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  1. Over five years fully "out" now and enjoying immensely! Except for the rain on the "Wet Coast" ?
  2. Merry Christmas to all! And the best for 2020 as well!
  3. Congrats to Captain Deluce no matter 2here he hails from. Quite the honour.
  4. I am a retiree as well. Here is a sample of a line from my ipad display from a/c type on. More availability on the red lines. ?? Same date, same route. Must be a Mac/ipad thing. Just tried with chrome on windows and same sectors all black. Curiouser and curiouser... thanks for the replies guys. 7M8 016/---/153 007/---/019 009 006 77L 040/024/236 000/000/027 006 004
  5. Any AC types out there who know why some of the flights show up in red font while others show up in black? It doesn’t appear to be related to loads. Otherwise the site seems to be good.
  6. I seem to remember making at least a few reports of people on the breakwall behind us at Montego Bay. In one case they looked like they were directly in line with the CL. We delayed the takeoff until someone moved them. I got the impression that they didn't get called to move the folks too often..
  7. That configuration has stop bars protecting 24R/06L. The article does not indicate if they were active or not. Pretty much all you can do has been done short of a MAJOR re-design of that south complex such as end-around taxiways (not likely to happen). Perhaps more emphasis on surface operations during recurrent training might be one partial solution.
  8. Don't believe that 1 or 4 have reverse. Only the inner two. I don't recall the reason but could be for ingestion reduction because of the wide positioning of the outboards.
  9. Doing some cleaning and came across a couple of old books that might generate some interest here. One is a maintenance manual, circa 1941 for the Consolidated Model 28 PBY Canso aircraft, binder format. The second is the Manual of Ground School Training, 1940. A forerunner of From the ground up, in hardcover. Both are complete and in good condition, although the spine on the Ground School book has some damage. Interesting reading. PM if interested.
  10. Well, for the first time that I can remember, March 10 has passed with no mention of one of the most infamous accidents in Canadian aviation history. Please, let's not lose the memory of the crew and passengers who lost their lives in Dryden, Ontario, March 10, 1989. May they all rest in peace.
  11. Don I've seen that video, and several of a similar nature and even if it is a CGI product (which I agree it probably is not) it's only a matter of time before someone actually makes one. The regulations worldwide are either sadly lagging behind reality or they are non-existant with regards to drone operations. Canada is, in my opinion, not even close to addressing the issue properly, and as has been indicated by other videos, is not immune from aircraft/drone operations in close proximity. Again, only a matter of time...
  12. I worked with Richard last year on a wildlife project. Great guy, and had been a good friend for years. One of the good guys, he will be missed.
  13. Did one of these on the '57 when we were operating it for Thomas Cook several years ago. Probably on of the most rewarding ( and FUN) flights I have done for quite a few years. The kids were amazing and they absolutely LOVED it when Santa "landed" on the roof of the aircraft. Very glad to see the tradition continues. Good Job Transat!!
  14. If you want to really throw yor brain into a tailspin, consider the autolands or HUD guidance for flares and how that affects the air distance. The CRFI landing distances, based on actual landing distance, look a little scary then...
  15. Hi Don Partial answer I think. The term "aeroplane" is used ( ICAO and therefore TC) to differentiate 'normal' aircraft (Boeing, Airbus, Cessna etc.) from the rest (helicopters, balloons, gliders etc.) The term "aircraft" is all encompassing, whereas the "aeroplane" invokes a winged, powered (I think) vehicle subset from the others. WRT the fbw annotation, that is the way I read it, but I'm not sure about the 777. My understanding of the fbw logic in the 777 is that the aircraft will fight you but ultimately it will let you stall the aircraft without any special efforts whereas the Airbus will not let you do these bad things without going down several levels of law. I hope that helps, at least a bit. Bob Perkins
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