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  1. And Trudeau said he wants to bring in another 350,000 immigrants this year!
  2. What could have been if management had not screwed things up so bad in previous years!
  3. No more billionaires allowed in Canada - that should bring in some innovative immigrants
  4. Unfortunately if it's really good it will probably be bought out out by a foreign company same as Crown Royal and Forty Creek! a
  5. If it's a rye whiskey I will try it!
  6. Some of the comments remind me of when Porter started up! I wish them good luck.
  7. jackr ,you are surrounded by sharks down there -www.ocearch.org
  8. Could someone inform the folks along Jane street in Toronto that Black Lives Matter!
  9. I noticed in the picture that Lighthizer is still explaining to Christia and Justin what it really means!
  10. When do we get our money back that Trudeau used as he tried to bribe his way into a UN Security Counsel seat??
  11. Are they also demanding that the RCMP carry their baggage when they arrive?
  12. Are they also demanding the RCMP carry their bags when they arrive?