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  1. RE: Rempel, I love this girl -says what is really on her mind and mine!
  2. He's damn lucky it wasn't me rigging the bungee ropes up!
  3. I didn't realize we had an LGBTQ etc. forum?
  4. I once had the privilege of turning the "cream separator" to start a 1927 Fairchild _- owned by someone an old-timer might remember, ex AC 747 Captain JRW.
  5. The last paragraph (last part) sounds like it came out of Trudeau's playbook!
  6. Watching Singh in question period is a real joke as he tries to ask tough questions to the liberals!
  7. If a Tesla battery costs $26,000,how much will these batteries cost to replace?
  8. Thanks Rick - will do as I am a survivor also!
  9. SO: - if I identify as a cow today do I have to eat grass?
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