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  1. Once an emergency is declared, Bob's your uncle for things like this. As it was a Shanghai flight, even with the jettison that we see in the video, they were probably still quite overweight for landing. Not a big deal with the proper post-landing inspection.
  3. The plot sickens...
  4. We may never see a reconstructed airframe due to the looters and the bulldozing of the accident scene...
  5. Iranian response: "Couldn't possibly happen as SAM's don't fly as high as 8,000' ASL." News: OIEE Tehran/Imam Khomaini airport elevation 3,305' ASL. 8,000' indicated altitude ~ 5,000' AGL. SAM'S reach much higher than that. Not to mention the automated Russian system used to fire the missiles (2).
  6. Not a nice day in Halifax. Not an unusual day in Halifax.
  8. Pilot shortage can’t be addressed by existing programs, documents suggest Jordan Press OTTAWA The Canadian Press
  9. Every Christmas eve for the last 40~ years. A Classic.
  10. Great you're still with us, Mitch! A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and yours!
  11. Stupid is as stupid does. Time immemorial.
  12. On the impeachment verdict of the House Judiciary committee: I think this is my first post in this lengthy thread. Now that the committee as voted to send their decision to the full house of Congress, and the probable vote to formally impeach DJT, the matter will proceed to the Senate for a trial. I understand each and every one of the 100 Senators must swear an oath to follow the facts and not to pre-judge the outcome. Given McConnell's promise to act in concert with White House (Presidential) lawyers throughout the process up to and including the final verdict (which seems to be a
  13. Did this happen recently? There are no shortened runway distance NOTAM on the CFPS website. Makes one wonder...
  14. Hope they were used diapers... just sayin'...
  15. And while I'm on the subject, accelerating to prevent oncoming traffic from an on-ramp on 400 style highways is childish. Childish. Does that make you feel better when you do it?? Then there are those of you with the noise kits on your tiny cars to make them sound like Formula One contenders. Really? Seriously? That is reminiscent of putting hockey cards in the spokes of your bike when you were TEN YEARS OLD. And how 'bout headlights set to AUTO on newer cars. You're driving in near zero visibility without your tail lights illuminated and you complain about someone hitting you from b
  16. Maybe an American story, but one worth repeating. TURN YOUR DAMM PHONE OFF WHILE DRIVING! (Even touchless connections take away from your primary concern - the avoidance of causing harm.)
  17. Stand-up comedian's first lesson in comedy: "Humour always has a victim." So I guess our PC world needs to stop laughing.... Sad.
  18. PG&E, the same company made infamous by Erin Brockovich.
  19. Am happy to say my Dad was one of 'em, albeit towards the end of the war vice the Battle of Britain.
  20. Throw in an audible radio-range approach as icing on the cake! Castlegar had the last range approach in Canada, decommissioned only in the mid 80's. Believe it or not!