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  1. I nominate for post of the year, couldn't agree more. While I do not post much anymore, I am in your corner UD.
  2. I think you meant to say: "When you see shovels and the cameras for the photoshoot"
  3. pretty much all you need to know about Canada these days
  4. That's Funny. Many Canadians feel that way about the guy in charge in YOW. Whats the old saying, those in glass houses . . . . . . . .
  5. The 7XXX number was out of Delhi after the arrival of last pax flight into DEL from YYZ.
  6. Incheon. jumping off point of sorts. crews weren't allowed to stay in China for the longest time I think.
  7. I would say the passport is way to late for summer 2021.
  8. Any word on whether the 415 planned furloughs will go ahead April 01 ?? Sure hope not, are they even talking ???
  9. “This year alone, 39 new medications — for the treatment of cancer, Parkinson's, and HIV, to name a few — have not been submitted to Health Canada for approval due to the uncertainty created by this proposed policy change, I am left wondering how many lives lost this equates to ???
  10. Do the Sky Regional Pilots come over to Jazz still flying the E-175 ??? Seniority integration ?? Fences ??
  11. There is no way AC agrees to the government with a equity stake.
  12. After what has transpired from this government in the last 18 months, we would all be cheering for the 30 Billion mark, nowadays. Where does this all end ??