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  1. Precisely! Somebody should fill in trump on that idea (Then again, the $170 million he's pocketed so far from the faithful who thought he was using it for election recounts is just too good to give up, no?)
  2. You have hit on the main point. It is generational. Older people don't accept it because they were brought up being taught that it was a horrible 'drug'. Yet they openly accept alcohol because it was their 'drug'. Either way it is self medication. Science is showing that the benefits of pot are only being discovered. And overall, it isn't as damaging as alcohol. Pot is like racism, anti-LGTBQ, etc. It takes education and experience to realise that all that you grew up with and understand may not still be relevant in a changing society. Heck, Willie Nelson isn't that wrong,
  3. And what will you and the others do when that audit comes up with the same result they have now?
  4. To quote Heraclitus: “The only constant in life is change” Pot is looked down on because it literally is a weed. Big pharma et al can't patent it and make big money, that's why they fight against it. When it comes to generations, I know more younger adults partake of weed than drink. It's 'their' thing unlike our generations of alcoholics. Besides, one way to look at it is you get all the benefits of the warm glow using weed without having to go pee. The other issue can be summed up nicely by this meme...
  5. It may all be a moot point. Canada will take over! Americans think Canadians can’t invade them. Think again. | 22 Minutes - YouTube
  6. Lots of NSFW language, but this guy covers it... Ticked Off Vic: American Citizens and Conspiracy Theories | - YouTube Edited to add: This goes for Canada too.
  7. Hopefully this will help...
  8. Let's please avoid the revisionist history...
  9. It's a shame that is has collapsed. We can only hope that they either rebuild or construct another elsewhere to continue the scientific research of our universe.
  10. This year in a nutshell... Match Made in Hell - YouTube
  11. Not at all. However, the lies and inaction of the trump administration has led to more deaths and confusion than there should have been. And besides, Hilary lost. And now trump lost.
  12. Sounds just like the guy you support. Only he hasn't said it out loud. And as it stands, because of his inaction, trump is responsible for over 270,000 deaths and counting and still people support him. Trump: I Could Murder and Not Lose Votes While bragging about his standing in the national polls, Donald Trump told supporters Saturday at a campaign rally that he could shoot someone and he would still be on top. "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn
  13. Yes, you are right! The problem is we are dealing with humanity. Herding cats is easier. Also, while it is doable and enforceable in public, the transmission is caused mainly by 'private' get togethers. Just look at what are being called 'super spreader events'. Rallies, weddings, parties.....
  15. The bitter childish behaviour continues right to the end. All because trump had someone else tell the truth. President Donald Trump has not ruled out the possibility of firing Attorney General William Barr, according to an administration official and two people familiar with the matter who also said a sudden departure is not seen as imminent. No decision has been made, they told NBC News, but any call would ultimately be up to Trump. Barr told The Associ
  16. I will once again state, all politicians are greasy. However, I don't agree with your argument that Trudeau is to blame for not having corrected it while in power. That's not how governments work these days imo. Yet, I do see a difference in a government that does nothing as opposed to one that actively works to dismantle existing rights and protections. Those are the ones we shouldn't vote for.
  17. Interesting read. However, all governments are to blame, and nothing moves forward for the citizens of our country. Question is, who did more damage. Sorry for another long post. October 2008: Prescription for Trouble Government’s links to Big Pharma threat to public health AUTHOR(S): Julie White Michael McBane OCTOBER 1, 2008
  18. See, there is something that we agree on. I see it that the money goes to the public and small business owners who only plow that money right back into the economy. Now they just have to get the rules right with regards to small business. I see no problem with small shops opening and only allowing 2-4 people in at a time.
  19. I asked the question first. Besides, do you see me complaining? You have an issue, how would you do it better?
  20. The problems for trump just keep rolling in. The court ruling is at the bottom of the article. Federal Judge Advances Lawsuit Accusing Felix Sater of Laundering Loot Through Trump Properties A federal judge on Monday partially advanced a lawsuit accusing Russian mafia-tied businessman Felix Sater of laundering millions stolen from Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank through Trump Organization properties. “In this case, Kazakhstan’s largest city and a Kazakh
  21. They all have scandals, do you really want to go over all of that again? Sticking to the pandemic spending mentioned, what would you have done differently?
  22. If you were Prime Minister, what would you do differently?