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  1. Seriously you are quoting NEWSWEEK LOLOLOL This then will surely make you weep. https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/01/50-media-mistakes-in-the-trump-era-the-definitive-list/ You can keep refreshing as the link has real time updates
  2. Obviously Deicer did not watch the SOTU otherwise he would not have quoted fake news!
  3. #fakenewsalert Medal of Freedom is only for civilians. Medal of honor is military only for extraordinary bravery in the field. The Tuskegee Airman was promoted to Brigadier General before Trump's SOTU
  4. Who cares who is reporting on this impact on immigration silly boy. It's the content that is important. Perhaps read a book or something of value on the subject.
  5. The Terrible Truth About the UN Migration Compact Please Canadians... do something about this. Trudeu is meant to vote in December. Bye Bye property rights and freedom of speech! https://youtu.be/5WRszRZBfYw
  6. at 11:48 am he was listed as democrat. 10 minutes later changed to republican. Screenshots tell it all. You missed the boat on this one Deicer. LOL!
  7. Oh wait. Big tech aka DO just want the dummys to pay another tax.
  8. Any GW nutters need to review history (as much that is documented) even Gore admitted he was wrong. We are entering a grand solar minimum that happens every 400 years. Google it!
  9. My goodness Mr. D, You are so brainwashed, it's embarrassing. Truth or Dare? I dare you to stop watching any news for 1 week.
  10. Does anyone know how to watch this? Its on OAN tonight at 8pm
  11. Have you seen the Candace Owen assault today Deicer? There is an info wars app. Where you can watch live, before Google shuts that down.
  12. Red, malbec. 1986. Lol ? I getting worried that your quoting CNN. The grocery I'd story was not accurate that they reported. Turn it off for 1 week. And see if you will ever quote them again. Never underestimate their subliminal control.
  13. I'm not an Alex Jones fan. I won't go into my thoughts on him. However, I do watch some of his reporters. I find Owen, David and Mille quite on the ball. Today I was watching the dumbass freaks (#walkaway Deicer, you can do it, we're all behind you) scream and yell in all their brainwashed bizarreness in Portland and Berkley. Where the Soros funded upheaval aka antifa. Then all of a sudden poof! So the social media giants colluded to take his voice down. WTFO? Another Tommy? Look it. If you don't like his channel, then watch Al Gore or something! Should it not be my choice whether I watch porn or AJ! Just sayin'
  14. You clearly haven't been overseas for long periods of time without local news. Check out RT.com
  15. And before you get too excited about CNN latest diatribe https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1022703985738694656.html 1. This is such a RIDICULOUS story. But of course, liberals fall for it. Their #TrumpDerangementSyndrome has sent them mad. Why is this new narrative absurd? 2. Let's assume (for laughs) that Trump and Putin were conspiring to rig the 2016 US Presidential election. AND that Putin had 'dirt' on Clinton, that he wanted to provide to Trump. What's the LAST THING they would do? 3. Set up a meeting between Russian operatives/spies & Trump Team members, in the middle of NYC, to discuss it and facilitate the transfer of said 'dirt'. AFTER emailing everyone about it on open channels. ? 4. Putin is a KGB master spook, for crying out loud. And Trump is a super smart, cunning real estate magnate. Anyone who thinks they'd do covert business with each other like this, must be totally insane. Or suffer from #TrumpDerangementSyndrome . 5. I wrote a thread the other day about NSA's 'Stellar Wind' program. It was able to hoover up the equivalent of the Congressional Library EVERY 14.4 seconds - in 2006. Putin knows that, probably has something similar. So would he risk exposing the scam with Drumpf, to the NSA? 6. NO, OF COURSE HE WOULDN'T. Nor would he risk expose by FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc etc etc. Trump & Putin would make sure that the entire conspiracy was INVISIBLE. That's the entire point. 7. The entire 'Trump Tower' meeting is an obvious set up. It is so amateurish in conception and execution. And Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson met with the Russian spy, Veselnitskaya, the day before AND after. I mean, come on. 8. I'm pleased the libs are starting to ramp up the new narrative. It makes them look even more deranged, for starters, which is good for a chuckle. But it also allows normies, most who have common sense, to see the Trump Tower meeting for what it so clearly is. A SET UP. 9. Unlike the liberals, who have ZERO common sense. But then again, as the saying goes, 'common sense ain't common.' #MAGA The end.
  16. Try and keep up on the facts and not propaganda Deicer 7. Obama expanded the power of the Executive under FISA, in 2012.Stellar Wind went totally out of control, turbo-charged by NSAs PRISM Program, allowing the NSA to hoover up the explosion of data held by Google, Facebook & Yahoo (and others). https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1021914249159794688.html
  17. Don't watch this Deicer. https://twitter.com/RealTT2020/status/1020513222950989824?s=20
  18. Who cares. One thing I would care about is my lawyer recording my conversation. Very shady act.
  19. Oh boy, what did I miss? Ýou do understand the law of treason right? What's your version of it?
  20. How do you know there was no witnesses?
  21. What makes you think they have not had this type of conversation?
  22. This may cheer you up Deicer, loads of Ruskies died this past February https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1018973000434008065.html