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  1. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and let things unfold. Already changes are being implemented for AC. B77P going to OGG this evening to help out. More can be expected. Domestically and Transborder, I would expect to see more Airbus flying and consolidation of other flights. Speculation on the Max, and ramifications does not serve much of a purpose.
  2. I think the headline date should have shown 27-Oct-2019 at sked change. Actually, the B77P starts back to HKG on 30 March 2019.
  3. I include the Globe and Mail in that select group as well. only a half rung above the CBC. Whatever happened to the media reporting facts, and letting me make up my mind ??? Spin is such a prevalent commodity these days, it is actually quite sickening.
  4. Wasn't the PAPI showing 4 red as well ???
  5. It has most definitely returned to service
  6. Report on Twitter, this aircraft repaired and flown to YYZ where it resumes service today.
  7. Very good example. It illustrates the point I was trying to make, that "new" ideas are not required here in an attempt to re-invent the wheel. On top of that if we would like to discuss the ancient and pathetic airspace structure around CYYZ, that may be worth looking at. CYYZ has added imo, ridiculous night time RNAV approaches that are not very efficient in that they don't even tie in to the conventional RNAV Stars (arrival routes). This has the effect of hanging the aircraft high, when finally once receives a clearance for one of these approaches.
  8. Is Heathrow busier than CYYZ ??? Heathrow uses a similar runway pattern much differently. One runway for landing another for departures. KLAX is similar as well, if you split the north and south complex, and view them as separate airports. Separation is not the same issue in these types of utilizations.
  9. Feb 20 ??? It is ready now and scheduled for delivery for jan 17. They are not going to fly it for a month ???? WOW
  10. WJ 787 is ready for delivery, when will it begin service YYC-YYZ ???
  11. Doubtful. At that point there were already ETOPS. In most cases, once in the ETOPS area, you stay in the ETOPS area unless decision is made otherwise. My guess is, this had more to do with the Hydraulics issue and the short runway in OGG.