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  1. I think this will rapidly become obvious for those shareholder/owner/management personnel who make these decisions. They really should approach such changes with thought and with caution. In the end this is a corporate risk-management decision and not merely a "new", physical restructuring of the way business might be conducted, (increased efficiencies, lower costs, online communications & conferencing tools are all the usual reasons cited). The disconnectedness you mention, I know is, in fact, a reality even now being expressed by those trying to function within a "virtual headq
  2. The notion of the "home office" fails to take into account our very nature as a social creature. There is a significant disruption & disconnect without "the water-cooler" or the mini-townhall round which all kinds of issues are raised and sometimes even resolved! We are already seeing serious personal health issues not directly related to COVID but nevertheless resulting from the isolation of the past ten months. What's more, even following the usual Dr. Fauci rules, there is no let-up from the requirement of social isolation without risk of serious resurgence of the virus, as is bein
  3. From the article: Also, no mention of EASA's previous comments regarding EICAS.
  4. Friends with whom I've discussed the MAX believe that the Europeans, (EASA) may not be willing to certify the aircraft until it has a crew alerting system. The reasoning behind this thinking is, every aircraft built in the past four decades has had such a system except the B737, and it has been argued that the absence of such an alerting system contributed substantially to the crew confusion in both MAX accidents. Both JTAR & Congressional Committee Reports reinforce this. Boeing argued strenuously and long against the EICAS requirement due fleet commonality, training & development cos
  5. Apologies if this has been posted previously - From a link in the previous article above: Boeing & Aerospace Business Boeing whistleblower alleges systemic problems with 737 MAX June 18, 2020 at 4:40 pm Updated June 18, 2020 at 9:29 pm Investigators at the scene where the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crashed shortly after takeoff on March 10, 2019. All MAX jets were... (Mulugeta Ayene / Associated Press) More By Dominic Gates Seattle Times aerospace reporter A Boeing engineer who last year lodged an internal ethics
  6. Boeing & Aerospace Union for FAA’s safety engineers urges more changes to Boeing 737 MAX before it can fly again Sep. 21, 2020 at 2:54 pm Updated Sep. 21, 2020 at 6:53 pm By Dominic Gates Seattle Times aerospace reporter A union representing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airplane safety engineers who work on certifying new aircraft called Monday for substantial upgrades to the flight crew alerting systems and other changes on Boeing’s 737 MAX before the plane is allowed to return to the air. The union’s comments came on the fina
  7. More on the AW&ST article: Input On Proposed MAX Changes Spotlight Broader 737 Fleet Issues Sean Broderick September 22, 2020 Credit: Collins Aerospace Pilot groups and at least one regulator have raised concerns about several non-normal pilot procedures being changed following a review of the grounded Boeing
  8. Tx, J.O. Way I read it, there was no EICAS on any B737's but that may not be technically accurate - just going by the report. Pg. 46, 47 of the Committee Report: Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) Boeing obtained an FAA exception to allow the company to not install an Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) on the 737 MAX.269 Since 1982, an EICAS or its equivalent among Airbus airplanes has been common in newly certificated transport aircraft. It displays aircraft system faults and failures in the cockpit and helps pilots prioritize responding to multip
  9. In fact, the B737 design has no EICAS at all. On the trim wheel diameter-shrinkage, I did the "how many turns per degree" calculation for the NG/MAX last year sometime using an AMM and the numbers in this article are accurate, (14.6 turns per degree), and as mentioned and as reported in, (IIRC), the Ethiopian accident, the crew together couldn't move the wheel, I don't recall this accurately - I believe it was one of the simulator trials that the pilots couldn't move the wheel...due physical strength limitations due high speed.
  10. Concerns Expressed Over 737 MAX Redundancy, Manual Trim Sean Broderick September 21, 2020 Credit: Boeing WASHINGTON—Calls for an additional angle-of-attack indicator and concerns over the flight crew’s ability to manually trim the aircraft in an emergency are among the issues highlighted in the initial set of comments on the FAA’s proposed requirements to approve the Boeing 737 MAX’s service return. Boeing’s proposed fixes including software modifications that use data from both MAX angle-of-attack (AOA) vanes to activate the maneuve
  11. Same principles at play... Airline self regulation. What could go wrong? It's just not that simple. First of all, SMS is about airlines flight safety management programs, not the manufacturer or the regulator and how each do their work. The manufacturer is expected to adhere to the highest possible standards and the regulator must ensure that that is the case. This whole Boeing thing, from the takeover of Boeing by McDonnell-Douglas in 1997 "reads" like, and I think should be examined from the point of view of NASA's problems which led to both the Challenger and Columbia acc
  12. Referenced in the article above posted by Marshall entitled, "The end of American history begins in America", by Hamid Dabashi, Al Jazeera End of empire The era of US dominion has now passed Andrew Bacevich June 29, 2020 9:32 AM The end of World War Two inaugurated the era of American dominion, with the United States politically, economically and militarily the most powerful nation on the planet. Yet throughout the subsequent period of American global ascendency, the American people endured a seemingly endless sequence of domestic crises, upheavals and disasters. Primacy abr
  13. The plan that tests would be conducted over the U.S. makes either Moses Lake area out of YLW or offshore over the U.S. 200-mile limit out of YVR/YXX likely. Logistics are a bit more complicated if YLW in terms of picking up/dropping personnel. I wish Boeing and certainly the crew and all personnel involved with this work well. It's tough being the lesson for everyone else.
  14. In addition to what I would consider "marginal" lengths to operate an B737-800 off of & into, Boundary Bay may have taxi and/or runway weight limitations. Both YXX & YVR as well as YLW are suitable, though.
  15. Hi AIP; First, it isn't about the popularity of posts that counts . If there is disagreement on matters of serious public interest and not merely an exchange of opinions and cocktail chatter, then when challenged, the parties owe each other evidence that supports their expressed views. The evidence as expressed by experts on the subject of masks is strong and widely available/inspectable by all parties regardless of attitudes towards such prophylactics. Wearing a mask in indoor locations where there are other people and outdoor locations where social distancing is not possible is shown t
  16. The -800 is certified to land with a 15kt tailwind, so how the landing distance was calculated and briefed in the pre-descent phase, what the actual wind was at, say, 100ft and what the touchdown point was are all of interest. Less fatalities than the previous overrun accident, by the same type, on this runway ten years ago -
  17. J.O., rudder, OT so I won't quote here but your points are expanded upon here.
  18. Following on your post, Marshall, bit more info: Wiring Fixes Among Changes FAA Will Require Before MAX Can Return Sean Broderick August 03, 2020 Credit: Boeing WASHINGTON—The FAA’s proposed steps for operators to clear Boeing 737 MAXs for service include separating wire
  19. Alert - 20200802 Victoria increases coronavirus lockdowns, declares ‘state of disaster’ Premier Daniel Andrews has placed Victoria in stage four lockdown. Photo: AAP Photo: AAP Josh Butler Political Editor Share Tweet Share Reddit Pin Email Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has bowed to the realities of his state’s spiralling coronavirus infections and introduced the nation’s toughest lockdown restrictions. More importan
  20. BRITISH COLUMBIA In bid to reduce COVID-19 risk, Ottawa will require all Alaskan travellers through B.C. to provide exit date Ian Bailey Vancouver UPDATED JULY 30 2020, 10:09PM Canada is cracking down on U.S. citizens passing through British Columbia to Alaska with newly announced rules that include travellers having to display signs in their vehicles identifying themselves as Americans and naming a date for their exit from Canadian territory. The new rules take effect on Friday. “These measures are put in place to further reduce the the risk of introductio
  21. Regarding the unwelcome federal police presence in non-federal places when State forces already had guarded Federal Property by decades-old arrangement, perhaps the administration is just testing the American tolerance levels for after the election? We don't know what their plan is because almost the entire US government is in an "Acting Something-or-other" guessing role, and his plans change between breakfast and noon according to mood, press coverage on Fox and the usual, fathomless insecurities. 2024 is the key here, not 2020.
  22. Only Congress has the power to legally delay an election. It will not do so. However,... Though the term is frustratingly imprecise, the United States is devolving into a failed state. This means that it is increasingly incapable of: protecting its citizens from violence and, these days from their destruction/death; a willingness to carry out established laws and lawful actions; relying upon its long-established, substantive institutions to support Constitutional authority of a democratic government; recognizing and correcting the "democratic deficit" -
  23. Yep. Its a social powder keg and a burgeoning physical one as well, just waiting for some innocent's match.
  24. Coronavirus Makes America Seem Like a Civilization in Decline The Covid-19 crisis is another example of the nation’s inability to effectively respond to pressing challenges. By Noah Smith 29 March 2020, 05:00 GMT-7 Coming apart. Photographer: Ivan Abreu/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images Noah Smith is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He was an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University, and he blogs at Noahpinion. Re
  25. Good to hear, no unscheduled landings!