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Milton in YYC


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Guest Kilo Mike

Come on now.. Don't be deflecting your anger to the wrong person ... I think there's someone more in your circle of contact that would be deserving of a pie treatment cool.gif

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Guest rattler

Positive article on AC in todays Calgary Sun:

City skies to open up

Air Canada plans addition of several new destinations


A new era of direct air travel from Calgary is close to take off, the Sun has learned. Air Canada is planning a dramatic increase in the number of destinations of non-stop flights to and from the city once it puts its new regional jets into service.

CEO Robert Milton told the Sun yesterday that new non-stop destinations will likely include spots in Texas, California and eastern U.S. cities such as New York and Boston.

At the moment such destinations require Calgary passengers to change planes in cities such as Los Angeles, Houston or Toronto.

"We'll be able to create a lot of markets that bypass traditional hubs.

"I really see Calgary benefiting significantly because there's a high business travel content here with the oil companies in particular and I really see that we will be able to do something significant with these aircraft," he said yesterday.

Milton said Air Canada will be buying 105 regional jets from both Bombardier and Embraer and the planes will move into service next year.

"The Embraer planes are either 73 or 93 seats and I think they will be a game-changer.

"They will be very comfortable and will fly farther than the traditional regional jet," said Milton in an exclusive interview.

"They will fly up to four and a half hours so they will change the game and help us create new routes and non-stop markets that have not had a lot of frequency.

"They will be very effective here in Calgary because they will serve a lot of markets in, say, California and Texas or the U.S. East Coast that we can get to in four and a half hours," he added.

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