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  1. The do not need to work very hard to fill aircraft these days, and not likely for the foreseeable future.
  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same eh ??? I remember those books, probably still have one somewhere.
  3. Don't forget the call to CBC to have them waiting at the airport after arrival to cover the whole experience.
  4. Moderna vaccine is OK at room temp.
  5. And as it turns out, those working in the aviation sector.
  6. Why wouldn't the aircraft in storage not be utilized ???? In many cases these are brand new aircraft that were not even delivered yet ??
  7. Thanks for stepping up Seeker. Appreciate the efforts of both the old and new regimes !! Stay safe everyone !!
  8. you give the left far to much credit. Not a chance.
  9. I don't think AC has left town as you put it, just can't make a viable go of it right now. The AC website has for most of the last 6 months shown a return to both FRA and LHR on a tri-weekly service. Demand obviously hasn't been there so it gets pushed back. Planned again for December, will see what happens.
  10. I was still laughing at the 180 seats on a B737 part ?
  11. Really ?? Such a nice new facility, and then they throw this garbage into a press release ?? Who exactly is that supposed to impress ?? What purpose is being served here ??
  12. What a waste of bandwith. Most people don't give rat's A$$ who did what first. Right or wrong, they view both of the airlines in Canada a crooks for not refunding from the get go. This not a good look for either . . . . .