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  1. Hello, There happened to be another captain that was in the back on a deadhead (enroute to Miami for training). My understanding is the pilot is doing well and was extremely thankful for the care and compassion received by all involved. Cheers
  2. Meanwhile down south... https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/12/01/senate-p.html
  3. Agreed, the business news is reporting the lift in markets due to Pfizer’s news as well - in particular those hit by covid the most - transportation, cruise lines etc.
  4. Good to hear Jack! Have a freshly poured Kieth’s for me!!
  5. Pretty big cuts. I read China Southern is cutting a fair bit of capacity too: https://simpleflying.com/china-southern-international-suspensions/ I haven’t heard from any of my friends flying over there but I wonder how the expats will treated in all this? Hopefully this is short lived and contained.
  6. From what I hear the approval will be in hand on the 22nd.
  7. I like it! They should look pretty sharp once most are painted and lined up for first push in the am around T3. Nice splash of colour imho.
  8. Kinda looks like the prop is feathered on that left engine. (Or maybe just bent around) Glad everyone survived.
  9. The standing bid just closed and was awarded via seniority. (lots of senior types bidding on it) There were 3 standards pilots (A authority) previously selected. (not included in the bid) The 767 CP Along with one of the standards pilots - have been working on the project for a while now and have completed their PPC in Miami last month. The next two standards pilots are scheduled for training later in the spring along with the first two crews of regular line guys. I'm hearing approximately 40 crews will be the total trained (for now) pending a/c utilization. The next bid will have the majority of crews being selected and assigned training dates for this summer. The 4th 67 is scheduled to arrive in the spring of 2016 for flying in that summer. Cheers
  10. We will have more info mid March on firm delivery dates. So far the plan is to have the first one flying in July with the next one coming in October then possibly another in November.
  11. The final numbers were 900 bucks for the two return tickets and 250 for the sim. Awesome! They need a lot of equipment etc being such a new school. A young aviator and his family won the sim certificate. Maybe we will inspire a new pilot to be!?
  12. There will always be a few that are upset over the wet lease. At the end of the day we have good schedules, good pay, good holiday bids, benefits, a healthy company etc...pilots are pilots and would complain if they got paid 200k and only had to work a week. As for the smaller a/c. Yes it's true. New atis coming out shortly.
  13. Air Canada will have to do the same accounting now as well. It's much like when Canada went to the metric system...the US didn't follow. The same is true here.
  14. The difference here too, is that WJ isn't limiting itself to the one codeshare alone. There will be another one announced shortly. Westjet has the keys to the car and are doing the driving if these guys want the connections to Canada.
  15. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/porter-aviation-cuts-price-of-ipo/article1584675/
  16. Sorry just realized it was a Cirrus aircraft.
  17. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/two-dead-in-toronto-plane-crash/article1580235/
  18. Not that I'm aware of. From the internal emails and personal note from Sean to us it seems like a very amicable departure with him staying on until September to help Gregg with the transition. It was nice to have a note from Clive too. Sean was a great guy and I always appreciated his approachability. No confidence lost with me.
  19. Well it's time to retire the old heavy Dell and I'm a new Imac guy at home and love it. Wondering if anyone can recommend the best "mini" laptop or possibly any feedback with the macbook air or similar. How's it standing up etc... Thanks.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong. How long has AA been running the NG? If memory serves me they just got the first one this past summer. Possibly still learning the a/c and or maturing the sop on it? Just a thought.
  21. seriously, Aeromag in YVR really needs an overhaul. Half the aircraft can't read the radio operator when we call 30 minutes prior. Staging is next to pathetic with empty bays sitting because taxiways get blocked due to the new terminal extension while holdover times evaporate in the meantime. These are just a couple of the frustrations experienced for me in the last week. When will they learn?
  22. good post, hopefully the guys read this. Sincerely, I do want to say I had a similar experience with your fellows going into YOW. Passed us when we were doing .79 etc etc. I feel your frustration -been there and experienced that and yes I work for the "cowboys" Well at least your new fellow learned a few tricks on how to slow down!
  23. 16:41:17 T 11.40 -0.36 2,000,000 7 TD Sec 7 TD Sec CK Thought this was an unusually high number of shares for wja today....
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