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  1. Another perspective:
  3. Not sure if it's still the case, but we used to oversell flights to China because we knew that many of those who flew to Canada on a "round trip" ticket weren't going back, so we could comfortably oversell by a ton.
  4. I always wondered what that little cap was covering...
  6. Gracias, amoeba.
  7. Not sure. I think it's seasonal.
  9. Whenever I cross the border to get gas or groceries, my Visa Avion card charges me about $1.35 per US dollar. I still save $20-25 per tank of gas so it's worth it for me.
  10. I guess lawyers should only represent the truly innocent too.
  11. I got used to hearing the "Traffic, Traffic" warning coming from the pointy end every time I worked a flight into Thunder Bay. Flight school nearby, apparently?
  12. I guess you have to be at least 75m away before launching the thing then, right? Otherwise you're flying it too close to a person.
  13. "The airline denied in a press statement the following day, there was no deviation from the normal approach path, saying: “According to the information I have been given there was nothing unusual about the first approach.”