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  1. Yes, you're right. You must follow along very closely to make any sense out the words he strings together. Regarding the AR15 - you've missed out - as a tool for making little holes in paper from long distances, there's nothing better. Nobody used the AR15 for hunting (in Canada) because they were forbidden - the AR15 is used quite successfully for hunting in the USA. Think of the logic there; first ban them from hunting and then after a few years ban them alltogether because "nobody uses them for hunting anyway." Yeah, nobody uses them for hunting because you said they couldn't,
  2. In the interest of fairness I don't believe he actually said Indigenous hunters could use AR15s. I think what he said was Indigenous hunters could continue to use whatever they were using now (as of May 2020) that had become newly prohibited (such as BCL-102, Mini-14, Mini-Thirty, M305, etc). I think the intent was that newly prohibited firearms that were legal to hunt with before May 1st could continue to be used by Indigenous hunters not that AR-15s which were not legal to hunt with before May 1st became legal.
  3. Where have you been - this is already being done in London. London Bans Knives “No excuses,” Khan tweeted. “[T]here is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.” His message came as London recorded more homicides than the comparatively-sized New York, a historical first. By the numbers, London’s suffered 50 homicides already this year, most of which have been stabbed. Why? ‘Cause guns are already pretty much outlawed in London so the murderous-minded need to find a different weapon. Just goes to show what
  4. In light of the information in the videos I posted I would say this is extremely unlikely.
  5. I don't know, 'cause I'm not a doctor, but looks proven to me. Or, at the very least, proven well enough that I'm taking Vit D every day. Sure, some people who have enough Vit D will still get sick just like some people who wear seatbelts will still die in car crashes but the question is; at what rate? One result I saw, which I can't seem to find right at this moment, was that 98% Covid mortalities (tested post-mortem) were Vit D deficient.
  6. I'm well aware as I have taken it. It's a one day course which actually ends up being about 4 hours long (with the exam after lunch) with no live fire component. The Canadian course is all about safe storage, transportation and the regulations. It's valid (although you could learn the material in about 15 minutes of self-study) but it doesn't teach anyone "how" to shoot. The proposed American course seems to be about actually teaching people how to shoot - is that really what you want to do? I could see it if the problem they were trying to address was accidental shootings but that's
  7. Kip; It's all about vitamin D. Here's one vid from Youtube but there are many other sources that say the same thing.
  8. Craziness. Register every firearm in the country? Undergo a psychological evaluation including interviews with spouse, former spouse and two family members?? Yeah, there's a good idea - let's get the former spouse to weigh in. Database of all owners and their firearms available to the public???? Another brilliant idea - let's tell all the criminals exactly where all the firearms and valuables are in the country, can't see any problem with that! Mandatory insurance - 'cause that's a benefit somehow. Mandatory firearms training - to make everyone a better shot. One of
  9. Tired of Twitter, politics, and flaky Hollywood personalities? Here's some real reality for you. Interesting, and by that I mean stellar, family dynamics displayed:
  10. A long video (56 minutes) but worth watching. All about Covid and the "experimental" vaccine:
  11. Exactly. As you say, the pilots choose nothing. The flight is planned by the dispatcher using the software. I've done probably near a hundred trans-atlantic flights in the last year. In every case I have flown the dispatcher planned route. With the reduced traffic due to Covid there is more flexibility in the routes but I don't really see the issue since a 10 year old laptop could calculate the conflicts in multiple airlines filing routes.
  12. That's an unfair restriction although I was qualified on this one and did spend a summer flying it. What a great job. Yes, this exact aircraft although that's not me in the video. Turn your sound up for the first minute of the first video.
  13. Obviously this topic is open to numerous interpretations. Most "beautiful" means different things to different people. I nominate the Spartan Executive;
  14. Ain't that the truth - spent a lot of time myself picking rocks and loading the stone boat, also stooking hay bales.
  15. A girl and her tractor. What can I say, I like tractors. She's got mad skills - if you don't have time for the whole thing watch from 4:30 where she drives in formation with the harvester doing live off-load. Also from 13:55, backing up the farm trailer with pivoting front axle - impressive. Definitely not your average city girl.
  16. Sure, take Bardella's name off it. The sentiment is that political parties always blame the other side for anything that's wrong and take credit for anything that goes right. I agree. It's been that way since the year 200 BC. That's not what my reply to you was about however. I was just giving you back a little of what you've dished out to me when I've posted a link to a Post Millennial article - a referral to stating their opinion that it's a biased source. OK, so The Post Millennial has a right bias and Bardella has a left bias. If you're going to dismiss my
  17. Sorry, this isn't correct. There have been posts deleted (from both sides of the spectrum) - when perceived to be offensive or being a personal attack. I do not see commenting on another member's style of argument as an attack. As you know the "Admin" function is a one-man show and I can't monitor every post in realtime - if you feel something crosses the line - message me.
  18. $106 million dollars to run the pay system every year! Who's going to run it - SNC Lavalin?
  19. ...and what about the (idiotic - in my opinion) idea put forward by the "experts" last year that having Covid does not give any immunity and that it's possible to be re-infected over and over.