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  1. If anyone in BC knows someone with front end damage on a gray or green suv would you please e-mail me or the police-Hit and run on my daughter!
  2. Maybe pick on some one a LITTLE bit bigger BLA matter too! PS: Thanks for not burning down the shop!
  3. I thought Trudeau already did that!
  4. Around 1932/34 Western ranchers created the cattlemans association which is now coming under fire for its name(BNN) reports!
  5. Was't this guy in Deliverance?(SP)
  6. I listened to this during question period and Trudeau gave the standard answer read from a piece of paper!
  7. I shouldn't laugh my wife did this ( which was an option) on my brand new car!
  8. Flying west bound in the 30s around YAM and YQT 5 lights in a V formation above us Eastbound.
  9. Rajitha could be in the tractor video posted earlier!
  10. Boy did I ever chose the wrong profession!