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  1. JUST HEARD ABOUT THE RBC bank robbery north of TO 13 , 15 &17 kids Like Wolfhunter says WFTDTH - Please don't name these children nor their parents!
  2. The 1st shipping company has announced its moving it's business out of Halifax to US ports and rail due to "this ridiculous situation."
  3. Wait until you hear the ceo's latest uplifting speech!
  4. I can see the bonus cheques being handed out already! This used to be a + $30.00 a share stock! Pink slips should be the only thing handed out IMO!
  5. Maybe, hopefully not, still talking to Alstom re: train division as reported by BNN this AM.
  6. Did you work for an Ontario liberal government by any chance?
  7. This just came across the bottom of BNN - Trudeau -we recognize the right to peaceful protest. What has happened to "Rule of Law"?
  8. Trump is finally listening to Trudeau!
  9. It has to do with the insulting comment you made about Doug Ford and his home schooling!
  10. This has been bothering me so I want to reply - my neighbour home schools and her 16 year old daughter entered Western this year with a 90+ % Also, her mom isn't marching up and down my street demanding more. BTW- where are all the strikes this coming Friday?
  11. While he is in Etheopia with the military plane sitting most of the time, we had to hire foreign carriers to bring our Canadian citizens home from China (except the 2 still in the gulag)
  12. Another Canadian company leaving that's joining P&WC, Inco, dash8 nor415 no longer owned by us,Tech Cominco, and even our beloved Tim Hortons Etc. Just heard Encana leaves today also - in Canada since late 1800s.
  13. Instead of Trudeau borrowing another 30 or so Billion for who knows what, why not buy this company, put in new management at least we would have something and keep the jobs.His daddy bought Fina(?) Petrocan.