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  1. Now that’s impressive, especially the M0.78 part. These winds are usually a pacific phenomenon. Was it smooth ???
  2. WJ has already removed the word "MAX" from their aircraft. Was done very quietly and quite some time ago.
  3. AIP

    WJ Website

    just tried again and voila, all good.
  4. Seems WJ website is having a bit of a bad hair day. Anybody know when it will be back up ???
  5. Most of which is lead by the CBC . . . . . . . .
  6. The phrase "Be Careful What You Wish For" comes to mind.
  7. booking is available once again on the AC website.
  8. Westjet has cargo planes ??? YYZ grows bamboo for shipment west ???
  9. So as expected, it appears everybody will have a say in this matter (including CUPE ?). it was inevitable I guess, once politics got involved. By no means have I read everything on the subject, but I always figured Boeing was going to the woodshed, and also the crews flying the accident aircraft. Boeing has had their day, with more to come. Why has there not been much mention of basic flying skills, and the lowest common denominator effect as I like to call it ??? Perhaps I have missed the discussion ??? My understanding of the Ethiopian accident was that had the pilots simply reduced the power and hence the airspeed, that manual trim would have been possible, and an accident potentially averted ?? Is this too simplistic ??? I understand that the "unreliable airspeed" phenomenon is very distracting and can be difficult, and obviously experience of the FO was minimal at best, but where does pilot training come into this equation ??? I will ask this also, did the aircraft "need" to be grounded ??? Check pilot friend at WJ, says no.
  10. My bad on the previous attempt at a post. Was gonna mention, I was a little surprised at the choice of FCO. Pure leisure destination. Would have thought something more inline with the big push WJ has been going with for the business traveller. AMS for example.
  11. Nah; More likely AMS is my guess.
  12. As winter approaches, AC is moving max's to Marana for storage until this mess is resolved.
  13. Have had that same thought during unreliable airspeed (AF447) scenario. You know it is coming and have been briefed about how to handle, but it is still a startle when everything starts making noise. Can try and imagine what it was like in the dark for them that night, but probably not even close.