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  1. Seasonal Whining

    Great Story !!. Would have been a press-release, followed by a made for TV movie with the "other airline"
  2. Hey YVR - Buy a plow!

    I am sure the terminal is all decorated for the holidays, all the shops and restaurants as well. Carolers in every corner of the building. Sarcasm definitely intended.
  3. West Wind has a fantastic safety record, no accidents in recent memory. I know it is in pilots nature to speculate, but perhaps it best to wait for the real information. As always, there are peoples livelihoods at play.
  4. Swoop??

    Agreed, mighty big airplane for Hawaii and Gatwick. WS has also mentions South America, not an easy market either. easier to enter I would guess.
  5. Swoop??

    It is very easy to just throw out some names of places that would be cool to serve. Slots required at many if not all airports these days. They do not grow on trees. Also wonder what if anything Delta will have to say about Asia, now that WJ has left one bed to crawl into another with DL ???
  6. Flair Air

    Without a doubt
  7. Encore pilots

    Only time anybody other than on duty flight crew, is in the OFCR is on a leg that doesn't require its use (ie, YVR-YYZ). from there active Pilots only, is the way it is written, and the CA must ensure they are briefed on egress and emergency items. F/A's and other staff are NOT permitted its use (they can use the regular jumpseats up front with Captains concurrence.
  8. Encore pilots

    Well said, as it should be. Take care of each of our brothers, what a concept.
  9. What is rarely if ever mentioned in these stories, is the fantastic job done by the flight crew. Some will say that they are just doing their jobs, and while that is correct, from experience on the atlantic, on a dark, miserable night, this is a long way from the "comforts" of the simulator. A job well done.
  10. 22 MPH, or even up to 30 Kts sometimes is pretty standard in CYYZ it seems to me.
  11. Duty Times for Flight Crew

    Why spend negotiating "capital" on something that the regulator is supposedly going to fix ???
  12. and unlike "the other airline", not a press release in sight.
  13. AC7 30Aug?

    A hydraulic issue I believe.