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  1. the caption read: The anthropologists decided that this tribe was to remain "uncontacted".
  2. I haven't read all the posts and I never opened any of the links all I want is for Alberta to return to it's normal climate, a climate that allowed Dinosaurs to roam until their extinction
  3. This Land :-)
  4. A Little Low?
  5. Runway Incursions - How To Fix?

    ALL AME's, until they obtain a special D-AME-AVOP. But it doesn't affect Pilots yet so the grey area is the AME's who also have a pilots licence are good to go. p.s. Westjert has negotiated a let to allow specific personnel to taxi for a grace period of 6 months (or so I heard)
  6. Given their Native connections I wonder if they will adopt "First Canadian" as the name for the merged airline? The owners of Canadian North and First Air have confirmed they are proposing to merge the two northern airlines. NorTerra Inc. and Makivik Corporation issued a joint news release Friday saying they are in talks that could lead to a "merger of equals, subject to the successful conclusion of negotiations and regulatory review."
  7. Flight Sim

    It would probably be funny if it wasn't true
  8. Test

  9. According to the WSJ!D9C6835A-A53F-4FFD-9A0C-2273BF337A7E
  10. Why So Few Women Pilots

    Maybe but the "Boys" are taking over those positions
  11. Water Bomber Near Beach

    let it load
  12. I Am Not Numb

    It's too bad these youngsters today didn't have good role models like we did
  13. Emergency Medical Kit

    A couple of responses from the kit provider Good day Brett Just a follow up to our conversation today regarding your questions on the medical kits.... I dont have all the answers as yet...and I will be back on Tuesday to complete this task. The question about medical kits on the aircraft has raised some interesting it appears that all medical kits stay on board the aircraft when they are parked overnight or weekends (like you said) in freezing conditions. I can tell you that most of the drugs in the kits have only recommended storage temperatures on the packaging....which seems to be generic household temps of 15 to 25C. I have found two items in the kit that definately say "prevent from freezing"....and we are looking into these from a CARS and airline point of view. I am also checking with other major air carriers to address this question. and then 2. The contents of the medical kits are susceptible to freezing and therefore should not be left on the aircraft when aircraft is not in use or parked. 3. Other operators and airlines removed the medical kits (water,pop, coffee makers) if the aircraft is not in use after a few is part of the flight crew responsibility to effect cold temperature procedures as oiutlined by each operator. 4. The kits we put together or replenish for operators in the future will have a notification sticker on the release tag sleeve stating..."prevent from freezing".