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  1. Even if you could do it Kip, somehow I don't think I'd enjoy watching it as much.
  2. The future is here. Not animation:
  3. Gentlemen, please, a little decorum. Use your better judgement and decide which of the last few posts really need to be here.
  4. The problem here is that you and I and everyone else has a different view of the terrain and where the borders are. If you stake out a small section by saying "things that result in less violence to people who are different but are causing no harm to society". Of course I agree that's moving forward (assuming we could agree on what "less violence", "people who are different", and "causing no harm to society" mean) but you do realize this is a small percentage of the world, right? And the fact that one change is good does not prove that any change is good - each must be weighed carefully. A
  5. The question I have is this; is there a line and if so, how will we know when it's crossed? The examples of forcing black people to sit at the back of the bus and homosexuality being categorized as a mental illness are specious as are claims that any change is an improvement and a step forward.
  6. Yup, they were fast. Here's a twitter link to same video:
  7. I find this very hard to watch. Calgary today:
  8. Quite right. It appears that he's trying to take more credit than he deserves. I say "appears" because we don't know, and can never know, what really happens behind the scenes. Although very unlikely, maybe it was his idea and he personally called the various CEOs and wrangled the bureaucracy into doing something that would have otherwise been impossible. However, based on what I've seen of him I'd have to agree with your opinion that he's trying to scoop up more than he deserves.
  9. A perfect example. Thanks for posting it. This guy Durbin seems like someone you could engage with. I have a very low opinion of Pelosi (as do many) but just think how your opinion of her would change if she said; Trump messed up "this" and "this" and "this" but the Warp Speed thing was good and we should credit him for that. It wouldn't diminish her and would have the effect of making her other criticisms more valid.
  10. Deicer; After enjoying a delicious meal that my wife had prepared I always thank her. I say, "thank you for all your hard work in preparing that wonderful meal. She, invariably, will say; "thank you for all your hard work to earn the money to buy the food." You see? She gets the credit and thanks for her part and I for mine. Obviously Trump shouldn't get credit for "The Vaccine" but he should get credit for whatever part he did contribute. The Trump administration gets credit for whatever part of the process the Warp Speed program assisted in getting the vaccine rolled out so qu
  11. So the 6 billion dollars paid out for Operation Warp Speed (1.95 billion to Pfizer) by the US government had nothing to do with it? Had no impact on the speed at which it was developed? You're right, Trump didn't create the vaccine but I think he deserves some credit for helping to fund it.
  12. I'm not sure why you think that's so funny? Obviously it's a generalization because not every aircraft works like this but it's essentially correct. Air is distributed from the top, collected at floor level, through the HEPAs, heated, cooled etc, and repeat. This article from Airbus backs me up: 50 million data points The simulations, based on a typical A320 economy-class configuration, model the ‘top-to-bottom’ airflow (an integral design feature of all Airbus cabins) I do agree with the rest of your post.
  13. Really? You'd get off an airplane if any other passenger at any other seat wasn't wearing a mask? Are you aware of how the ventilation systems on airplanes work? Air does not "flow" through an aircraft - air comes in at the ceiling and exits through the floor - someone directly behind you may be able to get droplets on you if they sneeze forcefully - across the aisle or in front of you or any other place on the airplane and I'd bet it's virtually impossible.
  14. If it was me, assuming the engine wasn't running, best way up is up and over the front of the engine. Just like I used to do in my Beech-18 days on floats. Don't know if this is actually possible but it would be my attempt anyways.
  15. A "Karen" in the current day memes is a middle-aged woman who can't resist sticking her nose into other people's business - especially to chide them over breaking some sort of minor rule or law. So, when you said that if you saw someone without a mask you'd feel the need to point it out and (mildly) chastise/shame/confront them over it it reminded me of the same thing. I know - not much of a joke - kinda weak, but it's all I had. All meant in good fun. I don't really think you're a Karen - just a friendly poke-in-the-ribs.
  16. OK Karen. PS, emoji page seems to work - let me know if problem continues.
  17. Probably one of those places where they use an airstair so the passengers are out on the open ramp. Interesting vid - shows how big those wingtips are. A guy like me should already know but then I've never seen one with a human right next to it for scale.
  18. Deicer - good one. Totally over my head. I thought you had based your "stuck the landing" comment on the picture which does look like it's going to work rather than the text which tells what really happened.
  19. Really? The article says: It didn't end well for this fella. He lost his grip and then tumbled down to the ground, where he hit his head first and then fell limp like a rag doll.
  20. boestar; I'm the first to admit that I do not have the math/educational skills to make sense of the stats even if I could get access to them. One analysis I read took into account the number of deaths in 2019 which is something I never would have thought of. If you expect 100,000 deaths in a certain area in 2019 and had only 90,000 then the 110,000 you have this year is "normal". The analysis checked dozens of European countries and sure enough - countries with a lower than average death rate in 2019 had a higher rate in 2020 which was, of course, attributed to Covid, countri
  21. IDK, everybody dies eventually. The question seems to be; did people die sooner than they would have otherwise? It comes down to the statistical modelling one uses. I've seen stats that show a normal death rate and others that show a greater than average death rate. Either can be pushed depending on your agenda and world-view. Eventually the truth will out - long past the time that we can modify our behavior.