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  1. Fortunately I have dual citizenship ( thankfully also my children)!
  2. My watch list says they are buying Carson Air for$61 million in cash and stock
  3. I like the one ( car mats ) with the little Canadian flag at the bottom that says "ships from Canada "
  4. How about it "Ships from Canada" I find that a little misleading! ESP with the Canadian flag beside it.
  5. When Trudeau heard Biden talk about only made in america ,he thought he meant Canada also (The liberals won't do anything about this so he can please Biden!)
  6. If anyone in BC knows someone with front end damage on a gray or green suv would you please e-mail me or the police-Hit and run on my daughter!
  7. Maybe pick on some one a LITTLE bit bigger BLA matter too! PS: Thanks for not burning down the shop!
  8. I thought Trudeau already did that!
  9. Around 1932/34 Western ranchers created the cattlemans association which is now coming under fire for its name(BNN) reports!
  10. Was't this guy in Deliverance?(SP)
  11. I listened to this during question period and Trudeau gave the standard answer read from a piece of paper!
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