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  1. the caption read: The anthropologists decided that this tribe was to remain "uncontacted".
  2. I haven't read all the posts and I never opened any of the links all I want is for Alberta to return to it's normal climate, a climate that allowed Dinosaurs to roam until their extinction
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPMpog5TkuY This Land :-)
  4. http://www.bild.de/news/inland/notlandung/scharfe-landung-auf-helgoland-36213256.bild.html
  5. ALL AME's, until they obtain a special D-AME-AVOP. But it doesn't affect Pilots yet so the grey area is the AME's who also have a pilots licence are good to go. p.s. Westjert has negotiated a let to allow specific personnel to taxi for a grace period of 6 months (or so I heard)
  6. Given their Native connections I wonder if they will adopt "First Canadian" as the name for the merged airline? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/canadian-north-first-air-plan-merger-of-equals-1.2607324 The owners of Canadian North and First Air have confirmed they are proposing to merge the two northern airlines. NorTerra Inc. and Makivik Corporation issued a joint news release Friday saying they are in talks that could lead to a "merger of equals, subject to the successful conclusion of negotiations and regulatory review."
  7. It would probably be funny if it wasn't true
  8. According to the WSJ http://live.wsj.com/video/us-pilot-shortfall-hits-earlier-worse-than-expected/D9C6835A-A53F-4FFD-9A0C-2273BF337A7E.html#!D9C6835A-A53F-4FFD-9A0C-2273BF337A7E
  9. Maybe but the "Boys" are taking over those positions
  10. let it load http://www.uzinagaz.com/jeux/action/canadair
  11. It's too bad these youngsters today didn't have good role models like we did
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