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  1. This is one of the top stories on " Plane crashes through AB home "
  2. Depending on the altitude from which it fell, it's mass, how much drag, wind, etc. affected it's trajectory, and perhaps the pitch of the roof that it hit could all play a part in the way it went through the house. My old physics teacher would be scolding me now for not running the numbers, but perhaps someone with more aptitude than I, could.
  3. The A330 has no bins over the middle pods of J whatsoever. She's a beeatch to figure out where to put things...
  4. They should just make eyeglasses out of the material.
  5. Part of the problem at AC is that we have lines for zone 1, zone 2, and zones "3-5". So when zone 3 is called, you have all of the zone 4 and 5 people in the way, slowing things down if the agents do their jobs. There's just not enough space for 5 rows at many gates. I get that all the time. "My bin is full. Where do I put my stuff?" It's not "your" bin is what I want to say, but hold my tongue. I do, however, try to watch for the guy who tosses his bag in J and saunters to the back unencumbered. I will pull the bag out and follow him to his seat with it if I can. If not, I might move it somewhere random, just to mess with him if I'm in the mood to play games :-) .
  6. I don't know if it's a cultural thing, but my experience on flights to/from China is that they just don't listen to you. You can repeat things as many times as you want but they just ignore you. Seatbelts are just one of the things. We recently had to tell a guy 6 times that he couldn't self upgrade himself to Premium Y. He'd get up, go back to his seat and next time you turned around he was back in PY. When we threatened to have the police meet the flight he cut it out, but otherwise he just didn't give a damn what we said. People steal wine and beer from bar carts when you turn around. Leave anything edible unattended and it disappears. Tell them to stow their bags under the seat in front of them and 5 seconds later it's back on their laps. It's a gong show. It's gotten to the point where I just don't worry about seatbelts any more. I give them the standard warning, walk through to check and instruct them once, then I just strap myself in and hope for the best. No point stressing about it because as soon as you walk away they undo them anyway.
  7. From what I'm told, it's black.
  8. Supposedly one of the 321's with temporary decals covering some markings.
  9. They were putting blackout covering over the hangar windows in Vancouver yesterday. Very "Top Secret".
  11. Nothing a few sand bags can't cure
  12. Mr. Trump will make sure that changes.
  13. Shaving his chest first might be the deal breaker.
  14. If I could figure out how to override the defib controls, it would make on heck of a "taser".