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  1. Lots of things going BOOM!
  2. "You're alleging that the two individual plaintiffs were denied the right to vote," Brann asked the Trump campaign attorney at one point, "But at bottom, you're asking this court to invalidate more than 6.8 million votes, thereby disenfranchising every single voter in the Commonwealth. Could you tell me how this result could possibly be justified?" At one point, Giuliani admitted the state court had dried up as an avenue for the Trump campaign complaints. At another point, when pressed, Giuliani
  3. Guiliani isn't helping. However, he did give away the strategy. They just want to get to the stacked Supreme Court. 'They stole an election': Rudy Giuliani conjures up vast conspiracy in Pennsylvania court hearing Giuliani, who had been granted permission to participate just before the hearing began, quickly launched into a tale of several cities (Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump’s long-shot effort to get the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn hi
  4. That was an article from before the election. Nothing of the sort was found...
  5. And Hyphenized Americans are always treated as second class Americans.
  6. If you live in the GTA...
  7. Speaking of malfeasance..... Georgia secretary of state says Graham, other Republicans have pressured him to toss legal ballots Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that Republican leaders such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have been putting pressure on him to exclude legal ballots in order for President Trump to be declared the winner and earn the state's 16 electoral votes. In an interview with The Washington Post, Raffensperger sai
  8. Fake news. And the picture of the gentleman in handcuffs is Cuba Gooding Jr. On November 15 2020, a blog post titled “Biden Campaign Director Arrested For Electoral Fraud” began circulating on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit: A widely-shared source for the claim was a November 15 2020 no-byline article on what appeared to be a fly-by-night website called bearing the same headline. It
  9. Jetliner hits bear on runway in Southeast Alaska An Alaska Airlines jetliner struck a brown bear while landing early Saturday evening in Yakutat, killing the animal and causing some damage to the plane. No one in the plane was hurt. Airport crew members had cleared the runway about 10 minutes before flight 66 was expected to land, said Sam Dapcevich, a public information officer for the state’s Department of Transportation. The crews did not see an
  10. OK, so I will agree that proof has to be provided and scrutinized. However, as I have posted, it is now 13 days after the election and there is no proof of anything wrong with regards to the running and counting of the election. As well, the courts are throwing out trump's cases due to lack of evidence and impropriety. These are in front of the courts, and trump is losing. So once again, where is your proof that the election was 'stolen'? Who is making you think that way?
  11. It is too easy to play the game your way. You never have to provide proof. Like this... Where is your proof? Please don't go on about ethical behaviour from the media when what you are professing cannot be verified. It's now 12 days after the U.S. election and you still profess your theories. W
  12. They're all the same... Chris Selley: 'True Blue' Erin O'Toole seems to be turning purple How much money does O’Toole propose to redistribute from the richest to the poorer, and via what method? A curious nation awaits answers
  13. Eddy As Malcolm has raised, where is the evidence? The last 4 years has been an excremental exhibition of conspiracy theories and slander. Which of those theories has proven correct? Every time one is debunked, the claim is that one isn't enlightened and that there 'is more to come'. So which is it? All I see is that a massive con job has taken over a large part of the population without any verifiable content.
  14. It's a matter of fighting false information...,4669,7-192-47796-544676--,00.html
  15. While I know that media has deteriorated in it's reporting, what has led you to completely distrust it? Especially in light of all the conspiracy theories that have been garnering traction, yet never seem to come to fruition?
  16. With absolutely zero discipline being shown in the GTA, it is no wonder the cases are spiking. This is only one event that was caught. Something needs to be done because the public is not cooperating. Const. Sarah Patten said police were at a temple on McLaughlin Road South, north of Highway 7, to direct traffic for a drive-in event. "However, within a short time, a ton of pedestrian traffic started to come and gather in the parking lot, gather in surrounding parking
  17. With the history that trump has stiffing contractors and financially, it lends credence to him taking money from this. He was forced to dissolve his 'trump charities' because he was diverting funds given to children's causes to his own pockets. As for getting to the bottom of the election, what will it take to overcome the conspiracy theorists? Every agency involved with the election has said that there is nothing wrong with the way it was condu
  18. Federal prosecutors assigned to monitor election malfeasance tell Barr they see no evidence of substantial irregularities Sixteen assistant U.S. attorneys specially assigned to monitor malfeasance in the 2020 election urged Attorney General William P. Barr on Friday to rescind his recent memorandum allowing investigators to publicly pursue allegations of “vote tabulation irregularities” in certain cases before results are certified, saying they had not
  19. The American public is being hoodwinked once again. Trump is touting the 'Stop the Steal' campaigns, yet isn't being disclosed that money donated is being diverted to pay down trump's campaign debt. Plus ca change, plus la meme chose,,,, Donations under $8K to Trump ‘election defense’ instead go to president, RNC (Reuters) - As President Donald Trump seeks to discredit last week’s election with baseless claims o
  20. I agree wholeheartedly. In cases such as that there should be no parole. And there should be strict monitoring after release that if violated, they go back to prison for double the sentence. If they cannot be changed, they definitely should be contained.
  21. More than you think. That's why I believe having video surveillance along roadways, as well as adopting dash cam systems as mandatory in vehicles could go a long way to making the case of permanently locking up those types of scofflaws.
  22. You do realise you just confirmed I am the smarter one?