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  1. Why did she not phone 911 instead of yapping to her BFF and running down her phones battery?
  2. Well..following the links for the closure of the Veterans Affairs offices:” Personally, I had to deal with Veterans Affairs through a 1 800 number and couldn’t have received better service, as opposed to going to an office 100 km away. As for the pension issue, the current government has just kicked the can down the road, like so many of its promise...infrastructure, defense, etc. The previous government had had a plan, although unpalatable to some, was in the long term good of the program. ” And as far as Unifor funding Engage Canada, I’d be **bleep** if my union dues were funding a political agenda that I wasn’t in favour of (either left or right).. is that really what unions are about??
  3. Engage Canada is a broad-based, grassroots organization formed in response to a growing movement of Canadians looking to ensure that the agenda in Ottawa protects what matters most to families. Here is a backgrounder to the group that makes the claims in Deicer post, maybe not as broad based as they claim: “With the Conservatives, you and your family just aren’t in the picture” said one Engage Canada TV ad focused on income inequality. “The Harper Conservatives, they won’t be there for you,” said another focused on health care. But Engage Canada was nowhere to be found on Election Canada’s list of registered third party advertisers as part of the 2015 election. Engage Canada spent all of its advertising dollars before the election was called, meaning the group never had to register as a third party advertiser and disclose any financial details. It looks like the group may be employing the same strategy this time around with Scheer, said Erin Crandall, an Acadia University professor who studies Canadian election law. “If Engage Canada takes the same approach as the 2015 election, to stop advertising before the regulatory period, then we’re not going to have any insight into donors” said Crandall. Engage Canada also used social media channels to bypass election advertising regulations in the last election cycle, said Crandall. “If you can do all the big ad spending before the regulatory period, and then stick the ads up on social media where it doesn’t cost anything, then you’ve been able to strategically spend more than you would have been able to otherwise,” she said. Monday night’s Raptors game is a prime example. Any and all production costs tied to the ad, and the price of the highly-coveted NBA finals airtime, do not need to be released by the group. Since the ad money is being spent before pre-writ period, Engage Canada does not need to disclose any financial details. And, short of Engage Canada releasing its own financial documents, it’s next to impossible to know where, exactly, the money to fund the group’s TV, radio and social media ads is coming from. Engage Canada told CTV News it is “funded entirely by donations, large and small, from individual Canadians, organizations, and groups across the country…including labour unions." Two current directors of the group, corporate records show, are political campaign veterans Kathleen Monk, former campaign director to Jack Layton, and Dave Gene, former deputy chief of operations to Dalton McGuinty. Monk confirmed she and Gene are active directors of the group in an emailed statement. As of May 25, days before Engage Canada launched its anti-Scheer ad campaign, the group gained two new directors: Peter Kennedy, former Unifor national secretary-treasurer, and Igor Delov, executive assistant to the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario. Unifor national president Jerry Dias asked union members to donate to Engage Canada during a speech made at a Unifor Ontario Regional Council meeting in December 2015, archived records show. Scheer and Unifor’s leadership have been publicly at odds recently due to the controversy surrounding the union group’s involvement in the panel to choose which news organizations will receive new tax credits. The Conservative leader says that including an anti-Conservative union on the panel will undermine its credibility and give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an edge in the upcoming election. “Unifor is a highly partisan group with highly aggressive and partisan goals,” said Scheer during question period on May 29. "Scheer puts the very principles of truth and democracy at risk with this own brand of fake news" said Unifor national president Jerry Dias in a written response to Scheer's comments.
  4. Big surprise .... the police investigation in the Danforth shooter has concluded he was mentally troubled...nothing to see here folks, move along... don’t worry about the AK magazines, ammunition, the drugs or the numerous trips out of the country.
  5. So,,,, still wondering what specific Trudeau policies have attributed to the job numbers... btw .... not all good news: Canada sheds jobs in May as construction hiring falls: ADP
  6. Our government must be a laughing stock a the world where countries have sovereignty over their borders: A major part of the scheme saw Chinese nationals fly to the United States on valid travel visas, make their way to Seattle and then get dropped off by members of the network at or near Peace Arch Park — a 16-hectare park that straddles the international border between Surrey, B.C., and Blaine, Wash. An email to would-be border jumpers, uncovered during the investigation and translated from Chinese, instructed them to “smile” and “be natural” when walking through the park and to pretend to take pictures. “If someone questions, the answer is, (I’m) only tourist … not going to Canada,” it said. And on the other hand, a statement from our immigration minister: "My wish is that we continue to increase levels in our immigration system for refugees. I'm very open to saying that, and I will do whatever I can, in whatever position I am in, to continue to push for higher refugee numbers every single year." One way to dramatically increase those levels would be to open up economic immigration streams to refugees in addition to humanitarian programs, Hussen said.
  7. Those houses have been removed because of the runaway prices and are being used as an investment tool rather than a primary residence...prices have gone up from rampant speculation from investors and foreign buyers looking to park dirty money. As for the economic analysis, you and I choose different messengers.
  8. What specific policies of the trudeau government have helped the strongest growing provinces, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec?? Housing construction is cited as a major employer but that is not sustainable, more of a one off. Other than immigration,which has created huge problems for the affordable housing market, what are the main economic generators of the economy that the government can claim to be successful? And deficit spending to create jobs (we know trudeaus idea of modest deficits and promises to balance) Is not sustainable.
  9. Must be the breath of fresh air given to the business community from the provincially elected CONSERVATIVE governments.....
  10. More clear and transparent government:
  11. Whether Ford or Trudeau take credit for the improving economy, Ontario still has to make payments on its debt. Money has to come from somewhere.
  12. I don’t have a problem with Canada “changing”.....I just want everyone to be be happy and get along and not bring the conflicts with them from the countries they have left.....think “al quds day”.
  13. And the PBO claims it needs to be $102/ton meet the targets. “A total carbon price of $102 per tonne — which includes the government's carbon price and this new, PBO-suggested levy — would result in an additional hike to gas prices of as much as $0.23 per litre by 2030.”
  14. Careful....unless the straws and bags are made from recycled plastic or paper, it will mean more trees will be cut down.
  15. Hopefully, current lib MPs won’t be around to take advantage of it!
  16. Deicer, don’t say this often, but I agree 100%..... maybe Trudeau and climate Barbie could get around to tweeting Brazil and Malaysia about the eco effects of deforestation instead of lecturing the elites at Davos.
  17. How many Canadians are saying the same thing after 3 years of Trudeaus government??
  18. Yup...really in to the “save the environment” thing, putting a price on pollution and all that.
  19. Yup, the numbers don’t’s just how they are presented. The author states: “Ford negotiated with Kathleen Wynne’s $6-million man at Hydro One, and quietly worked out a deal to pay Mayo Schmidt a ludicrous $9 million in severance payments to make him go away.” Whereas the CBC reports: “Ford's assertion that Schmidt will receive only $400,000 instead of the $10.7 million guaranteed by his contract ignores the fact that Schmidt will still hang on to his stock options and other incentives granted as part of his executive compensation package. Doug Ford's government strikes deal with Hydro One to force out CEO, board Hydro One shares down after Ontario government says CEO, board out "Mr. Schmidt shall be entitled to receive all remuneration, benefits, awards and other entitlements previously granted, awarded or earned through to the retirement date," reads the agreement which led to the resignation of the entire board of directors and the retirement of Schmidt as CEO. The agreement, signed by former Hydro One chair David Denison and Ontario Energy Minister Greg Rickford, says because Schmidt agreed to retire, he is still entitled to pension benefits and various shares in the publicly-traded utility in addition to the $400,000 lump sum. All told, Schmidt could end up closer to being Hydro One's $10 million man, instead of the $6 million man Ford labelled him as during the campaign.” So in reality, Schmidt is still benefitting from a contract under Wynnes government mandate. It’s the implication the author makes that Ford is doing a secret payoff to get rid of him.
  20. Authored by the NDP finance critic......who da guessed??
  21. Climate Barbie tries to spin the garbage: “Anchors aweigh! The containers of garbage have departed the Philippines and will arrive in Canada in four weeks — where the waste will be turned into energy that'll power homes in British Columbia” Why don’t we do this in the first place??. .... like most of Europe.
  22. Or they could just climb Mt Everest....
  23. This is such an insult...the turd making a show at D-Day commemorations....then turning his back on the military.....they are the only ones he has said “NO” to!!!