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  1. It an Airbus thing !!!! LOL
  2. 2.5 - 3 nm spacing at LHR is pretty much normal these days. Not many airports handle the level of traffic as does LHR. CYYZ could learn from others, a single departure runway would be much more efficient at times. Besides, how often is 06R/24L used anymore ???
  3. The security screening at the connection airport is done because the connecting airport isn't assured of where you originated from, and they are obligated to process passengers through screening. Happens all the time. Even in Canada, Leave YYC for a US destination via YVR for example, before US Customs, you will be screened again.
  4. Yawn. . . . . . . . . . . I really truly wonder if Garneau was ever even going to be at this non "event" ??? What for ??? Would have been a colossal waste of time.
  5. Yup, that's about what I expected from you. Do a little research into smoke/fire/fume events, and you may then understand how lucky WJ (And you) was with this incident yesterday. Visible smoke and they held before landing ??? To do what ?? FOB/Landing weight is of absolutely no concern on a -10 degree with a 14,000 foot runway pointed directly into wind. Numerous significant events at WJ involving maintenance or lack there of at WJ over the last year. People are starting to ask questions.
  6. Bush, Amateur, whatever you want to call it. I guess the thought of a test flight before putting pax on it again would have cost to much. Wonder if they held today ???
  7. Don't really understand why the hold. If there was/is smoke, get the damn thing on the ground. That is exactly what got Swissair into trouble of Peggy's Cove is it not ????
  8. Care to elaborate ??? I think you are mistaken.
  9. WS1 left CYYC 6 hours late last night. Do European compensation rules only apply leaving Europe ???
  10. At what point does the obvious question start to get answered ?? This cannot possibly all be attributed to these airframes. At what point is ETOPS in jeopardy ??? Would this have played out differently if the aircraft was between YYC - HNL (much, much further from an airport of any kind) ?? Is ETOPS qualification strictly based on power plant ??? There are percentages at play here, based on numbers of flights and hours, how many diversions have occurred??
  11. This is really not a big deal. My boys and I were part of a 1000 person trial Wednesday for the new terminal building. From checkin, to security, to call to the gate, to "boarding", to customs. It was bright and new, and wide open, which will be a welcome change from the cramped and congested conditions now. This kinda reminds me of what YVR went through back in 1996 or so. The new building and runway were a breath of fresh air. While I don't agree with the YYC airport authority that this will turn YYC into some sort of global hub, one has only had to deal with the congestion when to AC widebodies board for Europe in the same general vicinity in the old "B" gates to understand, that this project is needed and necessary. Same holds true for US Customs. A thumbs up from me.
  12. Oh the irony, there is only one or maybe two other carriers that fly YYZ-LGW (Can you say Rouge ?? Perhaps AT). At least the rebooked pax on the other carrier, won't have to pay for meals !!!! Saretsky has been awful with the media on this file !!!