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  2. I thought the complaint was that the airport was blocking CUPE from canvassing?
  3. Shall we just call it Foxymoron News?
  4. All I heard was engine trouble. Anybody else heard anything?
  5. Hopefully fixed by now, since it was in September of last year that this occurred.
  6. I wonder if they're threatened with losing their slots too?
  7. If AC had ignored this young man's tweet, I bet the reporter would bitch about that too.
  8. moeman

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO
  9. moeman

    Congestion at YEG

    Hardly ever see anybody there except for black friday and boxing day type sales.
  10. moeman

    Swoop News and Changes at WestJet

    AC didn't, to my knowledge, announce any intention of flying new routes to protect WestJet passengers. AC already flies just about every route that WestJet does, and vice versa. They said they would be ready and willing to take on anybody they can to protect them. My take on that was that they would increase capacity and/or frequency where they could in order to move as many folks stranded by a potential strike. That, to me, is just good marketing.
  11. That's true of just about every question on here. There's almost always an "official" source somewhere that probably has the most accurate answer.
  12. I guess nobody should bother asking questions on here.
  13. Funny. I thought this thread was about the Gimli Glider...
  14. moeman

    Saretsky gone!

    Shares down almost 5% this morning. Probably didn't help that AC announced a bunch of competition on sun routes out of WestJet's backyard yesterday.
  15. moeman

    AC Announcement On Embraers

    It was also mentioned that the rouge 767 pilot base at YVR was closing as they're consolidating the flying out of YYZ and YUL.