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  1. WestJet and Cello

    Physically challenged adults are to be moved if seated there. I'm pretty sure it asks you if you're of age and physically sound when you book the seats. Can't be pregnant either, but I refuse to ask a lady that question unless she's about to pop...self preservation and all that..
  2. WestJet and Cello

    We codeshare with United but it's still 12 on our flights. Anyway, seemed odd to me at the time.
  3. WestJet and Cello

    A bit off topic, but in a similar vein, we were removed from our overwing exit seats that we paid extra for because our son wasn't 15 yet. At AC it's 12 and over, but it turns out WS has to follow what AA does because it was a code share flight. I guess at AA it's 15 and over. We code share with a bajillion airlines but we still have the 12 and over rule for emergency exit seats. Made no sense to me that they couldn't do the same on their metal.
  4. I don't see how it would be possible for the door to be disarmed from the outside since it's just a bar held down by clamps, but who knows? Maybe there's a mechanism that allows the slide pack to fall out if armed but not inflate.
  5. Just trained on the Max and they said it does not. May be different on those versions.
  6. To my knowledge, the 737 has a girt bar arming system. Very old-school. If armed, the slide will deploy whether opened from the inside or out.
  7. SFO Incident 59 feet above ground level...yikes.
  8. Air Canada Soars to record profit

    WS shares were up 3.24% yesterday too.
  9. Most likely with Boeing employees well versed in the ins and outs of evacuating an aircraft in a hurry. Easy to do in a perfect world. Try it with the two non-ambulatory passengers that needed to be carried on and off, 11 others requiring wheelchair assistance, as well as the 7 lap held infants and multiple families with small children that we just had going to London. Never mind that dozens of passengers couldn't understand English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese...We had all of those covered but needed more, apparently.
  10. Not Political, Non Aviation

    Why heed rules when one can threaten to sue via social media when your transgressions result in an "incident" and one can be paid handsomely to make it go away? Worst case, your surviving kins can cash in. Witness the clown who got hit by Justin Bieber's truck today. He was more interested in getting "the shot" than moving out of the way of Bieber's truck. In Bieber's defence, I'm sure he didn't see the guy crouching by his fender with a camera in his face when he made the right hand turn. Guess who's going to be paid a good sum of money for being an idiot? My wife and I were talking about this recently. Hardly anybody seems to give a damn about anybody but themselves any more. "Rules/common sense don't apply to me" seems to be the mantra these days.
  11. Fun Times At Swissport
  12. SFO Incident

    I can't help but wonder if one or both of these pilots had landed at SFO many times before and, given that they were supposed to land on 28R, they lined up with the "runway" on the right like they would normally do but missed/forgot that 28L was closed.
  13. SFO Incident