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  1. On the bright side, Air Canada is in the top 5 for least delayed too.
  2. Perhaps part of their restraint kit.
  3. News to me...
  4. They had the option of sitting the baby on their laps, didn't they? But yeah, what has happened since Dr. Dao is that any time anybody has a problem with the airline, they're going to put up a fuss, video it themselves or let the other "outraged" customers do it for them, and once it goes viral they will get cash and an apology. Unfortunately, United, AA and now Delta created the problem by apologizing to these asshats.
  5. End of the day, the 18 year old was a no show. That means they gave up their "rights" to that seat and the airline had every right to resell it. This isn't like going to a hockey game where, if you can't make it, you're free to let anybody sit in it.
  6. I'd take a shot to the snot locker for that kind of money...
  7. Just as Tango was about introducing buy on board food service to the masses who had only ever received free everything with their AC tickets. Buy on board has morphed into what we have today at AC, thanks to Tango. I don't think AC could have simply turned the taps off of the all-inclusive tickets without weening people of it first with Tango, then Tango fares...
  8. In flight? Seriously? Uncalled for. Passenger sounds like an ass, but this FA needs a little thicker skin...
  9. Another perspective:
  11. Not sure if it's still the case, but we used to oversell flights to China because we knew that many of those who flew to Canada on a "round trip" ticket weren't going back, so we could comfortably oversell by a ton.
  12. I always wondered what that little cap was covering...