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  1. You are only allowed to speak your mind, or express your opinion if it is in agreement with the lefties. New ideas, and rational thought are not welcome. Not exactly what I would call free speech.
  2. That is a great quote. Another I read recently: If everybody turned off the news and social media for 30 days, 80% of the worlds problems would just disappear. or something like that.
  3. Will be very interesting to see how this is perceived. Flair was raked over the coals here in YYC last week for a full flight with no empty middle seats. The Flair spokesman was spot on in his analysis that if the person wants the seat next to them empty, then that will be an additional charge (same cost as the seat). Has to happen sooner rather than later imo, the next big step into getting people to travel again, but will be interesting to watch how it unfolds in any event.
  4. My question was going to be along the lines of "How much of this is to be blamed on Covid19, and how much of this is the ONEX Effect ??? Makes for pretty good cover right about now.
  5. From ARU WestJet removes planned Calgary – Rome service in S20 WestJet in the last few days removed operational schedule for Calgary – Rome service, previously scheduled to commence in summer 2020 season. Prior to schedule removal and closure of reservation, the airline planned service launch on 06AUG20, with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Previously filed schedule as follows. WS032 YYC1815 – 1155+1FCO 789 456 WS033 FCO1355 – 1611YYC 789 567 Service operates Day 46 from YYC, Day 57 from FCO from 17OCT20.
  6. Thats been in there a long time, just hasn't been removed/updated if necessary.
  7. That is one scary proposition. No one can feel good about those prospects.
  8. Wasn't there some governement money from either SARS or 9/11 ???
  9. Sorry Boestar, Not True. There have been a few moving around from time to time, but not for that purpose. I think the EMJ was used to move crews around that were positioning aircraft, MAX was maintenance related I believe.
  10. That's weak imo, CUPE. Surely they can up with something better than that.
  12. That is a ridiculous story that doesn't even fit the title. No one from AC is even quoted in the article. The whole story is a crock of BS, journalism it is not.
  13. Over 8,000 hours flying the grand ole girl. Had the pleasure of flying FIN 604 many times, may she rest in infamy (and keychains !! LOL). The early 200's with the big dance floor (originally planned as a 3 man cockpit), and what we referred to as the teenagers which pioneered ETOPS flying, first at 120 minutes, then later at a jaw droppping 180 minutes (jaw dropping in the day). Only ever let us down a couple of times. The B767 was an incredibly reliable machine. Will be missed.
  14. Isn't that along the sames lines as the guy driving by himself in his car wearing a mask ??? Go Figure.