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  1. After what has transpired from this government in the last 18 months, we would all be cheering for the 30 Billion mark, nowadays. Where does this all end ??
  2. A strong candidate for post of the year !! Couldn't agree more.
  3. If the fire was confirmed to be out, and there was a necessity to dump fuel it wouldn't be an issue. As per post by J.O., hard to imagine it being all up weight. Another consideration here, is even though KDEN has long runways, field elevation is above 5000 feet, which needs to be considered in the landing calculations.
  4. Age of the airframe is irrelevant imo. How old was the engine ?? When was it last overhauled ?? Would be my questions.
  5. Great look. When do the winglets get installed ?? Is that always done after paint ??
  6. The first two sentences may be the funniest thing I have ever read !!! Air travel is essential to Canada's economic growth and prosperity. Travellers and businesses alike benefit from a safe, efficient and resilient air industry.
  7. These are my first and second choices (interchangeable). Waited two days for Concorde to arrive, after a delay from LHR. Flew in to celebrate new terminal opening at north end of field in 1977. Was already interested in aviation, this pretty much sealed it, this and the L1011 pictured below. Concorde Photo is from Global News I believe (CFAC or 2&7 back then)
  8. A capable and knowledgeable instructor is paramount, not just on the aircraft being taught, but on the operation and intricacies of the simulator itself. For some guys/gals it just "flows" and is very enjoyable, for others not so much as it is a struggle for them, and becomes a struggle for the candidate as well.
  9. There is no loyalty, or certainly not as in the past. People will fly with anybody if it save them $5. Jetsgo proved that.
  10. Didn't read the full article only skimmed it at this point, but first comment would be that it is difficult to practice unusual attitudes, windshear episodes, engine failures (with associated yaw) without full motion. But what do I know.
  11. Is that Trudeau carrying the vaccine at a photo-op ??? LOL
  12. A good article from Diane Francis.
  13. You mean like the hole in the ozone layer ???
  14. This is what makes the "uproar" over politicians and others travelling at xmas so ridiculous. Monday to Friday they were out trumpeting this initiative, yet they could not use it when the holidays came along. These people did nothing wrong, followed protocols, and all guidance the government(s) had provided. The only problem I see, was they had the temerity to post it on social media, where everyone's opinion matters these days.