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  1. What a load of nonsense. It's her son that she should be fearful for as her daughter has many more "rights" than he does and their "non-white" friends have more than both of them. The worst part of this is she (the writer) believes it and is teaching her kids to believe it.
  2. Well, I'm certainly no expert on the topic but when a player's political statements and actions on the field becomes a bigger deal than the game, which is a business after all, I can understand the reluctance on the team's owners to willingly have him around. He could probably have enjoyed wide latitude in making statements/speeches/marching around with a sign etc if he had just kept it off the field but he chose to use his on-duty time to make political statements. That kind of thing is not allowed in any job so why should it be tolerated in the "job" of being a professional athlete? How long would a pilot last if he/she made political statements in passenger PAs?
  3. Maybe, but you gotta include "attitude" in the hiring decision.
  4. He wants to play, he's not good enough.
  5. Colin Kaepernick's "whole point" is; how can I make 5 million dollars/year without playing football?
  6. I've lived through lots of "format" changes; 8-track to cassette, then cassette to CDs, VHS to DVDs, electric heat to a heat pump, an old house with crappy insulation to R2000 - it's always better to switch to the new technology and then enjoy the benefits. Costs more to make the change but then pays off in the end. I realize there's a big difference in the costs between my little situation and running an airline but I bet that if Southwest had swallowed the "training cost" pill back in the beginning they would be further ahead now because they'd have a better machine that weighed less, was easier to maintain and had a smaller training footprint on every training event since. Short-sighted accountants looking at the numbers for next quarter rather than the long-term costs down the road.
  7. Thanks for posting this link deicer. I do not believe the accusers. I think BK has the same history that we all (probably) do - some rash drinking decisions as a teenager and young adult, some clumsy interactions with a potential partner. IMO, none of these are issues that should exclude him from consideration but his performance at the hearings are a deal breaker. Obviously he received advise that a strong offence was the best tack but I disagree - would have preferred to see a "high-road" demeanour. I do not believe the accusers but think his response to the accusations shows him to be unsuitable for the position.
  8. I can't be bothered to sift through all the "he said, she said" allegations and rebutals but I'll just say if you were to judge every person/man by their activities at age 17 none of us would have a job.
  9. The jumpseat itself appears to have been designed for maximum discomfort and I'm not joking about that. There's a strategically located bar on the seat bottom that prevents sitting up with normal posture so the only way to avoid that is to kind of slide your rearend forward and adopt a slouch which puts your back against the strategically placed "MAX-Pain" bar across the seatback. My comment about being "glad I don't fly it" however was in reference to the mishmash/adhoc/random placement and design of every single switch and control in the flight deck. There is a mix of analog, green digital, amber digital, switches guarded forward, switches guarded aft, some sideways switches, rotary, etc. Basically the 737 flight deck is a perfect illustration of how far flight deck design has come since it first rolled out.
  10. Yes, but wikipedia says it was envisioned in 1964 (with a modern 1950s design philosophy). Just joking around, I'm not actually that negative on the aircraft - it is comfortable enough in the back, for the 2 hour flights I've been a passenger, and the large bins and large IFE screens are a welcome change but I'm glad I don't have to fly it based on my time in the jumpseat.
  11. The real questions is; "will it be common type with the 737-200 from 1964?" ('cause we know how important that is to potential customers).
  12. Serves 'em right for being a bunch of lowdown bottom feeders. Oh, wait, Primera? , actually don't know anything about them.
  13. Exactly. If these benefits are normally provided to family members of veterans then he is entitled to receive them. If we (the people) want benefits to be cut off for convicted criminals then we just need to make that change to the plan - simple. Personally I'd like to see all sorts of society's benefits cut off for violent convicted criminals. If it was up to me I'd have them sleeping on cold concrete, eating gruel 3 times a day hand-making gravel or picking garbage to earn their keep.
  14. It's news because he's a performer (musician?). Probably wouldn't have been news back in the day when a putting something in a newspaper had a cost but since websites are completely open-ended, why not? Personally, I couldn't care less but some people probably care - I'd probably read an article about Jethro Tull with interest but lots of people wouldn't, so, fair game. BTW, facial and neck tattoos - yeah, there's a good life decision!
  15. Yes but you're missing the point; today it doesn't matter - the concern is after Oct 17th. Just wait, on the 17th of Oct this will be huge news and will get significant airplay on the major news networks. It will move into the consciousness of everyone, including customs agents at the border.
  16. That just means he'll have to give more of our tax dollars as "aid" and allow more "refugees" to compensate. BTW, he's not looking for a Security Council seat, he wants to be Secretary-General.
  17. It's not clear if mo32a is saying "just say no" to using (or investing in) MJ or "just say no" to the question about if you have ever used it or invested in it.
  18. Sure am glad we got a guy like Gabor Lukacs looking out for everyone's best interests.
  19. I'm not losing any sleep over it but the official position is that using MJ or investing in MJ companies is grounds for a lifetime ban. Simply saying, "it's not a problem because they've never asked in the past" doesn't give much comfort to the thousands (millions after Oct 17th) who might have to answer "yes" to the question, if they're being truthful. The implications of this are significant. My company has a admonition against "illicit" drugs, well, after Oct 17th, MJ will not be illicit. So what are the career implications for someone who uses a legal substance but can't go cross-border? This is not an issue for me since I don't use it and don't plan to use it but it's an open question for others. Same goes for investing in MJ companies - my company has no rules regarding this. So if a person did invest and then answer truthfully at the border and get banned - what then? Yeah, I know, just don't do it, but I still see problems ahead. As for where you spend your winters, good for you - go somewhere else, does nothing to solve the problem for people who need to cross the border for work reasons.
  20. This proves exactly nothing. After Oct 17th, and all the hundred dozen news stories playing endlessly on CNN et all, how do you know this won't become the first question they ask? Just wait until the next time the border agents are negotiating their contract or pay or working conditions or staffing and they want to make a point - start asking every person....then what?
  21. Here's a conspiracy theory for you - apparently the policy was changed because Mr. R. like to wear jeans when travelling, hence, policy changed to accommodate.
  22. There lots of interesting questions here. I know there's no point in trying to apply logic to the situation. 1) How can they (the US government) justify excluding someone from entering for an activity that's legal in their country? Maybe I could understand if the plan was to wait until after Oct. 17th and ask if the person had smoked it before it became legal because that would show they had committed a crime (even if they hadn't been convicted of it). 2) What about those who have been using MJ under a Dr's prescription? Not illegal. 3) As someone else has already mentioned you can buy shares in a legal MJ company on the NYSE. Why is it apparently OK for a citizen to participate in the industry within their own country but not OK for citizens of another country to participate in the industry in their country? 4) Why draw the line at owning shares in an MJ company? Why not include those who own shares in GE (produces grow lights) or Ontario Hydro (produces the electricity that powers the lights) or even every Canadian since the government will tax, and therefor benefit from, the operations? The line they are drawing is completely arbitrary. Yes, as I said, I know trying to apply logic is pointless.
  23. Well now I'm curious - manipulated by whom and to what purpose (IYO)?
  24. No notice, just showed up on the travel site, been a few years I think. Won't go into the details since Kip was good enough to post them.