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  1. moeman

    Lion Air Down

    Reminds me of some of the Teslas that have crashed into stationary objects when using autopilot mode...
  2. "Embraer and Air Canada Sign Agreement for 45 Embraer 190s (Source: Embraer; issued Dec. 19, 2003) Embraer and Air Canada have signed a commercial proposal for the sale of 45 Embraer 190s, with the possibility of options for 45 additional Embraer 190s. Under the agreement, deliveries of the two-class configured airplanes will begin in 2005. The final contract, subject to a number of conditions, is planned for the first quarter of 2004. The firm order is valued at US$ 1.35 billion, at list price, with a potential value of more than US$ 2.7 billion if all options are exercised." List price was $30 million each, but likely paid a lot less.
  3. moeman

    Air Canada fined $65K

    Yes. We should wait for the child to be treated at a suitable clinic or hospital and diagnosed by a doctor before the flight can leave. Makes complete sense.
  5. And we thought cabin baggage was out of hand before...
  6. moeman

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    The market likes the news. Up over 6% this morning.
  7. moeman

    Ben Smith Leaving AC?

    Any guesses as to who will replace him at AC?
  8. moeman

    Something to Watch

    My wife bought me a ride in something like that for my birthday out of Springbank years ago. Glad it went mechanical several times before I gave up
  10. I thought the complaint was that the airport was blocking CUPE from canvassing?
  11. Shall we just call it Foxymoron News?
  12. All I heard was engine trouble. Anybody else heard anything?
  13. Hopefully fixed by now, since it was in September of last year that this occurred.
  14. I wonder if they're threatened with losing their slots too?
  15. If AC had ignored this young man's tweet, I bet the reporter would bitch about that too.