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  1. All you have to do is consider the source, little experience and lots of fear and anxiety. If I were Thinair, I would be more concerned about Mr. Schwartz, he obviously needs to do some more homework on him.
  2. I think the share offering of $31 speaks volumes, how could any BOD not recommend based on that alone ????
  3. AIP


    That is for certain. What if Mr. Schwartz thinks WJ forte is not being a global cariier but more in line with its roots ?? Domestic/Holiday type operation ???
  4. That would be premature wouldn't it ??? Until such time as there is a firm return to the sky protocol is in place, why would they ?? AC has been down this road before with Boeing (787 delays). Not saying that the Airbus scenario cannot or will not happen, just that it is to early in the whole process to come to that conclusion.
  5. Lets not read any more into this that is there. That is what the media is for AC like other airlines that operate the Max, have both a huge public perception issue to deal with as well as trying to cover the anticipated summer flying season. Which is the busiest and usually most lucrative part of the year. All this really says is that the resumption of the Max is still a ways off.
  6. And it has only taken 23 years for them to come to that conclusion ????
  7. Spending isn't always the right answer to fix the systemic problems within.
  8. Worked about the same as choosing Notley here in Alberta. When the populace finally wakes up and see the untold damage that has been inflicted by these three (Trudeau, Notley, Wynne), change starts to happen, albeit way to slowly for me. People (most anyway) aren't as dumb as the left makes them out to be, the slander campaigns backfired, and will do so again in the fall. The slander campaign is all that is left when there is nothing of substance as far as ideas and policy go.
  9. Isn't this from last September ?????
  10. 777's perhaps ??? What about slots ?? LHR ?? PEK ?? PVG ??? any others that may be of interest ???
  11. Don't forget the uneven playing field that is the ACPPA. An incredible turnaround. He is an incredible businessman, who if memory serves, started with AC and the CCAA mess many years ago now. He had a job to do then, and by all accounts completed it very well. Everybody knew they were gonna get a haircut, but so much needed to change.
  12. For the umpteenth time, "You get what you pay for"
  13. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and let things unfold. Already changes are being implemented for AC. B77P going to OGG this evening to help out. More can be expected. Domestically and Transborder, I would expect to see more Airbus flying and consolidation of other flights. Speculation on the Max, and ramifications does not serve much of a purpose.
  14. I think the headline date should have shown 27-Oct-2019 at sked change. Actually, the B77P starts back to HKG on 30 March 2019.