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  1. Obviously you live in or around the GTA
  2. Avcanada has a ton of ads (or so it seems). No problem here of an annual donation to keep things going.
  3. I sure as hell hope you are in eastern Canada with that welcome bit of news. For most of us out west, our votes don't mean anything.
  4. Liberals are sure trying to hang that one around O'toole's neck though
  5. The data there doesn't seem to consider any underlying health issues that may or may not be present.
  6. Time flies when you are having fun !!
  7. What about Canada ? People fighting for their lives, and all we can come up with is not enough seatbelts ??? "Wear Red", that's embarrassing.
  8. Respectfully Don, in my mind this simply goes back to procurement. Had Canada not been so eager to try and obtain the chinese vaccine and made deals for Pfizer and Moderna sooner, we wouldn't be in tis mess.
  9. The U.S. currently has not approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for use and does not recognize a mix of AstraZeneca and an mRNA vaccine to be fully vaccinated — both of which have been approved by Canadian health officials. Another big mess our inept federal government has put the canadian public in the middle of.
  10. Has it ever stopped ?? This is the Liberal go to phrase, "not our fault, Harper did it, even though he hasn't been around for 2 terms.
  11. What is Canada's involvement here ???
  12. One of the bigger issues to be resolved is vax status of those who mixed vaccines. Many fine Canadians took the advice of their government and got AZ, only to cross-vax with one of the others for second jab. Some jurisdictions are NOT going to consider this fully vaxxed.
  13. Someplace I want to visit soon, Victorville is also high on the list.
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