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  1. A cross between the Pang pass (Baffin Island between Pangnirtung and Qikiktarjuaq Nunavut), Grise Fiord (Ellesmere Island) and Bodrum, Turkey. Nice road though doubling as a part time runway! Easy enough approach in a light twin or even a (eh hemm...) Dash 7. In VMC. In really, really good VMC! Nice one, deicer. Where is it?
  2. BUT - if only Canada participated, the net effect on the world would be less than zero. If ALL nations participated...well, that's just fantasy.
  3. Could we be witnessing the beginnings of such a time? Was the POTUS rant towards the Speaker of the House reminiscent of the screams of another tyrant from 90 years ago? These are scary times...
  5. A rapid increase in rainfall could indicate downburst activity and windshear. It's never wrong to go around when you're not 100% certain of success (i.e. landing). In my opinion.
  6. Realistic article: Without comprehensive study of the oceans that cover ~80% of the earth's surface, climate predictions are virtually impossible. Such studies are seriously lacking, i.e. don't exist. Climate hysteria, on the other hand, does.
  7. " Stopping all oil and gas production wouldn’t do it either." Unless the entire planet stopped it...for 100 years. Probably not a probability. "(Besides it would be difficult to heat our homes in the middle of a Canadian winter using just dung-burning stoves.) " QUOTATION OF THE THREAD!
  8. National climate debate cancelled after Conservatives refuse to participate Mia Rabson Ottawa The Canadian Press Guess I know where I'm finally voting...
  9. Was gonna vote NDP in Ottawa Centre until I had this slid under my door. Climate "emergency" - really?
  10. Turning on his Kurdish base that was instrumental in the fight against ISIS. What other group in the next 100 years will trust America to aid them in their resistance to human tragedy?
  11. Wonder how the War Crimes Tribunal will regard POTUS. USA not being signatory to the convention notwithstanding...
  12. Legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker dies at 80 By Hilary Clarke, CNN
  14. Why is this ignored in Quebec everywhere outside 5 km of the posted signs at the borders??
  15. Misguided brainwashed youth. [heavy sigh...]
  16. Never made the news. Homer Chapman was CFI. ~1980.


  17. Not a chance of collecting from the CYQM airport authority. If they were being "marshalled" by a commercial entity, that would be the target of the suit.
  18. Similar something on a Bradley's DC3 in 1984 (3?) when I was the load guy in the back, but the piston never left the engine block due to an amazingly strong cowling. It resulted in the rest of the engine running the piston to death - fire, seizure, massive loss of power with feathering pump destroyed, while trying to land in Resolute Bay in the middle of dark season, with an unsecured load in the back (my bad - 20+ hour duty day). Thought I was dead after the go-around from 300' AGL on one engine at TO++ (read: firewall) power. Circled to land with 3 of us huddling in the back waiting for "the
  19. CNN article says the foam was in the pitot system implying pilots rejected takeoff due to conflicting airspeed indications. "Didn't mean to hurt anyone" Yeah, right. Like the disgruntled flying instructor at Bonavair some 40 years ago dumping sugar into the B95 fuel tanks. Didn't mean to hurt anyone. I think CH is right!
  20. Don't throw all passengers under the bus. C3 had folks who travelled LGW-YYZ-YYR-HNL-(Fiji)-SYD : 3/4 the way around the world, IN A B752 (!) because it was cheaper than LHR-SYD.