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  1. I'd bet dollars to burritos that it's simply designed to spook Boeing into giving a larger compensation cheque. Seems pretty transparent as Southwest would have to swallow some substantial costs to add a different airframe and Boeing knows it. I say, call their bluff, since Southwest is the reason that the world has been saddled with that piece of junk anyway.
  2. I've said it before - if Southwest's Flight Ops management had stood up to the beancounters back when they were deciding on the how the aircraft should be configured based on the next quarter's numbers everyone would have been better off.
  3. Yes, some posts are biased according to the beliefs of the poster and some linked articles are biased too but I was responding specifically to the bit - " Perhaps then every one would understand how they are being manipulated by the few to gain control." I don't feel like anyone is manipulating me to gain control (here on the forum) so maybe that means I'm the one doing the manipulating - although that doesn't feel right either.
  4. Do you mean "here" like here on the forum or "here" like here in Canada?
  5. Yes, seemed like it could have been a good article based on the "claimed" expertise of the writer in both aviation and software design. Unfortunately the error in assessing the effect of moving the thrust line casts doubt on the validity of anything else he wrote. There is a possibility that the new engine could have been canted upward slightly which would have changed the thrust line but I have not seen anything about this while I have seen expert commentary on the effect of the larger cowls at higher AoAs so that's the likely impetus for the MCAS.
  6. Too bad future employees won't be on the DB plan. Well, pilots anyway, can't remember what's happening with the other groups.
  7. OK, a little confusing when you said "close the loophole, just don't tax it." They are closing the loophole - by taxing those that do it as a business. This seems to be the course of action that will have the least effect on those that are not doing it as a business. A typical government move would have been to say you are limited to only a certain number of trades per month or per year - this could have severely constrained the average person. It's surprisingly sophisticated for the criteria to include number of trades, investment knowledge of the investor and time spent researching the trades (although I don't know exactly what this means or how it's measured).
  8. I'm fundamentally opposed to taxes but on this one I might agree with JT. The name is "Tax Free Savings Account" not "Tax Free Trading Account". I think this is aimed at those few (rare) individuals who are very active and have a high level of knowledge about the industry. Think about people who are currently employed as traders at a major institution and do multiple trades per day in their personal TFSA. This is not aimed at the average joe. I have a pretty large TFSA but only do a few trades per year and am employed outside the financial industry - not going to affect me.
  9. There's the post I was waiting for. I don't fly the 737, never have, and I've been waiting for a succinct summation of the issue. Thank you.
  10. OK, sorry, my mistake. I was responding to the news report which calls the thing a simulator. My point was that it's not a certified FFS. I am aware of FTDs and realize that they are also certified. You're correct, the pilot's actions and description in the video are accurate but we could sit in front of a couple of flight deck posters and point at the switches with the same accuracy - proves nothing and reveals nothing about what happened.
  11. Well, clearly it's not a certified device - there's only one pilot seat, one PFD, one CC. Sure, he demonstrates turning off some switches but without a shaker, bad airspeed data, a moving trim wheel and inputs from a bad MCAS its pointless. Did you watch Sully (the movie)? Remember the part where the test pilots showed how he could have and should have landed in Teterboro?
  12. That little "simulator" re-enactment shown is completely useless. It's not a simulator at all. It's some homemade toy. Not certified. If you look closely you can see that the trim wheel is not even functional. Whoever that guy is he's doing a great disservice to us all spewing misleading nonsense.
  13. Even more worrying is that the system resets after every pilot intervention which allows for multiple 2.5 degree inputs from the MCAS.
  14. Here's another good JBP video. Somewhat mis-titled though, should be more like "JBP discusses attitudes toward immigration." Video is 15 minutes long and appears to be off-topic as the first bit is laying groundwork for some later conclusions/statements about political attitudes toward immigration.
  15. Yeah, it's been discussed ad nauseam - no need to go through it all again.
  16. Glad I wasn't working.
  17. Well, obviously the passengers and crews are using a different yardstick - the passengers are primarily concerned with amenities; ease of parking, shopping, restaurants, plugins for their phones while crews are concerned with gate power and air-conditioning that works, runway clearing and nav aids. The passengers concerns for amenities are not trivial and I would never advocate for a reduction in comfort but you cannot sacrifice the primary purpose of the airport to meet them.
  18. Yeah, wish I'd read moeman's post before clicking the link. Please use some discretion before posting things that are likely to cause emotional damage to the rest of us.
  19. I have one in the desk drawer, ready to go if needed!
  20. Sorry, gotta disagree - Saskatchewan is right about almost everything!
  21. Trudeau is no different from most people - they wear, and project, a veneer that aligns themselves with what they perceive to be the prevailing socially accepted attitudes while deep down they are actually mysoginist, mysandrist, racist, homophobe or whatever. The problem with Trudeau is that he holds a position of great power and therefore his biases have greater effect.
  22. If any pilot actually took a minute to think about how much trust they place in others to do their job properly there'd be no airplanes flying anywhere, ever. I have also lost several friends to the failure of others to do their job correctly - skilled and conscientious pilots gone through no fault of their own. Well, I guess it's not just aviation; we trust the other cars on the highway to not cross the centerline, we trust the doctor to prescribe the correct dose and we trust the AME to latch the oil-filler cap.