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  1. As more documents are released, the more trump is in trouble. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/01/21/read-the-never-issued-trump-order-that-would-have-seized-voting-machines-527572
  2. While I agree that they should be rewarded for their ingenuity and efforts, when you see an accumulation of wealth like they are doing, that takes a lot of resources out of the system. Therefore, why are there posts about the inflation and high prices we are seeing? One leads to the other.
  3. https://reneweconomy.com.au/solar-and-wind-are-cheaper-than-ever-so-why-the-eu-energy-price-crisis/
  4. The rich are really suffering.... https://fortune.com/2021/12/07/worlds-richest-inequality-richer-during-pandemic/
  5. https://www.iflscience.com/environment/worlds-first-fossilfree-steel-has-power-to-slash-carbon-footprints/
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/05/investing/elon-musk-tesla-stock-sales/index.html
  7. Gee woxof, you still did deep to find the most irrelevant things, don't you. Here's the reality of the situation... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2022-01-18/supply-chain-crisis-helped-shipping-companies-reap-150-billion-in-2021
  8. If you don't want infrastructure to be fixed, then so be it. No narrative, just a simple fact that most things are now old and falling apart.
  9. Worth repeating, and it was updated late last year... https://www.thebalance.com/democrats-vs-republicans-which-is-better-for-the-economy-4771839 https://www.jec.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/309cc8e1-b971-45c6-ab52-29ffb1da9bf5/jec-fact-sheet---the-economy-under-democratic-vs.-republican-presidents-june-2016.pdf
  10. So this is what you want? https://infrastructurereportcard.org/
  11. Nice to see you continue with your narcissistic nature. The gaslighting doesn't work any more. I have posted the 'fact' many times in the past, do your own homework and go look it up.
  12. I didn't make one, but the end of the video reminded me of an incident offloading an L1011 FAK main wheel from the bulk many years ago. The guys I had in the bulk lost grip on it at the top of the belt, and while it was standing up it went into 'free roll' down the belt. Went through the other side of the cart like it didn't exist, and ended up rolling pretty much from GT83 in YYZ to GT105. Took some splainin' after that one...
  13. I do hope that like the Turing test, it is because I put forth alternatives and make you think. Much like when our discussions continue, I take the opportunity to read into what you are saying as well.
  14. I am not questioning your respect for diversity, just pointing out what I see.
  15. From the article: The conservative wave that followed the Pink Tide is far from ebbing, though. The 2018 election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil was a particular blow to the region’s progressives, and he has justified their fears. His administration has curbed the fight against corruption and downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, even as he has continued to denigrate the country’s Indigenous communities and undermined the country’s democratic norms. Politics Right-wing and center-right governments now control Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay. In part a reaction to the years of leftist rule, the right’s rise has also been fueled by the emergence of major corruption scandals that tainted politicians and parties across the region. Corruption Corruption scandals, which proliferated under the left-wing administrations of the Pink Tide, helped drive the ascent of the right. But the scandal involving payoffs by the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht across the region has also taken down center-right politicians. Corruption remains high on the list of voters’ grievances, even as the pandemic has increased both the opportunities for and the costs of graft and impunity. Unless it is brought under control, corruption might ultimately undermine the region’s democratic institutions. Isn't that what we're seeing happen in North America?
  16. That's the natural nature of things. So you're saying you will allow the marginalized to catch up, yet they aren't allowed to excel?
  17. It isn't about the three legged stool being more stable, it's about what happens when you take away from one of the legs.
  18. It isn't about who is allowed to post here, never was, never will be. (At least if our host remains benevolent) It's about integrity. You are the one who continually accuses others, and especially me about being a fraud. All I do is point out that it has been you all along that has been the most deceitful and fraudulent. And you continue to do so. So with integrity like that, why should we believe/understand/listen to anything you have to say? To address the second part of your post, you rail on about the 'left', so let me once again remind you that the countries in North America have traditionally done better under 'left' governments. Fact.
  19. Yes it is. A member of this forum, who I will respectfully state is way more learned and intelligent than I am, use to talk about how things were a 'three legged stool', and how politics was a 'pendulum'. As you see, things have been so one sided for so long, now that the pendulum has swung the other way, you don't like it? It's about balance. We don't have that anymore.
  20. woxof said: But I’m relatively new here on this forum and not fully aware of all the details. Funny you would be so fraudulent with a statement like that. You recently outed yourself to someone else in a post, so stop trying to fool people. And yes, I have that post too.
  21. You feel you need to hold my feet to the fire, yet you base it on taking my original point out of context. Why isn't it considered out of line that I responded that way to a statement that (to paraphrase) 'uber rights' were being given that was trampling on rights? We wouldn't be having this conversation if only people treated each other with respect and equality. You think it's 'uber-rights', however, maybe you are just upset that they are being given the same rights as you?
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