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  1. I can’t help but wonder how the “judge” would have viewed the case if it was his runaway daughter being forced to perform sex acts......unbelievable is an understatement and a sad illustration on why this country’s public security will continue to worsen.
  2. Yeah like that’s gonna happen!! Officer probably shopping for new clothes to wear while undercover...?
  3. You know, if they had real flu shots, people would be complaining about rich entitled white folk getting preferential treatment over the poor....ffs.
  4. In a follow up article, a source indicated it was entirely possible to hide a gun under the scrotum or under multiple layers of question is how big a nut sack do you have to have to hide a 9mm??? Also in the article, another tidy bit from the handgun issue that the politicians try to play down:
  5. More good news from our newest port of entry, Roxham Road....where the Canadian government takes your security “very seriously”:
  6. Poor little Ali......he has got himself into a bit of a pickle....arrested for dui, handcuffed and thrown in the back of a cruiser...hhhmmm..thinking to himself...”how do I get rid of my gun??” Another example of the futility of a handgun ban......
  7. There is starting to be push back ..... first Jordan Peterson and now Piers Morgan:
  8. I think Trudeau’s re-election,proved how smart the voter is.....
  9. And on the other hand....despite what is floated around and what we hear trudeau saying cuts,cuts,cuts...another perspective:
  10. I don’t think the province of B.C. is innocent in the trade according to a provincial ministry: The Greens and the NDP have been uncharacteristically quiet on BC coal......Alberta oil, not so much!
  11. And it’s not just reckless truck drivers:. And if this drivers recklessness causing death wasn’t enough:. This is Canada?? Or the New Canada
  12. I’ll bet Greta won’t be at the docks in Vancouver, where they export about 30 MILLION tones of filthy coal a year. Burnt in places like export that doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar, from the environmentalist to our liberal/ndp mouthpieces who are always talking about dirty oil. Very selective targets....
  13. Deicer...Will you acknowledge that mcguinty, Wynne and Trudeau lied about their deficits?? Go ahead..
  14. The reason I used the article was that it quoted what the auditor general thought of the provinces finances BEFORE the election....the liberals were underestimating the should I acknowledge that the auditor lied??
  15. “As much as they try to blame Wynne, they still own it.” WRONG Deicer......WE own it.....the chronic problem with governments that have socialist spending tendencies or incompetence, spend our money or borrow and build these deficits which NEVER go away. Someone has to pay the interest and it will hurt.
  16. Maybe time for CBSA to have a tighter grip on who they let into this country:
  17. And watching the performance of the current liberal leader in the campaign, even the liberals aren’t happy:
  18. This is what liberal governments do for you: Well, now it is known what Tarions CEO makes:.
  19. Trudeau probably saw security directing traffic, wearing high vis vests, assumed they were rascist protesters and thought he needed body armour.
  20. Trudeau complains about the Tories running “the dirtiest campaign ever” while his butt whisperer tweets this out: The conservatives responded: And Justin has the nerve to criticize .....
  21. With Trudeau’s talk about shutting down dirty oil, big oil, come no talk on shutting down dirty coal??? Oh Justin.......the hypocrisy of it all!! Guess you wouldn’t want to alienate any more of those green voters...
  22. Reality check:
  23. After trudeau insulted the Indian government by inviting a terrorist to a state dinner, Canada will have another diplomatic mess to deal with. Somehow this little detail got overlooked in the election of talking points and platitudes.
  24. Kip.....The Air Canada poppy fiasco came about 2 years ago when the head of inflight service sent out a memo that f/A’s could not wear the poppy for Remembrance did not fit the image the company was trying to project. Once this became public,and the ensuing pr nightmare, the policy was quickly dropped and backtracked on....just one of many issues f/as are having to deal with from the company these days.
  25. I’m still waiting for the media assault from Unifor ..