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  1. Just imagine if we would have had a government that was focusing on Covid measures and the Afghanistan situation instead of campaigning for a power grab election? https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/canada-halts-afghanistan-evacuations-deadline-looms-79656228
  2. I believe this also applies to this threads title…
  3. I've been watching Australia fairly closely and they are taking absolutely draconian measures in their Covid lockdowns and fines! I shouldn't be surprised but it's probably the country that's the closest to a police state in the "free" world.
  4. This will be the best minute and a half you'll waste today.
  5. Some of you may or may not know this but I've spent a lot of time there since March 2020. I was there for quite a few of the days when there were four or five airliners on final to this uncontrolled airport! Many are only coming out in the back of a dump truck though... https://www.businessinsider.com/inside-pinal-airpark-airliners-still-parked-despite-air-travel-rise-2021-7?fbclid=IwAR1Qszn1OXIkUPd_WfJGJhVAvo1JKyDmeadpUuk-HCgX1inMem_y_VBpngQ
  6. Interesting, I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago that is involved with Flair. They have three Max-8's now with five more coming next month. To say they are a bit overwhelmed is probably an understatement...
  7. Agree with all of the above sentiments. I tend to read some peoples posts more closely than others, you are one of those such people. Happy retirement regardless!
  8. The aircraft is the old PWA tail 742, C-GDPW. I worked on it many times!
  9. Interesting... Report: Porter Airlines Orders Embraer E195-E2s, Expanding To Toronto Pearson Airport MAY 20, 2021 BY BEN 9 OTHER AIRLINES Porter is a popular airline in Canada — it’s based at Toronto Billy Bishop Airport, and operates De Havilland Dash 8-400 turboprops to both domestic and transborder destinations. The airline is known for its great passenger experience, and primarily targets business travelers. While the airline has been grounded for over a year, it looks like some major changes could be coming to Porter’s fleet and business model. In this post: Porter allegedly orders 30 E195-E2s Porter would allegedly fly out of Toronto Pearson This isn’t totally out of left field Bottom line Porter allegedly orders 30 E195-E2s Leeham reports that Porter Airlines has placed an order for 30 Embraer E195-E2 aircraft, with deliveries expected to begin in 2022. For those of you not familiar with the Embraer E195-E2, this is the latest generation jet of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer’s lineup. The E195-E2 is the largest, longest range, and most fuel efficient Embraer E-jet. The plane can seat 120-146 people (depending on the configuration), and can fly up to 2,600 nautical miles. Embraer E195-E2 jet Now, it’s worth noting that Porter Airlines isn’t acknowledging that this order was placed: During an April 29 earnings release, Embraer disclosed an order for 30 E195-E2s, without naming the customer Airfinance Journal cited multiple sources in claiming the customer was in fact Porter, and Leeham News & Analysis (which I find to typically be accurate) has “confirmed” that this order is for Porter Airlines The airline denies that it placed this order, though realistically it could be that Porter’s parent company, Porter Aviation Holdings, placed the order, so that the statement is technically true This is a case where I can totally see the value in Porter wanting to keep the order private for as long as possible, given how competitors may respond Porter would allegedly fly out of Toronto Pearson If you’ve flown Porter before, you’re probably thinking “I love Billy Bishop Airport, and now I can fly Porter out of there on a nicer plane!” Not so fast, unfortunately, as the government doesn’t allow jets to operate out of Toronto’s beloved city airport. Instead it’s believed that Porter’s plan is to begin operating out of Toronto Pearson Airport, which is the much larger and less convenient airport serving Toronto. We don’t have many details on what routes Porter would operate out of Pearson Airport, though the E195-E2 would be capable of flying everywhere from Los Angeles, to Vancouver, to Miami, to St. John’s. Potential range of the Embraer E195-E2 from Toronto While more competition out of Toronto Pearson would be good for consumers, this still seems extremely risky: Porter is known for offering a great passenger experience, though ultimately the biggest selling point of the airline is the convenient service it operates out of Billy Bishop Airport Porter would be at a significant disadvantage compared to Air Canada at Pearson Airport in terms of route network, frequency, etc. Even if Porter configures E195-E2s comfortably, the airline can’t compete with the wide bodies that Air Canada schedules on transcon flights This isn’t totally out of left field On the surface this might seem like a wild direction for Porter to take, especially during a pandemic when the airline has been grounded for over a year. However, Porter has been thinking about acquiring jets for years. Back in 2013, Porter had placed an order for 30 Bombardier CS100 aircraft (now known as the Airbus A220-100). The order had been conditional on the government changing rules to allow jets at Billy Bishop Airport, but that never ended up happening. In 2013 Porter Airlines had conditionally ordered the CS100 Clearly Porter still sees value in flying jets, even if the model will have to be a bit different than hoped for back in 2013. Why would Porter order the E195-E2 over the A220-100, though? That probably comes down to the airline being able to secure E195-E2 delivery slots as early as next year, while more lead time would be needed for the A220-100. I imagine the airline also got a great deal, given the state of the airline industry. Bottom line Reports suggest that Porter Airlines has placed an order for 30 Embraer E195-E2 jets. The boutique Toronto-based airline would allegedly use these planes to launch operations out of Pearson Airport, in addition to the carrier’s current operations out of Billy Bishop Airport. It’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds. This all gets even more interesting when you consider that Connect Airlines is a new carrier that essentially intends to replicate Porter’s business model at Billy Bishop Airport. What do you make of Porter Airlines’ alleged plans? Do you think the airline can compete out of Toronto Pearson Airport? https://onemileatatime.com/porter-airlines-embraer-e195-e2/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=One Mile at a Time&utm_content=Report%3A Porter Airlines Orders Embraer E195-E2s%2C Expanding To Toronto Pearson Airport&fbclid=IwAR3CXntM0Bo7Xnz8_7Uzd-mIsEctc4uqO_8-dWtJOclRmzEKdYfrjbFLwCk
  10. I know most won't agree with me but here goes! I believe that this whole affair has been blown totally out of proportion worldwide but particularly in Canada. It is in Justin Trudeau's best interest to keep the (taxpayer bought) media spotlight on lockdowns, fear mongering, travel restrictions, Covid hotels, vaccines etc. He has completely messed this up and yes, I blame him and him alone. He's the leader and for once he should actually be held accountable. The other reason(s) is when the media circus winds down and eventually it will, the Liberals will have to face the myriad scandals that continue to pile up and honestly I think he's been given the light touch. This government, without doubt is the most corrupt AND incompetent that Canada has ever had. Flame away
  11. Fair enough Jeff. My point is this, our government has consistently missed the mark at every step and there's no sign of that changing in any meaningful way. This virus is definitely more dangerous than the seasonal flu but at what point ($) do we throw in the towel? I'm not advocating a full open up at all but we need to (and still haven't) properly protected the elderly and the immuno-compromised until such time that they can get their vaccines. This is still a 99+% survivable virus. Yes there are and will continue to be people more adversely affected than others. That's the way it goes even with the seasonal flu. The country can't stay locked down for another year.
  12. Well, since the flu has disappeared and we've now spent ourselves almost to the point of complete financial oblivion, what do you think? Wouldn't change a thing? Everything done so far was right on point?
  13. I really don't care what "most" Canadians favour. Most Canadians don't have a clue and will happily give up mine and everyone else's rights at the drop of a hat.
  14. Who could have imagined a Quebec based, dirty oil burning, carbon spewing company would receive a bailout from the federal government? Tour operator Transat to get $700M loan from Canadian government | Seeking Alpha
  15. That's from the movie Strategic Air Command with Jimmy Stewart. Good movie, also has some fantastic B-47 footage as well.
  16. Not sure what you mean by that? An AC/TS linkup would have had a stranglehold on TATL routes. The EU didn't like it because it was horribly anti-competitive. Why should the taxpayer be expected to backstop that deal? If TS is viable then they'll make it but I don't think they are or will.
  17. If AC has the option to walk on this deal and doesn't I'll be stunned. Old aircraft (for the most part), high seniority pilots, cratered demand and the EU is not fond of the idea either. FWIW, there's now at least four TS A330's in Marana.
  18. Rookie, it's really difficult using speed tape with latex gloves.
  19. What's your issue with this statement, Malcolm?
  20. https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/obesity-and-covid-19.html Of course you're not more prone to getting it, you either do or don't get it. The chances of a much worse outcome from Covid is absolutely attributable to obesity.
  21. Not far at all but that’s pretty beefy wing structure in that area. Scary deal regardless!
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