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  1. 22 MPH, or even up to 30 Kts sometimes is pretty standard in CYYZ it seems to me.
  2. Duty Times for Flight Crew

    Why spend negotiating "capital" on something that the regulator is supposedly going to fix ???
  3. and unlike "the other airline", not a press release in sight.
  4. AC7 30Aug?

    A hydraulic issue I believe.
  5. BA to launch LGW-YYZ

    Interesting, it does not say what aircraft type to YYZ.
  6. There is nothing sleek about a 737

    MONTREAL, Aug. 23, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - Air Canada announced today the introduction of a new service between Montreal and Tokyo Narita starting June 1, 2018. Flights will operate year-round, with daily service during summer peak travel and three times a week during the winter, with Air Canada's flagship aircraft, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Air Canada's new transpacific service from its Montreal hub is designed to optimize connectivity to several Canadian and U.S. cities: Quebec City, Ottawa, Halifax, Charlottetown, Boston, Philadelphia and Orlando.
  8. Do you blame them ???
  9. WestJet Changes the Rules

    I am sure there will also be 6 press releases to follow, outlining what a development this is. BTW, what does the self proclaimed "most trusted airline" mean anyway ??
  10. Musings...

    Good Scotch helps, try The Balvenie 21 year old. Helps to put things in perspective !!!!!!!!!!
  11. At least YYC can say they have proper facilities and lighting to their runways. 6 ILS runways which would account for about 95%+ of aircraft movements (Runway 08-26 is rarely used). YEG, YOW, YHZ still sorely lacking in that area.
  12. That is more than ridiculous, absurd comes to mind.
  13. A controller cannot refuse a request for another approach. On what grounds could that possibly be done ?? If this statement is true, the controller in question needs some remedial training at best. Perhaps as posted above, there is more to this story, not sure how that would have unfolded though.
  14. More to do with weak bookings and an airframe that can be better utilized elsewhere I think. There is a reason these markets have never been able to hold on to service to Europe. Like YYZ-LGA and YYZ-LAX before, WJ has sure set this market on its ear.