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cya in BC, go argos go!!

Actually, the Grey Cup will be played in Ottawa. Should be a good one, two dome stadium teams going at it on a late November afternoon in Ottawa.

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Guest long keel

The great thing this year is that in the last minutes of the 4'th quarter division finals, you still didn't know who the winner was going to be. Both games were well played by all. It is rare when you see an NFL playoff finish as close.

Great to see that 2 games, 100,000 plus fans in attendence and many across the country glued to their sets. I love the CFL. I hope that Damon can deliver the cup to Toronto. A grandfather who is a quarterback, and still dangerous. Go Argoooooooos.


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MAV thanks for your condolences but lest you forget this is Sask and there is always next year- 2 times a loser , third time a winner! Oh gawd PLEASE we've been so very good !

Regardless of the outcome it was a very good game! AND WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR !!! Watch out!!

Long Live the Riders! Geez , guess that means I'll have to support the Lions in the Cup! Ouch!

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One person has been charged with "uttering threats" . His name has been published. He is a 31 year old male. If he was smart which we we know he isn't , he would be low-tailing out of the province as his life will be made miserable by the true Rider fans.

As to the second person charged for "mischief" (I think) his name has not been made public.

Earlier today the Pres. of the Riders stated that anyone who had an involvement with the harrassment of the McCallum family would be barred for life to all Rider games.

Paul was interviewed and apologized to the people for missing the kicks(not needed). He also thanked everyone for the kind wishes and flowers that have been arriving. Although he did ask that the flowers stop as his house was starting to look like a florists shop!

In the Leader Post (our newspaper) there was a whole page devoted to emails etc that had been sent by the Rider fans from all over the province and country. All apologised to the McCalllum family for the abuse suffered by them and to please remember that this was an abberration by a few angry people.

As a province with a small population and only one major sports team , the Riders are our pride. Win or lose we stand behind them but we don't condone this type of reaction from our so called fans!

Stubble jumpers are resilient and there is "Always next year" Not to say that there were a few who really wanted this win! Even I , who is not a big football fan shed a few green tears when we lost!

On a lighter side , Ritchie Hall slunk through the doors yesterday to our counter and I think he was blushing but its hard to tell! We proceeded to razz him as we usually do during the season and off he went hopefully understanding that nothing has changed and we'll be back next year supporting our "bunch of bums". He is truly a very nice person and a delight to work with!

We'll we back in full force next year - watch out everyone!

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Guest rattler

I was hoping the team would go onto the Grey cup but as you say,,,, next year but with any luck the Stampeders will again have a team and I can cheer them on instead. biggrin.gif

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