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  1. AIP


    Anybody know why WS23 diverted briefly last night ???
  2. Awesome perspective, kinda crazy all at the same time
  3. AIP

    BA Engine Failure on B777

    Were they in Iranian airspace ?? High terrain to return over with a possible return to TLV or IST maybe ?? Also not sure what Israeli air defence was going to think with an aircraft declaring emergency inbound FROM iran ?? Sounds like Baku was only 170 miles away, perfect timing to get everything down, and get down to a more suitable landing weight.
  4. AIP

    Cold war story

    That is an amazing story, sounds ready made for a Tom Hanks movie !!!!!!!!!!
  5. People used to fly Jetsgo as well.
  6. I don't think this has anything to do with lack of aircraft/crew. More seasonal in nature, and simply based on demand. In years past AC has either gone to smaller aircraft (B767), or dropped frequencies to make it viable. BA has had their share of ups and downs with this route.
  7. When deemed necessary, a diversion is the safest course of action, but is not as easy as it sounds. Much depends on the specific route of the aircraft, and airport services available on any given day. I would very much dispute the cost estimates provided. Could easily be 4 - 5 times that much. The divert decision is not taken lightly. There are at times 450 other people on board that must be taken into consideration as well
  8. AIP

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Sounds like a paragraph out of a promotional brochure to travel agents. What NEW markets do you foresee ??? Anything that WJ does with the B787 will have been done by others. Most likely scenario is using the B787 to destinations where they can enhance feed back in Canada (YYZ, YYC, YVR). Nothing earth shattering here, and be rest assured, the "partners" won't be having this affect them either.
  9. With a $2.00 stock, might Air Canada make a play and buy it back ??? Would save a whole lot of work for a turn key so to speak operation, they know plenty about. Thoughts ???
  10. Not sure about other groups, but many pilots hired by AC the last while
  11. AIP

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    This is beautiful!! Karma at its finest
  12. AIP

    Westjet pilots strike vote

  13. Was thinking the same thing. Whatever happened to Innocent until proven guilty ?? Seems to be the other way around these days
  14. Just noticed WJ has cancelled 3 US routes, a couple of which had previously been touted with a great deal of fan fare. YYC-ORD YYC-DFW YUL-BOS Time to get out the dart board again.
  15. 100% inaccurate post here. Not sure where you got your info from but it is wrong.