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  1. Could never get into scotch either and definitely not bourbon - Canadian 100% Rye
  2. My mailman used to be a mechanic for Avianca (Columbia) and for some reason I started getting 2 copies of AIN, we now share them!
  3. I had a 20 gauge shot gun when I was 12 , having been trained safety by my brother ,and approved by my Father.
  4. Are we sure its meant to "spread cheer"?
  5. I agree- too bad for the shareholders , but not for the ones that screwed it up!
  6. Too bad Bombardier screwed it all up having to sell everything and/or give it away!
  7. What is the story behind the Canadian Airways Congo?
  8. How do I contact Admin(I keep getting the boot)
  9. JUST HEARD ABOUT THE RBC bank robbery north of TO 13 , 15 &17 kids Like Wolfhunter says WFTDTH - Please don't name these children nor their parents!
  10. The 1st shipping company has announced its moving it's business out of Halifax to US ports and rail due to "this ridiculous situation."
  11. Wait until you hear the ceo's latest uplifting speech!