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  1. Rumour has it that WJ has decided the dispose of their B767's. A little sooner than originally planned no ???
  2. Good News !! With the CBC and its fine level of journalism, you wont have to wait long.
  3. Profile Descents were the precursor of the FMS Arrivals. Perhaps before your time ??
  4. Anything dealing with NavCanada/GTAA will be a mess guaranteed, think "profile descents", FMS arrivals, and the overnight bedpost arrival slot disaster. I could go on.
  5. I am hearing Star Alliance is staying put (for now) at Capital airport
  6. What a ridiculous statement. The summer is over, flying schedules being reduced as they head towards the winter sked.
  7. "plane windows are broken" ???? Seriously ?? Was this written by the CBC ???
  8. "recommended" ???? LOL
  9. WOW, that is certainly relevant to the thread.
  10. Seriously ?? Did the airlines such as CP have state of the art rest facilities onboard the aircraft ?? Did they fly high above the weather in relative comfort, or were they bouncing along in the cloud tops as the DC6 often did ???
  11. Omni has been doing the Hawaii operation all summer from YVR for AC. no major issues as far as I know
  12. Funny how these stories always seem to emanate from the CBC. Hmmmmmm
  13. Funny, The B737-MAX wasn't one of the favorites. . . . . . . . LOL
  14. What I would like it to say if I googled CBC ??? "Former crown corporation that has been mismanaged for decades, has disgustingly poor journalistic standards, and will be defunct with the pending change of government in Canada in October 2019"