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  1. Nothing replaces an ILS, for many of the reasons mentioned above. There is one reason only as to why airports won't be installing ILS's in the future (your quote), and that is cost $$$. The old adage comes to mind, "you think safety is expensive, try having an accident"
  2. Or what if a few dollars were spent on a glideslope for the localizer on 05. This thread probably wouldn't be needed if that were the case. When are the airports, and local airport authorities going to be called out ??? Does Nav Canada get some blame here as well ??
  3. Multiple landing clearances are now issued with the expectation of no issues with the preceding aircraft. Further instructions (Go Around) are issued as necessary. Been happening in America for quite awhile.
  4. Wouldn't dropping the fee $5 encourage more people to check bags, and make the onboard experience better ?? Or is it to late now that the cat is out of the bag in regards to bag checked at the gate for free ????
  5. Interesting. Doesn't WJ have further 737 deliveries pending ??? Any have a schedule ?? Deferrals pending ??? Has there been any noise on plans for the 787 ?? First one arrives in early January.
  6. Wonder when EK will start service with the A380 or B777 to YXE, YQM, and YYB ????
  7. AIP

    YYC CAME recommendation

    Awesome, Thanks to all !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Seriously at 54 Knots ??? How about this for guidance " Stop the aircraft within the confines of the runway" ??? Why does everything seem to be going to the lowest common denominator ???
  9. AIP

    There’s a new Sheriff in Town....not

    At Airports, CBSA agents wear kevlar vests. in a supposed secure area, what for ??? What am I missing ???
  10. So if Swoop is going to do YEG-LAS 11X weekly, then this is a full on transfer from WJ to Swoop is it not ??? To me that indicates WS was losing money YEG-LAS doesn't it ?? To much capacity from YEG ???
  11. Any suggestions for a CAME in YYC ?? Friend of the family has a young fella looking to do his first medical, and get started with licensing. He is a little concerned being color blind, doesn’t do well with the standard test (Ishihara ??). Thanks
  12. AIP

    Westjet Posts Loss

    Aren't they also indicative problems of legacy carriers of the past ??? The type of carrier WJ loathed and vowed never to be ???
  13. AIP

    AC on wrong taxiway in Narita

    Sorry, don't agree, have landed 16R/16L far more than the other direction. Notams and signage are certainly an issue here, but at the end of the day, someone taxiied the aircraft into trouble.
  14. AIP


    LGW-YVR Diverted to YEG, then continued to YVR awhile later. Was wondering why ??
  15. AIP


    Anybody know why WS23 diverted briefly last night ???