winglet on pushback at Moscow-Vnukovo Airport (UUWW), Russia. The latter sustained substantial damage to its stabilizer. No one was injured
  8. The controller who took over, with the taxiways blocked, from the one who was working at the time of the accident
  9. Too bad they can’t fix the A320 engine cowl latch problems.
  10. Sounds like Swoop had a bad day.
  11. From Twitter “ On the deck of the ferry I realized my cell phone was dry; my first call was to US Airways. The airline operations manager who answered abruptly told me he couldn’t talk because they “had a plane down in the Hudson.” I said “I know. I’m the guy” Capt. Sullenberger.