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  1. In the world of statistics, does that not make it statistically irrelevant ??
  2. I don't think that is cynical at all. At the moment, there isn't a more plausible explanation for the entire industry to be all but left for dead in this country.
  3. Truer words were never spoken !!! Couldn't agree more. Canada is finished with this current government.
  4. How is MSFS2020 ??? Clips leading up to it were quite spectacular ??? What sort of computer are you running it on ?? How big a screen ?? Thanks
  5. In the twitterverse, there are reports that WJ has applied for slots at LHR. Another great WJ experiment (LGW) hits the skids I guess. All the fan fare and gushing over LGW, and how they were going to save everybody a whole lot of bother and expense. Kinda reminds me of YHM vs YYZ.
  6. I don't understand why they removed the name down the side, but left the tail in WJ colors. If they were going to go that far, why not paint the tail black or something ??
  7. Canada collects zero ????? Your posts are ridiculous at the best of times, this may be over the top.How on earth do you think Alberta was able to send billions of dollars in transfer payments ?? The great big green money tree ??? $240B in 11 years. Go outside and get some fresh air, you need to get away from your keyboard.
  8. I was trying to be kind !! But I am with you.
  9. One of the more delusional posts on this board in quite some time
  10. Well, if it wasn't already, Canada is doomed, kaput, finished now. From the movie "Airplane" --- Surely, you can't be serious !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Fair enough, it retrospect, I did not translate the thought to keyboard very well. The point I was trying to make, is, if health authorities thought the airlines can communicate directly with the affected passengers, (and they can) why does this need to be splashed in the media ?? And isn't it somewhat irresponsible of the media to do so ???
  12. This may not be the most popular post, but I don't think there is any public benefit from these stories. Affected people are contacted by the appropriate authorities/airline. That should be the end of it. In this day and age of instant communication, everybody, or most everybody has an email on file, if not a phone number. I am sure when I go to local grocery store someone at some point has had Covid, or perhaps the local mall. no notification from CBC or other media on that. All this does is scare people, or was that the intent ??? Also makes me wonder what the purpose of
  13. WOW, you lefties really must be worried. I for one would welcome a re-write of the constitution. Whether you choose to admit, recognize, or care, Canada is broken. Has been for a long time.