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  1. Looks like Emirates had a turbulence encounter of their own this week, with the A380.
  2. Outisde of China, altitudes are measured in feet.
  3. If not mistaken, this was one of the "teenagers" !! ETOPS capable B762, great machine in its day !! Formerly FIN 615, or close to it perhaps ??
  4. Very cool. But did I miss something ?? the date shows September 2014 ???? There were no Airbus A350 back in 2014 ???
  5. Did you read the story ??? Judge said he would reconsider the costs issue, sounds like a possible open door to me.
  6. Good, Very Good, at long last some common sense injected. Much of the world seems to have gone to the non-responsibility model. AC should now sue for legal costs.
  7. All you have to do is consider the source, little experience and lots of fear and anxiety. If I were Thinair, I would be more concerned about Mr. Schwartz, he obviously needs to do some more homework on him.
  8. I think the share offering of $31 speaks volumes, how could any BOD not recommend based on that alone ????
  9. AIP


    That is for certain. What if Mr. Schwartz thinks WJ forte is not being a global cariier but more in line with its roots ?? Domestic/Holiday type operation ???
  10. That would be premature wouldn't it ??? Until such time as there is a firm return to the sky protocol is in place, why would they ?? AC has been down this road before with Boeing (787 delays). Not saying that the Airbus scenario cannot or will not happen, just that it is to early in the whole process to come to that conclusion.
  11. Lets not read any more into this that is there. That is what the media is for AC like other airlines that operate the Max, have both a huge public perception issue to deal with as well as trying to cover the anticipated summer flying season. Which is the busiest and usually most lucrative part of the year. All this really says is that the resumption of the Max is still a ways off.
  12. And it has only taken 23 years for them to come to that conclusion ????
  13. Spending isn't always the right answer to fix the systemic problems within.