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  1. I take this that you mean that we may soon be a new competitor for Cargojet?
  2. Cargojet down $32 this morning...
  3. Markets are happy. Shares up 25% this morning.
  4. How many of those travellers won't be returning any time soon and hope that the 2 week quarantine will be gone when they return next spring? I would hazard a guess that it's quite a few.
  5. All but a few have the "lsd" designation next to them according to this site.
  8. Does an insurance company ever have a good chance of paying out?
  9. I find it interesting that TC allows for the removal of masks when 2 metre separation can be maintained. They also mention that "Air operators should exercise discretion to allow for eating, drinking, taking oral medications and changing of the mask or face covering, for individuals with special circumstances as warranted (e.g., fussy older child, special needs, etc.)" which should perhaps have taken place here. "Travellers should generally expect to wear their face coverings for
  11. Refusing? Not yet, for me. Lots of people lowering them, only to be told to put them back. A few disgruntled types, but no refusals yet. It's funny how when you ask someone a question, like, would you like a drink and they lower their mask to reply. Or they lower their mask to sneeze because it will soil the mask.