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  1. This raises a very interesting conundrum. If trump, and by extension his family, is innocent as he self proclaims, why would he need a pardon? Hannity: Trump Should ‘Pardon His Whole Family and Himself’ Fox News host and informal Trump adviser Sean Hannity on Monday called for President Donald Trump to pardon himself and his family prior to exiting the White House in January. Days after the president announced a full pardon for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn,
  2. Much like he has done with his apartments, hotels, and casinos, trump continues to screw the average person by not paying his bills.... Here's how some city leaders say President Donald Trump could immediately help them grapple with the coronavirus crisis: Pay bills they already sent his campaign committee months or years ago. Fourteen municipal governments — from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Wildwood, New Jersey — want Trump's campaign committee to clear a com
  3. As time goes on, seems even republicans were tiring of trump. Just proves not all politicians are crazy and also proves that self preservation is at the top of their agendas. In Key States, Republicans Were Critical in Resisting Trump’s Election Narrative They refuted conspiracy theories, certified results, dismissed lawsuits and repudiated a president of their own party. The telephone call would have been laugh-out-loud ridiculous if it had not been so serious. When Tina Barton pick
  4. What is going to happen when they realise that life is going on as normal and may now get better for them?
  5. One easy way to describe how republicans/conservatives work using an old computer term... GIGO.
  6. Hitting the news this morning that because of testing they are finding high numbers of asymptomatic cases in one Toronto school. While they may not be sick, how far does it spread? 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported at Thorncliffe Park Public School: TDSB The testing of asymptomatic students and staff at a school in East York has resulted in 19 additional cases of COVID-19. In a letter sent to parents on Sunday, the principal of Thorncli
  7. We should. U.S. policy dictates much of what affects our economy as they are our largest trading partner. From tariffs on aluminum, to the latest drug buying policy, it affects us all. If you don't care, don't complain about what our government is doing either.
  8. It appears that once he's out of office, trump's legal woes won't just be in the U.S.. UWO_Report.pdf
  9. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to inflight entertainment.... British Airways stewardess 'is selling sex between flights and even offering paying customers the chance to join the Mile High Club' Anonymous flight attendant posts saucy pictures of herself in uniform on planes Offers customers chance to join the Mile High Club or to have one-to-one meets British Airways announced it had launched an investigation into woman's posts
  10. This is a copy and past from another site... Donald Trump and his lawyers have been SCREAMING voter fraud on TV, Twitter and everywhere else, but they have NEVER alleged fraud in the courtroom. Not once. Trump and his lawyers always claim that they have evidence of voter fraud in public, but when they get inside a courtroom, and a judge asks them for proof of voter fraud, they ALWAYS flatly state that "they are not alleging voter fraud." Instead, they then simply try to get either mail in ballots disqualified, or they whine about signatures, or they claim there were no poll watchers, o
  11. One shouldn't feel guilty for Flynn. The fact is he pleaded guilty twice. If he was innocent, why didn't he state that from the beginning. Probably because he wasn't. This is just an attempt to garner sympathy from the conspiracy crowd for a convict. Don’t Forget, Michael Flynn Pleaded Guilty. Twice. Even President Trump has said his former national security adviser lied to the F.B.I. When asked about the plea at the time, Mr. Trump said, “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the
  12. Two things, what A330 is posting is factual, you just decide to call it hate because it doesn't agree with your cognitive dissonance. Secondly, I am no JDunkin/et al.
  13. SR71 refuelling vid...
  14. It's just history repeating itself... What the history of gas stations means for electric cars In the early years, the gas station industry was racing to keep up with the rapidly growing auto industry On my way to a conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, last week, I took a little detour to Dearborn, to visit the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation. I wanted to see what a Model T’s gas tank looked like. The importance of the Model T, which the Ford Motor Co. began selling in 1908,
  15. I may not be a financial wizard, but even I know that this isn't the best ROI of other peoples money... Joe Biden gains votes in Wisconsin county after Trump-ordered recount Milwaukee recount, which cost Trump campaign $3m, boosts Democratic president-elect days before state must certify result A recount in Wisconsin’s largest county demanded by President Donald Trump’s election campaign ended on Friday with the presi
  16. Amber Alert issued for 52-year-old premier EDMONTON – Edmonton Police Service have issued an amber alert for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney who is nowhere to be found and may be in danger. The 52-year-old, who has the accountability of a five-year-old, is believed to have been kidnapped or is ducking for political cover during a bad news cycle as Alberta has reported more COVID-19 cases than a province three times its size. “He was last seen running away in a blue truck with the bumper stickers ‘P
  17. Well, that didn't take long... Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's top nuclear scientist, assassinated near Tehran Iran's most senior nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been assassinated near the capital Tehran, the country's defence ministry has confirmed. Fakhrizadeh died in hospital after an attack in Absard, in Damavand county. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, has condemned the killing "as an act of state terror". Western intelligence agencies believe Fakhri
  18. I was told this by a middle eastern friend, so I had to go looking. Apparently the sentiment 'over there' is that trump will strike Iran in his waning days to create a total mess for Biden. That is why Pompeo is on a sweep of middle eastern allies currently, and why the U.S. is selling arms to certain countries to placate them. Now to sit back and watch... Iran’s allies on high alert in Trump’s final weeks in office BAGHDAD (AP) — Iran has instructed allies acros
  19. How did it get to this point? Canadian administrations simply took their “eye off the ball,” said Earl Brown, an infectious disease expert and a former member of the H1N1 vaccine task group in Canada. After that pandemic, a review found that vaccine production capacity was “right at the top” of the list of problems, he said. It wasn’t always that way. “We had great vaccine producers in Canada -- world leaders essentially -- 50 years ago,” he told CTV
  20. Now the right is beginning to fight itself over the misappropriation of funds. I think you will see more of this happening. Pro-Trump Group Donor Sues Over Failure to Expose Election Fraud A pro-Trump group that promised to challenge the Nov. 3 election results and expose fraud was sued by a North Carolina money manager who donated $2.5 million to the cause but says he didn’t get his money’s worth. Fred Eshelman, founder of Eshelman Ventures LLC, w
  21. Question is... Who is sending the threats? With her past statements, it's probably the Proud Boys... Donald Trump's top legal adviser Jenna Ellis slammed him in 2016 as an 'idiot' who wants to 'destroy American democracy' but now says 'he's the best president in modern history' President Donald Trump's top legal adviser Jenna Ellis slammed him during the 2016 GOP primary calling him an 'idiot' and a 'bully' She was also highly critical of Republicans wh
  22. Here's a good resource for fact checking... Q. What are reliable sources for fact-checking and recognizing "fake news"? Fact Checking websites: Ten fact- and bias-checking sites (Source: Fact Check. This nonpartisan, nonprofit project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by U.S. political players, including politicians, TV ads, debates, interviews and news releases. Media Matters. This nonprofit and self-described liber
  23. No, it wasn't a win for conservatism, trump was a push to legitimize racism and white supremacy. First, Donald Trump’s support in the 2016 campaign was clearly driven by racism, sexism, and xenophobia. While some observers have explained Trump’s success as a result of economic anxiety, the data demonstrate that anti-immigrant sentiment, racism, and sexism are much more strongly related to support for Trump. Tru
  24. It isn't so much as the number of pardons, it's the who and why. If you are a friend of trump's who broke the law to benefit him, you will be rewarded. Highlights for emphasis are mine. Clemency in the Obama era The vast majority of the clemency requests Obama granted were also commutations, not pardons — the opposite of almost every president before him. Part of the reason the Obama administration received and granted such a larger