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  1. I hope he takes a liking to one of these counties and stays there!
  2. Thanks Seeker. I hope this video gets back to Vettel!
  3. I read what he said about our oil sands and "Canadas Crime" then saw him drive around in a car owned by a Canadian with a big ARAMCO ad on it! I also heard our next Prime Minister comment on this. I found it to be an insult to the host country! Would anyone have Pierres video to post?
  4. Watched question period today as they really went after Mendicino and his lies - Trudeau defended him with the same reply over and over again!
  5. That is really hard to watch!
  6. I see they have a new terminal in Iqaluit, love their call sign!
  7. Descending into LSZH at red line 246 indicated (?) in a Metro III the trim went full nose up. Landed safely, however, when company investigated Fairchild said it didn't happen - later it also happened to Thunder Airlines!
  8. That probably created more pollution than what a normal bus would in its entire life span!
  9. Are these gents part of Trudeau's diversity and inclusion platform?
  10. Thank God I had a gas generator!
  11. Will it be back on again now that Canada has banned Huawei and CTE? (sp)
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