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  1. Deicer...Will you acknowledge that mcguinty, Wynne and Trudeau lied about their deficits?? Go ahead..
  2. The reason I used the article was that it quoted what the auditor general thought of the provinces finances BEFORE the election....the liberals were underestimating the should I acknowledge that the auditor lied??
  3. “As much as they try to blame Wynne, they still own it.” WRONG Deicer......WE own it.....the chronic problem with governments that have socialist spending tendencies or incompetence, spend our money or borrow and build these deficits which NEVER go away. Someone has to pay the interest and it will hurt.
  4. Maybe time for CBSA to have a tighter grip on who they let into this country:
  5. And watching the performance of the current liberal leader in the campaign, even the liberals aren’t happy:
  6. This is what liberal governments do for you: Well, now it is known what Tarions CEO makes:.
  7. Trudeau probably saw security directing traffic, wearing high vis vests, assumed they were rascist protesters and thought he needed body armour.
  8. Trudeau complains about the Tories running “the dirtiest campaign ever” while his butt whisperer tweets this out: The conservatives responded: And Justin has the nerve to criticize .....
  9. With Trudeau’s talk about shutting down dirty oil, big oil, come no talk on shutting down dirty coal??? Oh Justin.......the hypocrisy of it all!! Guess you wouldn’t want to alienate any more of those green voters...
  10. Reality check:
  11. After trudeau insulted the Indian government by inviting a terrorist to a state dinner, Canada will have another diplomatic mess to deal with. Somehow this little detail got overlooked in the election of talking points and platitudes.
  12. Kip.....The Air Canada poppy fiasco came about 2 years ago when the head of inflight service sent out a memo that f/A’s could not wear the poppy for Remembrance did not fit the image the company was trying to project. Once this became public,and the ensuing pr nightmare, the policy was quickly dropped and backtracked on....just one of many issues f/as are having to deal with from the company these days.
  13. I’m still waiting for the media assault from Unifor ..
  14. Maybe we should start announcements with the hip,trendy and culturally acceptable...... YO YO....... ‘SUP BITCHES Or how about.... LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND THOSE NOT SURE....
  15. Ya .... he might have been able to make it......but....with the intensity of the rainfall.....just how much water would be on the runway and what would you expect braking to be like???
  16. What did the public find out about Gropegate??? NOTHING... other than trudeau assaulted a female and then dismissing the incident as “people experience things differently”. He still doesn’t accept guilt for Lavalin.... so, yeah I’m skeptical with our liberal leader.
  17. If we accept the Toronto Star reporting, here is an update from the Buffalo Chronicle: The academy says Trudeau was not dismissed, but it didn’t say why he left. And Trudeau’s answer to media questions have been less than convincing. It might be fake news, but it’s fun to read.....
  18. Maybe a future as a cargo hauler??
  19. You might have read it here:
  20. “You've been fished in hook, line and sinker.” yup guilty...but dare to dream....?
  21. And if you had any doubt there is media bias in Canada.....look what is headlines in Buffalo, NY... un—freakin—-believable. Who the hell would hire one of the most powerful law firms in Canada if you weren’t in a lot of trouble??? Or wanted to intimidate you’re opposer. Trudeau is rumored to be in talks with an accusor to suppress an explosive sex scandal
  22. There must be an election on or something.....don’t want to appear to be soft on crime:
  23. Oh f:#k it deicer...why bother??..the pig analogy comes to mind.