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  1. I think you missed the joke (my fault, undoubtedly, for being just a little too subtle). The 747 first entered service with BA, according to wikipedia, in 1974. If the 777-9 replaces the last one in 2024, well, that's a pretty good run - 50 years! (of course the later versions are hardly comparable to the early ones).
  2. Yeah, sure (heavy sarcasm), that's what they said about the 747s they're replacing too!
  3. Ain't that the truth - let a bunch of creative marketing types trample on tradition with their idiotic ideas about "updating and modernizing the brand with a fresh colour palette!"
  4. Got almost all of the references from the names. Missed the connection completely on Casey Anthony and, TBH, couldn't completely remember the history of John Edwards or John Kerry.
  5. By any measure I can detect from watching the video "perfect" means "touching down on the centreline". You can mess up the approach, the visual transition and the flare but if you touch down on the centreline - perfect landing!
  6. Of course it would but with a little bit of lobbying, boom, Bob's your uncle!
  7. Just watch. I'll bet there's lots of demand from foreign investors.
  8. Yeah, I agree, and the paint is pretty horrible too!
  9. Just when you think all the really stupid ideas have been used up someone comes along and proves you wrong.
  10. If it was a movie it would be called fore-shadowing.
  11. Well, not every crew is as alert as the AC and WS crews. I don't have a problem being told to change freqs, the problem I have with YYZ ground movements is when they issue a hold point and then don't give a freq change (because they get busy or forget) and then if you change to the next freq (after a few thousand times I know what the apron freq will be or what the north ground freq is) the next guy doesn't know who you are even though you say "this is so-and-so on Bravo approaching AlphaKilo". The other option is to stop and wait for 1.2 seconds for them to give the next freq (which I already know) and then power-up to get rolling again. How is it that in LGA and ORD, two airports I am intimately familiar with, you can and indeed are expected to exit the runway and change to the appropriate ground freq without a formal handoff while YYZ can't seem to handle someone switching from ground to apron at the specified entry point?
  12. I recently came to the conclusion that keyed trigger locks (if that's what you're referring to) are a PITA and have started replacing with the combination style. They are no less secure and don't need to worry about forgetting the key.
  13. Ahhh, the perfect "non-pilot" question! You win a gold star - The answer to that question would take many paragraphs, rejoinders, caveats, warnings and several "special cases" but suffice to say there are some situations where a frequency change is obvious.
  14. Well - Zing! - got me. Yes, you are correct anyone who is in favour of late-term abortions definitely does not want to know the details - hence the way they will freak out if faced with a picture, description of the procedure or even referring to the child/fetus as anything other than a "bundle of cells".
  15. Guess I should have used the emoticon after all - falsely assumed that based on my long history of being irreverent and sarcastic that it wasn't needed.
  16. I think the warning on that video should be much, much larger. Like this: The following video will tell you things you do not want to know and will forever scar your psyche! Do not watch it!
  17. Infowars, and Alex Jones, gets slammed as being completely irrational and beyond the lunatic fringe but the story below is more succinct and verifiably true than anything in the MSM. Media whipped up fake race-baiting narrative over tragic murder The investigation into the shooting of a 7-year-old girl in Houston, Texas that civil rights activists and left-wing media sites asserted was a white supremacist hate crime took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that the gunman was a 24-year-old black man.
  18. Actually there are several CBC radio programs I anticipate and listen to regularly; Quirks and Quarks, White Coat/Black Art, This is That, Vinyl Cafe and really like Under the Influence. The news and midday leftist programming and interviews not so much.
  20. Intraday high of $30.48. I believe this is the first time AC has ever traded over $30. Apparently several analysts have target prices for AC over $40 - lots of excitement on Stockhouse.
  21. I would say that the massive amount of corrosion, soot and general grease and filth on the upper surface of the wing and below the skin tells you everything you need to know about the maintenance schedule being followed. This refers to the older incident of course.
  22. I haven't yet had time to do a careful study of the new law and it's implications but I intend to. My understanding of it so far is that it's meant to be an extension of the current law with the main idea being that a woman's health must never be subordinate to the health of the embryo/fetus/child - even to the point of birth. I do not agree with this - just trying to get a handle on what it is, and why. The problem, of course, is that "they" are including the woman's mental health so it's completely open-ended with no actual concrete limits.