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  1. Mud or water or a combination of both? Payload in dispersant?
  2. An airline pilot, obviously. Look at that square jaw, the determined stare, the sun glasses. It's obvious. BTW the photo looks more like some remote hamlet in Nunavut than it does at Buttonville.
  3. So very sorry for you Boestar, all family & friends of all the crewmembers. A rare occurrence, thankfully in our Army, Navy & Air Force but sadly, one that occurs from time to time (don't want to use that old fashioned "Canadian Armed Forces" term) . Rest In Peace.
  4. It's been 40+ years since I taught, nay learned partial panel flight in a light single. I learned from the best - retired RCAF fighter jocks. I then taught what I learned, which was not described in the training manuals of the day. Example - in the early 80's, a PPL did not include a Night Rating. The flight school I worked for out west insisted on teaching VFR pilots how to track VOR' and ADF's to "get them home" at night. I refused to even turn on the radios and spent the full 5 hours on attitude flight with and without an attitude indicator and other basic flight instruments. Listening
  5. I remember the F-18 acquisition where the tech manuals were to be Eng/Fr. Rumour at the time was the translation cost us one airframe.
  6. What assurances is your company receiving from simulator operators (CAE, FSI, ...) that extra care is being taken between sessions to prevent contact with a previous candidate's possible infectious touching of the controls? The flight simulator encloses three or more individuals in a confined space for 4 hours at a time with minimal time between sessions. No such thing as the "one meter" space. Thoughts?
  7. Corona Hysteria: Outpatient ILI and clinical laboratory data remain elevated but decreased for the third week in a row. Nationally, influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses are now the most commonly reported influenza viruses this season. Previously, influenza B/Victoria viruses predominated nationally. Overall, hospitalization rates remain similar to this time during recent seasons, but rates among school aged children and young adults are higher at this time than in recent seasons and rates among children 0-4 years old are now the highest
  8. When they do the mod, add in an auto-locking feature for takeoff and landing.
  9. Wow. Great demonstration. Great photography. Loved the turbofan "APU"!!
  11. Izzat RyanAir's latest mod? After their "Pound A Pee" for the lav??
  12. It's now and always has been about the store's cost for the bags. They are reaping a windfall as a result. Much like the placard in hotels asking you to reuse the towels to "save the planet". They really mean, save the laundry detergent.
  13. Emptying the swamp? Seriously? He's done nothing but fill the swamp with alligators...
  14. Have been a contributor under a couple previous names since 1998. Much has changed in 20+ years but still a great collection of contributors (seriously!) and relevance. Would like to see others join our crowd. Numbers breed diversity. Many thanks to the current administrators for continuing this site!
  15. And the purge starts:
  16. Here's another Be Careful What You Wish For scenario: in a fantasy world, the Senate convicts Trump and he is removed from office. Guess who takes over?
  17. What a shame. Downsview, I could see going. But Buttonville has been a terrific satellite field for Pearson. Air Atlantic operated into there from Dorval and from Ottawa for ~4 years but was cancelled by our Canadi>n partner as we were siphoning a 737 load of passengers from Pearson every day. It was a good gig while it lasted!
  19. Trump, who wanted a TV legal team, is 'distracted' by impeachment trial, source says By Jim Acosta and Pamela Brown, CNN Donald Trump has appeared "distracted" by the impeachment trial that begins on Tuesday, according to a source close to the White House who speaks to the President regularly. "Why are they doing this to me," the source quoted Trump as saying repeatedly, telling people around him this weekend at Mar-a-Lago that he "can't understand why he is impeached." Because you're a moron, and not just a moron but a f***ing moron?? Maybe??
  20. Regardless, a well-ended story for everyone. 'Cept the geese. Eagles. Whateverrr....