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  1. That's a fun game. Make sure you do both searches from within a "private" window so that previous cookies don't affect the search.
  2. Here's a link to the tweet/post; It was done intentionally. Best look quick before it gets deleted!
  3. Thanks, that fills in some of the banks. I got the "story" just from the twitter thread.
  4. Interesting twitter thread , if you can bear to read through it. About a white couple in an historic neighbourhood of St. Louis that gets invaded by marching protestors and feel the need to come out on their front lawn with an AR and a handgun to defend their property. They don't actually use the firearms - just show the mob they have them and suggest the mob moves along - surprisingly effective. 1. Protestors claim they were on public property, just passing through on their way to the Mayor's house. Wrong, they were on private property and had, in fact, broken down a gate to get access to the area. 2. Twitter morons insist "brandishing" a weapon-of-war is criminal. Wrong, Missouri has castle doctrine. 3. Twitter morons insist it was simply a peaceful, lawful demonstration opposed by a lunatic with a weapon-of-war. I guess just like the hundreds of other peaceful protests that oddly ended up with businesses and homes looted and destroyed, massive raging fires, murder and mayhem. 4. Twitter morons laughing, "why didn't they call the police? - guess they don't trust the police either." Actually the couple, who were trying to protect their property and street which is an historically designated site, did call both the police and private security neither of which arrived before the mob. If you watch the short video (30 seconds) you will see that neither the husband or wife look comfortable with the firearms and yet, there was no accidental shooting and the deterrent worked - no looting or property destruction. All this benefit for less than the cost of the insurance deductible on the property. "Buying that AR and handgun was good value Mitzy!" It's the last point which I find significant - expect more and more confrontations between protestors and property owners and citizens with their backs to the wall - some, no doubt, will be planned for maximum confrontation potential - after all, it's good for business. With just a little more anger, a little more fuel, maybe one of the protestors lunges for the woman's handgun and get shot by the white dude with an AR on livestream - can't even imagine the fallout and it's not at all unlikely.
  5. OK, so I saw this article in the National Post about systemic racism. Had to read it. I think I kinda/sorta know what "they" are talking about when they say, "systemic racism" but a little extra information doesn't hurt. What is systemic racism So it makes me think. Part 1 - I work with this Chinese fellow. I really enjoy working with him - he's smart, funny, witty, very capable, good hands and feet. Good association. Part 2 - Many of the Chinese FAs I work with seem really cool, good with the pax, helpful, friendly. Good association. Part 3 - Last year I saw this video about a restaurant in China where they serve, and the customers eat, live baby octopus (showed some woman eating a live octopus). That's absolutely disgusting. Bad association. Part 4 - I really find the behavior of crowds of Chinese people (waiting for a bus, waiting for service in a store, etc) to be quite rude, by western standards. They tend to push ahead, jump the queue. I've been told this is a cultural thing. Bad association. So, am I racist? If someone didn't know anything about me and asked for my opinion of/experience with Chinese people and I told 1 and 2 - I guess I get counted as "not-racist" but if I told 3 and 4 then I'm one of the bad ones. But I'm the same person. I've had positive and negative experiences everywhere and positive and negative associations everywhere too; treated poorly in a store in Paris (don't speak French) but French guy on the street went out of his way to help me, yelled at for walking too slowly on a New York sidewalk but another New Yorker was quite generous with his time in making the subway a little more comprehensible. Every article I read, or video I watch, about racism seems to be trying to take the "human" out of all our interactions and make racism the only cause/explanation for anything/everything. Any negative opinion, no matter how legitimate it might be is called racism, systemic racism, latent racism, unconscious racism. It is possible to hold a negative opinion about eating live octopus or queue jumping and at the same time look forward to working with my Chinese co-workers.
  6. The police of a state should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight, is the foundation of civil freedom. That's a personal evaluation, of course. Robert A. Heinlein
  7. There seems to have been an actual decline in rational thinking. The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance. They were idolized and treated as leaders; their opinions were sought on everything and they took themselves just as seriously-after all, if an athlete is paid a million or more a year, he knows he is important ... so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth. Robert A. Heinlein
  8. I agree but this is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the vigilante mobs that would go further than simple self-protection. The protestors have spent decades honing their brick-throwing and spitting skills against the police who essentially stand motionless or advance slowly behind riot shields. It would be a rude awakening to face an aggressive force.
  9. Interesting comment I read on a youtube video regarding the CHAZ phenomena (I paraphrase); "It's funny that the "defund the police" protestors don't seem to realize that it's the police who are keeping them safe. If there really was no police they would be overrun in hours by vigilante mobs of upstanding taxpayers who are tired of their BS." I believe this is true. Think about it - no police, no chance of legal action and 47 pickup trucks full of dudes with the "tools" necessary would clean house. I'm not saying this is a good idea and certainly not that I support it but the police are keeping the people from fixing the problem of the protestors.
  10. Just remember, you heard it here first, the First "Charity" that will approved for student volunteers will be Black Lives Matter Toronto. Yup, the taxpayers of Canada will be paying student activists to spend the next 4 months protesting the Government of Canada and the police. From the NP: Trudeau says charity with ties to him and his wife 'only one' that could run COVID-19 student volunteer grant program The prime minister was referring to the announcement Thursday that the federal government had outsourced the administration of the new Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) to WE charity. The program, estimated to cost over $900 million, will send between $1,000 and $5,000 to eligible post-secondary students who complete volunteer work. Recipients will receive $1,000 per 100 hours of eligible volunteering hours done until October 31, 2020. Here's a link in case anyone is inspired to donate directly to Justin's charity. You know, in case you don't think the measly amount of taxes you pay is enough:
  11. Typical that a politician would demand "equal" without acknowledging different circumstances and needs. Saskatchewan might be better served by assistance for the farming sector for example but we'll never know because instead of doing the research and actually figuring out what's needed Makowsky just wants "same."
  12. Unlikely. Calling "Racisim!" and being proven wrong has no negative implications in today's climate. For me personally, Nascar gets added to the list but it will be forgotten by next week by the public.
  13. No, no, that was not my intent. I was just taking the opportunity to poke you in the ribs. A joke between friends. Put it back.
  14. Hello Mitch. I spent a couple of hours this morning carefully composing and referencing a nice long PM to send you but have discarded it. Then I worked on a carefully constructed response to post here and have discarded it. This entire topic is too fraught with danger. Peace Out.
  15. Well, you're certainly welcome here - feel free to post. I wasn't thinking about any conspiracy - I've been here a long time and tend to notice new posters. I'm not saying anything negative about that - just that I notice. Jump in - post your thoughts. If you really want some fun, start posting in the non-aviation forums.
  16. I wonder...who are you? Don't worry, that's not a serious question and I don't really want an answer. I just find it fascinating when a new person shows up with specific details or information about something. Makes me wonder; are you really a new person or someone we already know that created a new profile to be able to anonymously post a comment. Either way, fine with me, welcome North of You. Please continue to post.
  17. The other 39 drivers are idiots and virtue-signalling frauds. Anybody who jumps on a bandwagon - any bandwagon - before the facts are known is a fool and not to be trusted. This is not a sign of higher moral or ethical standards but a sign of lower intelligence and cowardice.
  18. Yeah, well, there you have it. Another fake hate crime. A loop of rope on a garage door that has been there for a long time that sorta-kinda looks like a noose is now a "hate-crime". Bubba will milk it for all it's worth and the fact that it's fake will be lost. I was right in my skepticism. My goto now is that any claim of racial hate crime is fake until proven otherwise. Of course being a rational/logical person makes me an anomaly and for others it's the claim that counts - facts don't matter - Black Lives Matter!
  19. Hey Mitch; I have to ask; what is your reason for posting this? Do black lives matter? Of course they do but the phrase/slogan "Black Lives Matter! is a political statement intended to either; show virtue, attempt to claim the moral high ground or entice a response which can then be derided. I thought you were above this. If you want to state, and defend, your personal beliefs we need more from you than a bumper sticker statement. Tell us why you, personally, feel this is a movement worth supporting. Before you do, visit the BLM Toronto website and read through their "demands" After you read through these demands, come back and tell us about "Black Lives Matter!" and why/how you came to the decision that you can support this movement. For me; some of their ideas have some merit but others are completely wacko and therefore I cannot support BLM and cannot accept the slogan - "Black Lives Matter!" when it's shouted at me, either physically or in print.
  20. No, didn't forget - I just thought that part was so obvious that it didn't need mention.