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  1. Seasonal Whining

    Here's the ring on final approach
  2. Safest Year On Record

    All thanks to Mr. Trump.
  3. AEF CPU Usage

    That's really odd. 75% here.
  4. Damage from landing short

    Whatever came of the Jetsgo incident in Calgary back in 2005 when they landed in the grass, hit a bunch of signs, took off again and successfully landed with a bunch of damage done to it?
  5. WestJet Back in the news
  6. Flair Air
  7. Of the Preferred seats, that's probably the one row I would avoid. Better legroom than rows 19 back, but with no recline and the possibility of the guy in front of you leaning back, it's the least desirable, in my opinion. 18 is the best as it's the second exit row. 17 is good but little or no recline either. 12 to 16 have decent legroom, but row 12 has narrower seats due to the table being built into it.
  8. New Search for MH370

    Another interesting approach:
  9. There's a line we can use to "avoid" certain people when we bid for flights. He'd be number one on mine. Can't imagine spending 3 or 4 days listening to that.
  10. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    All a company would need to do is hold an "employee pricing" event once a year to get out of it.
  11. Death Of A Friend

    My condolences. After reading the story, I couldn't help but wonder if the fact that it was a cargo flight and, I suppose, there was nobody else onboard to attend to the Captain contributed to his death. The FO wouldn't be able to perform CPR or use an AED on him, would he? Even if he knew how? He would be too busy trying to get the thing down as soon as he could, would he not? Do pilots even get mandatory first aid training? If someone goes into cardiac arrest (I don't know if that's what happened here but for argument's sake let's use that scenario), you don't have a lot of time to treat them before it's too late. Would it not be prudent to have pilots trained in first aid if it's not done already, equip cargo aircraft with an AED and bag mask, and always have at least a 3rd person who is also trained in first aid onboard in case something like this occurs? That way the casualty doesn't have to wait until the other pilot gets the aircraft to an airport before getting the help he needs, help that might be too late in coming. All of this may already be done, but the story sounded like it was just the two of them so I wondered if anything could have been done were there a flight attendant or other person who could have been doing CPR while the FO did the flying.
  12. Swoop??

    Standing next to my stool in anticipation...pardon the pun.
  13. Swoop?? AC's response will be an Ultra Low Cost Fare (ULCF), instead of launching a new ULCC, it would seem.