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  1. KK, please accept my apologies. Somewhere in the last few posts we (I) switched from speaking in general terms to speaking directly. This happens to me, sometimes late at night when I'm not thinking straight. The point I was trying to get across was that we, as a society, seem to have lost the connection to neighbour and community and replaced it with mindless obediance. Although not quite in the stark terms I expressed above I do feel a connection to neighbour and community that exceeds my respect for authority and desire to drop a dime on them for anything other than clear and present da
  2. This is the difference: you see yourself as an agent of the state, as an extension of their power while I see the state as the enemy. I would rather run interference for my neighbour than report them. The police show up and ask about my neighbour violating some BS bylaw and I'd tell them to "GFY" before I'd tell them anything else. The enemy to your freedom is not your neighbour trying to have a birthday party in the backyard, Report them? As if I trust Tam, Trudeau, Ford and other politicians more than I value my relationships with my fellow citizens.
  3. My point is that too many people in a group is not some imminent threat of injury to others. You may think my response is "dumb" while I think people who call the police because they saw 3 people in their neighbour's backyard are dumb. Edit: To clarify - Of course you should call the police if you think think there is some valid reason such as a clear and present danger to person or property but, IMO, far too many people think it's their place to call the police over something they don't like or something that is insignificant or trivial. I believe, as do many, that the Covid restricti
  4. My advice, respectfully, is mind your own damn business. You see someone engaged in assault - call the police, you see someone spinning donuts on the golf green with their lifted F-150 - call the police, you see someone watering their lawn on a Sunday when the bylaw says they can't - walk on. Too many people in someone's backyard falls in the lawn-watering category.
  5. On one level I have some sympathy for the professor - apparently, well-intentioned and careful and still got caught in the web. I wonder if, over the years, she had fought against the leftward drift in acceptable thought at her college. I wonder if she had resisted the ever more constraining policies against what could be said or taught. We don't know the truth but my guess is that she didn't resist and, instead, tried to mold herself into the new ideal. She may even been mostly liberal/socialist/commie in her day-to-day interactions and in what she taught and perhaps that's why she felt s
  6. I'd be willing to bet 10 bucks he cries during the apology. Any takers?
  7. I think of the parachute recovery system as a sort of mechanical ELT - you wouldn't plan to use it, there are big implications if you do use it, but in certain situations there's really nothing that can take it's place.
  8. I never claimed to be that bright but I don't see the logic of interprovincial travel restrictions now that testing is possible. Think of this scenario; One person from Alberta (person "A") and one person from BC (person "B") each travel to the other province on the same day. Each are tested on arrival and have negative results . What's the difference between person A walking around in BC doing the same things that person B could have done if they were there? None. Even before testing - what difference between an asymptomatic local and an asymptomatic visitor?
  9. ATC audio recording with radar plots of the aircraft involved. Looks like the Cirrus crossed the centerline of his assigned runway and encroached on the parallel.
  10. Watch this and think about how out-of-touch this woman is:'Souza&ep=2 She says, if we were all green we wouldn't have to worry about a pipeline getting hacked. D'uh! What about getting your power grid hacked? I guess only pipelines can get hacked not power grids. Good to know. To use a politically incorrect term I'd call her stupid but that would be an insult to stupid pe
  11. It's not commentary about you. It's a suggestion, in case you didn't know, that posting the same thing over and over causes your posts to have diminished value. Take it or leave it. Regarding your second point: CNN isn't propaganda that incites violence? Get real.
  12. You are correct. I have used Fox in the past. Not just using Fox but repeatedly referring to the same item. The reason is that if you use any other mainstream media outlets on this forum, you get slammed about 'fake news' and 'agendas'. It is the spin of Fox and the false narratives created by trump that are the problem. It started an insurrection. Insurrection? Come on. That's over-the-top CNN-speak. Protests in Washington are an insurrection but weeks of occupation in Seattle is a peaceful demonstration? An insurrection (IMO) requires military action with a plan
  13. deicer; The results of a quick search shows you have used that link/court case involving Fox News in at least 7 posts since September 2020. Are you under the impression that we are visited by so many new members that you will reach a new set of eyes since your last use on April 14th or that by sheer repetition you'll convince some longtime member who hasn't been convinced by now? Look, I won't stop you - post it every day if you want but you do realize you're wasting the time and keystrokes it takes to do so, right? More to the point - the fact that Fox News used a self-immolating d
  14. Not getting the reference......
  15. Ouch! If we're going to start calling in air-strikes from space I have a lot of targets I would place higher on the list than Mar a Lago.
  17. Play nice. We're all in this together.
  18. Come on - there are just as many, or more, from CNN. For the record, I didn't read your list of Fox controversies or the list of CNN controversies because I know they are both evil! Allegations of bias[edit] See also: Media bias in the United States CNN has often been the subject of allegations of party bias. In research conducted by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University and the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the authors found disparate treatment by CNN of Republican
  19. They are doctors - more qualified than you or I to comment.
  20. That's true. This is a problem on both sides I think you'll agree. i'm not defending it, just explaining it.
  21. You see, this is the problem. It's true, Biden never said anything about cutting red meat but he did say cut cut greenhouse gases by 50%. Cutting greenhouse gas production by %50 would necessarily cut production of red meat - no other way. It's like Trudeau saying, we're going to tax the hell out of carbon but we're not saying that the price of gas will go up. Biden's "climate requirements" will price the production of beef dramatically higher - to the point where there is a %90 reduction? We don't know, but it's possible.
  22. Yeah, I'm aware. You believe who you want to believe. Personally, I think the science on Vitamin D is perfectly clear. I believe the science on asymptomatic spread is perfectly clear. Taking Vitamin D has a significant prophylactic effect and asymptomatic spread is nonsense. Ask yourself - does taking Vitamin D for pennies a day seem worthwhile? Does asymptomatic spread seem like it could actually be possible?
  23. Please watch this (12 minute) video: I'd just like to point out that I posted on these forums last March that I thought the idea of "asymptomatic spread" was BS and that the key to beating Covid (or any virus) was taking Vitamin D. The idea that Covid is somehow completely different from every other virus on the planet and can spread from asymptomatic people is ridiculous. Just think about what you have been told and ask yourself - does it make any sense?