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Whoooooooohooooooo !

Kip Powick

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This is raw video taken from the cockpit of Number 4 of the Blue Angels during an airshow. The filming, as well as the flying, is something that pilots who have done formation aerobatics and airshows can relate to.

If you have never done whiz-bang flying I think you will find this video extremely entertaining. The takeoff and slide by #4 into his spot behind, and below #1, that quickly and close to the ground is something not many can do, and it takes a lot of faith in yourself as a pilot and in your engine(s)!!

The dirty loop is awesome and the inverted cockpit-to-cockpit pass is equally awesome.

You can almost feel the "G" loading in many of the manuvers :Grin-Nod: :Grin-Nod:

Enjoy !!!!!!

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