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  1. Has it ever stopped ?? This is the Liberal go to phrase, "not our fault, Harper did it, even though he hasn't been around for 2 terms.
  2. What is Canada's involvement here ???
  3. One of the bigger issues to be resolved is vax status of those who mixed vaccines. Many fine Canadians took the advice of their government and got AZ, only to cross-vax with one of the others for second jab. Some jurisdictions are NOT going to consider this fully vaxxed.
  4. Someplace I want to visit soon, Victorville is also high on the list.
  5. Congratulations Loon !! All the best for a long and healthy retirement.
  6. So what ???? Hurricane forecasting would be a rather important item wouldn't you say ?? So naturally that must sway her opinion ?? Gimme a break with this garbage.
  7. And Trudeau and all of his baggage isn't ???????
  8. From the article: In 25 years of serving Canadians, WestJet has cut airfares in half and increased the flying population in Canada to more than 50 per cent. Isn't that the same outlandish type of comment as saying you invented the question mark ????
  9. I was going to go with "Karen" myself
  10. Good Morning Don; Thanks for pointing out the articles, The economist is one of the few media outlets I put any trust or faith in these days, always try to find time to read (My July 3 version hasn't arrived yet). In my mind, much of the valuation has been based on COVID effects alone. There is alot more to it than that. In no particular order, unemployment, personal economic impact, housing, alcohol, drug, and spousal abuse, mental health (which is a very broad topic as it reaches so many), and so on. How many have had their lives cut short, or deemed not worth living as they endure weeks and months in endless isolation ?? Very hard to quantify the benefits of social interaction, way beyond me anyway. What is the impact on our youth ?? Very difficult to assess and easily dismissed, we won't know the answers to some of these questions for a long time. The lockdown was rightly used to protect the most vulnerable, but now that most of that segment of the population have been vaxxed, it is time to move along. Those that choose not to be vaxxed, will more than likely make up most of the covid statistics moving forward. Cheers From YYC
  11. Was referring to the "border closure" as purported by the fed and the lapdog media in this country. The border has never been closed, people can come and go, and have been doing so. The hypocrisy is best exemplified by the Caribbean experiment in March, where canadian airlines were not flying to those places, but american carriers were. People were flying to and from Buffalo and then crossing the land border. Delhi as has been pointed out is another fine example. The upcoming changes that you reference are long overdue, the EU has added Canada to the list of countries whose citizens can travel to Europe (vaxxed of course), Canada MUST reciprocate this move, and it should be now.
  12. You are way to kind. The border being "closed" is an absolute sham. Quite simply no other way to state it.
  13. His article on Canada Day was very well done as well.
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