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  1. No The Mighty 580 - nice try though!
  2. At At Air At Air Ontario we used to fly Buffalo out out of St. Catherines and Detroit out of Windsor.
  3. I BET SAFER AND jAHON WILL REALLY BE PIS*ED When they are put on probation!
  4. I was asked once if my house was paid off? I sad no but my cottage is!
  5. Got to get inside one years ago in Geneva.The back looked like any western aircraft, however ,the cock pit was something else!
  6. Sorry Jaydee - I put it in the wrong place!
  7. Probably wouldn't today either!
  8. Back to carding and minimum 5 years in jail if caught with a gun!
  9. Where is the money coming from?
  10. Encana stated life as Canada Energy! No wonder the liberals hate them!