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  1. I'm always puzzled by this idea that passengers have that the airline is responsible for their food, watering and accommodations from the time they check-in till arrival. If the flight arrives on-time they'd be buying their own meals at destination so if the flight is late they buy their meals at the airport - same difference. One time in Toronto there was a big snowstorm happening outside the terminal windows. I was standing at the gate waiting for the inbound aircraft, delayed an hour due to the storm, and some woman comes up and asks to speak to me - wants to talk to me about compensation for the delay. Every airline, every bus, every taxi - delayed. Hardly anyone's fault - it's weather. Look, I say, there's a big snowstorm outside, the flight will get here eventually and we'll board everyone and be on out way. She says she's from Europe and in Europe there's compensation for every delay no matter what the cause! I said, well, you're in Canada and in Canada you don't get compensated for weather delays and you should be happy about that because it means that your ticket is cheaper because the airline doesn't have to build a weather compensation delay charge into your ticket price. She looks at me like I'm speaking Swahili - no understanding at all, seems to think compensation is free money.
  2. Don't know yet - hasn't even been talked about (in any communications with employees) as far as I know.
  3. On a related topic - anyone hear about this "elf-on-the-shelf" nonsense? My kids are older and out of the house so not a concern for me but a few of my co-workers have mentioned it over the last few years. Thankfully most of them share my opinion that it's a stupid, and potentially harmful thing to subject your children to - there is no fricking way that I (or my wife) would stand for it in our house.
  4. CATSA to offer free medical checkups now: CATSA medical checkups
  5. Short youtube clip of pilot/ATC interaction - displayed as a url rather than embedded because text on opening scene has written profanity, audio includes spoken profanity.
  6. Well, it's ok if the Capt wants to ditch in the middle of the Pacific instead of trying to fly to SFO - otherwise - NO.
  7. Movie, 1954, starring John Wayne himself and written by Ernest K. Gann. I've a fan of Gann for the last 30 years, ever since I discovered Fate is the Hunter in the little Buttonville pilot shop while waiting for an air ambulance patient. Fate is the Hunter is an amazing book as almost every pilot knows. I enjoyed it so much that I trolled used book stores for decades collecting almost every book Gann ever wrote. The best being his autobiography - A hostage to Fortune. Anyway, The High and the Mighty - it's no Oscar winner but worth watching. It's playing tomorrow (Saturday) on the Silver Screen channel which is included in my cable package and maybe your's. Includes my favourite CRM scene too!
  8. I'd never say there is no news on CNN but the problem is that they are actually malicious and not just incompetent in their reporting. Getting something wrong might be excusable but intentionally misrepresenting the facts to drive a narrative is not. How many times does someone have to lie to you before you lose trust in them forever - once, twice, 8 times? Below is an example from last year - anything and everything and forever that comes from CNN is a lie. Now, I know others are also lying to me too - they are ignored or sandboxed subject to independent verification.
  9. You don't need 24 hours to present the reliable, factual information you'd find on CNN - after the crap is filtered out you could fit the rest into the commercial breaks on Dr. Phil.
  10. One interesting thing about China is that they will provide whatever level of quality your company is willing to pay for. The reason why Chinese products have a reputation for poor quality is simply because the contracting company is willing to pay for, and accept, lower quality and not because they are incapable of producing higher quality. Apple products are made in China and are generally considered to be high quality. This is because Apple pays for high quality. Dollar store electronics are also made in China and are low quality - not because they couldn't be made better but because the dollar stores aren't willing to pay for better.
  11. Well....I don't. I knew when I wrote that I'd probably get a response from someone. What I was trying to get across is that I see handling snags, making sure cosmetic and grooming issues are called in to the right dept and passing info to the outgoing crew as an important part of my job - irritates me to no end the guys who are already out on the 401 before the last passenger is off the airplane.
  12. I always try to get the MTC guy to meet me at the airplane so I can give the background and clarify what happened, what we saw and did, etc. I've had some very good interactions, and learned a lot myself by talking directly to the guy who's going to address the snag. I consider waiting at the aircraft after the flight to discuss snags with the AME to be one of my main responsibilities - and I don't shirk my responsibilities.
  13. Interesting but not surprising. Aviation is a team sport.
  14. Quoted from the article: "Aboriginal people in Canada comprise approximately 3% of the Canadian adult population, they comprise 18% of the federal offender population (Trevethan, Moore & Rastin, 2002). Assuming all things to be equal, one would expect to see Aboriginal offenders represent 3% of the offender population." What a stupid thing to say; "assuming all things to be equal." Assuming all things to be equal - my Chevette is the same as your Corvette. Well, all things are not equal. If someone can't see the logical problem inherent in this statement that we should see 3% of the offender population to be Aboriginal because 3% of the general population is Aboriginal then there's no point in talking to them about anything and the same faulty "logic" is used any time a group is over-represented or under-represented compared to their numbers - clearly due to bias, racism, sexism etc. Women are 51% of the population but only 25% of students in STEM are women - therefore SEXISM! Blacks are 15% of the population but 30% of police calls involve a black person - therefore RACISM! 90% of CEOs are male - therefore PATRIARCHY! Nobody ever asks the relevant questions.
  15. Exactly - enough information so the AME can fix it and enough information for the next guy to know how to prepare for it in case it happens again.
  16. "Rolled off the end of the runway while landing." Interested phrasing, very sympathetic.
  17. I had that line used on me a few times too - "I knew you could handle it." I survived the training stunts pulled on me, others haven't. I wish I'd reacted differently at the time but, of course, didn't seem worth it at the time - now I know better.
  18. For an experienced multi-eng Air Force pilot to have to do a ride to get a civilian licence is an embarrassment - should happen with a phone call from Sqn CO.
  19. Wikipedia says 2001 regular Twin Comanches were built, 155 of the counter-rotating version were built. I got my ME endorsement on a Twin Comanche and did not find it to be challenging to fly (in a training environment). I learned the numbers and techniques and paid attention to the various Vmca demonstrations. I fully acknowledge that in commercial ops, and with adverse weather or environmental conditions, that the aircraft might be a marginal performer but this is pretty much true of any airplane at the edges of it's capabilities. I have a family member who is working on his commercial licence and just about to start multi-engine training. We have had many long conversations about how to fly, and think of, a light twin. He's doing his training at SATC (Springbank Air Training College). One (of the many) things I told him is to never, never, let the instructor get away with some BS training exercise - training exercises are briefing in advance and conducted according to specific criteria. If the instructor pulls the throttle at low-level to "simulate" an engine failure simply push it back forward and say, "no, we're not doing that." A recent crash of a perfectly good Seneca shows the reason why: This particular accident happened to a Seneca (with C/R props) on a clear cold day (density altitude of 2200'), gross weight 500 lbs less than max with a perfectly serviceable aircraft in a training environment - shouldn't happen but it did because the instructor pulled a surprise engine failure on take-off. In this case it's not the aircraft that's the "widow-maker" but the instructor.
  20. KC-130 crews don't even have parachutes do they?
  21. Trudeau's goal is to become the first North American Secretary-General of the UN. Everything he's doing here in the backwoods of Canada is simply padding his resume and he'll spend as much of your money and trample on as much of your future as it takes to get there.
  22. It's worse than you think - not only is snow racist but it's sexist too! "The city found that, statistically, more men commute by car, while women are more likely to walk, bike or take public transport. So officials decided that sidewalks, bike paths, bus stops and the walkways to daycares would be plowed first, followed by the main roads. " Of course chaos ensued: "Convinced that previous snow plowing policies were “sexist,” the city government of the Swedish capital of Stockholm recently implemented a “feminist” system for clearing it. It ended in disaster and the city came to an absolute standstill. For a start, four times as many people than usual were hospitalized for snow-related injuries. Nearly as importantly, countless workers, most of them men, were prevented from getting to work. "
  23. Truck safety advice - always secure your load.