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  1. Exactly. As you say, the pilots choose nothing. The flight is planned by the dispatcher using the software. I've done probably near a hundred trans-atlantic flights in the last year. In every case I have flown the dispatcher planned route. With the reduced traffic due to Covid there is more flexibility in the routes but I don't really see the issue since a 10 year old laptop could calculate the conflicts in multiple airlines filing routes.
  2. That's an unfair restriction although I was qualified on this one and did spend a summer flying it. What a great job. Yes, this exact aircraft although that's not me in the video. Turn your sound up for the first minute of the first video.
  3. Obviously this topic is open to numerous interpretations. Most "beautiful" means different things to different people. I nominate the Spartan Executive;
  4. Ain't that the truth - spent a lot of time myself picking rocks and loading the stone boat, also stooking hay bales.
  5. A girl and her tractor. What can I say, I like tractors. She's got mad skills - if you don't have time for the whole thing watch from 4:30 where she drives in formation with the harvester doing live off-load. Also from 13:55, backing up the farm trailer with pivoting front axle - impressive. Definitely not your average city girl.
  6. Sure, take Bardella's name off it. The sentiment is that political parties always blame the other side for anything that's wrong and take credit for anything that goes right. I agree. It's been that way since the year 200 BC. That's not what my reply to you was about however. I was just giving you back a little of what you've dished out to me when I've posted a link to a Post Millennial article - a referral to stating their opinion that it's a biased source. OK, so The Post Millennial has a right bias and Bardella has a left bias. If you're going to dismiss my
  7. Sorry, this isn't correct. There have been posts deleted (from both sides of the spectrum) - when perceived to be offensive or being a personal attack. I do not see commenting on another member's style of argument as an attack. As you know the "Admin" function is a one-man show and I can't monitor every post in realtime - if you feel something crosses the line - message me.
  8. $106 million dollars to run the pay system every year! Who's going to run it - SNC Lavalin?
  9. ...and what about the (idiotic - in my opinion) idea put forward by the "experts" last year that having Covid does not give any immunity and that it's possible to be re-infected over and over.
  10. A sophomore attempt I'm afraid. My first post was to point out your hypocracy and my second post was to point out you deflected rather than answered but you reply that I'm not adding anything pertinent and am the one deflecting. Stop it - you're making me dizzy. OK, the article I posted was from 15 months ago, the conversion of Bardella happened in 2017 but you're saying this isn't recent enough to be used in a discussion - too old? I must have missed to memo - please re-post the rules regarding validity dates of information and activities for social commentary. I find it odd t
  11. Deflection? Did not see that coming. Yes, I know it's old news - that's the point. The dude you quoted is biased. Isn't this your thing with posting the website all the time? When you post a biased item everyone should let it slide but when someone posts anything anywhere slightly right-of-center you throw the link in their face dismissively. Now, that doesn't seem fair does it?
  12. Bardella was formerly a Republican spokesman for the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform and a consultant for Breitbart News, before he announced his conversion to the Democratic Party. In December 2017, Bardella wrote a USA Today article titled, “Roy Moore is the last straw, you can now call me a Democrat.” Bardella declared, “This is not a party I want to be associated with any longer… I believe that the Democratic Party will do more to create equality in America than the Republican Party ever will.” “I am throwing in with the Democratic Party because at the e
  13. Kip; The space this website has for your posts is unlimited. Please feel free to fill this thread, or any other, with as much as you can post. I understand PMs can be better for direct, or personal, questions but aside from that - "fill yer boots!"
  14. Good to hear you have it worked out Kip. Certainly there are many solutions to the question of how to maximize benefit while reducing cost. The Brim Mastercard works well for me as I'm still working and spend lots of time out-of-the-country - especially since they have a free version of the card. I opted for the paid version since I expect the extra points will cover the yearly charge (which is waived the first year anyway). Thanks for reading the post and considering the content.
  15. "Having pledged a comparatively modest $15 billion, to date, for green investments in its recent environment plan, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has hinted that the government could spend a further $70 billion to $100 billion on pandemic stimulus." Yup, Ford, GM and Chrysler have stated they'll spend about a billion each in Canada. Sounds pretty good until you see the numbers proposed for "stimulus". Anybody willing to bet against the likelihood that "investment" in Canadian auto plants will be contingent on a big government cheque?
  16. To hear you say that makes me think you don't understand the stock market very well. I'll match my research and assessment skills against the best professional but the field is massively slanted against private individual investors (some who know it and others who don't). Short selling is a pox. Nothing but parasites - anybody who says otherwise doesn't understand it. There aren't many people I would wish bad things upon but short-sellers are one of them. Short-sellers will pick a company, short the shares and then release a bunch of fake news to drive the price down - sometimes t
  17. I think it's fair to blame Justin for everything, no? He'll certainly take credit for anything positive.
  18. Well, somebody has to post it, might as well be me:
  19. I might be up for a game if my opponent had (small) shots bourbon in their glasses.
  20. I'm quite proud of myself as I managed to do something today that I've been trying to do for about 40 years - I watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Extended, Director's version) for start to finish without falling asleep! The trick is to start watching it at 1:00 PM instead of 10:00 PM. I'm a big Tarantino fan and he says it's his favourite movie. I have to say that I really don't think the extended Civil War desolation scenes (the extended part) add much to the story. It's on Netflix if anyone feels up to the challenge.
  21. If you see the natural resources within the borders of Canada as a Federal resource for the benefit of all the problem disappears. It's completely arbitrary. The resources are not something the people of AB created through their hard-work and sacrifice. Imagine if Nova Scotia and BC decided salt-water ports were their Natural resource and started charging 10X as much for container ports or added $5000 to the cost of every imported vehicle that got shipped past their provincial border?
  22. I find this article to very disengenuous. "Albertans" did not "contribute" $71,563 per person. The money came from oil revenue and, if you really looked into it, you'd find a significant number of the oil-patch workers commute from Atlantic Canada. Are they being counted as Albertan for the contribution calculation, recipients for the transfers or both? In any case I've always thought the idea that resources "belong" to the provinces rather than the country as a whole to be nothing more than a rather arbitrary decision made 150 years ago during the drafting of Confederation. Likewise