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  1. From the Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian file....We'll see how long it takes for the boywonder to blame somebody else for this disaster.... I’m betting he’ll blame the Harper government.
  2. Doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage in the media (surprise) but there has been another terrorist attack resulting in death in Toronto: Part of the government funded media’s efforts not to embarrass the current immigration policies.
  3. So after all the Lebanese, Chinese that wanted the government to bring them “home”, now the Iranians want a taxpayer rescue.
  4. airplanes don’t slip off a runway!!
  5. Now that Teck has pulled the plug and the LNG pipeline is doubtful, I imagine the indigenous people that were counting on these jobs are relieved to know we are on the transition to a green economy...just look how well Ontario did with the Green Energy plan...where is Catherine McKenna when we need her??
  6. Having been in Florida for the winter, it is most refreshing not to have to listen to the constant messaging regarding the end of the world, CO2 emissions, climate change, (who is Greta Thunberg?), the guilt from not meeting the expectations of the UN, the plight of new Canadians, indigenous reconciliation and a woke pm telling us how to think and live...blah blah blah. Instead, people go about their business,......fill their tanks with gas at $2.30/gal, buy beer at $18/30 pack, and smile ....people are happy. I know, there are problems down here (I don’t mention the Trump factor) but it’s great to get away from all that. IMO, it’s embarrassing to watch our country implode. It’s the old expression coming true......we are destroying the country proving how democratic we can be. I’m not looking fwd to come back. Oh yeah, can’t wait to write a big check to these idiots for my income tax. And fwiw.....don’t miss the pissn and moaning from the Ontario teachers union...average teacher salary in FL is $48k/yr.
  7. Why do the protesters, if their cause is just and worthy, conceal their identity with masks, hoods, and sunglasses?? Is it perhaps they have a police record? Have warrants? Aren’t really part of the community they are representing? Antifa?..... Tired of the hypocrisy and double standard of law enforcement ...
  8. Isnt that something they do at the UN?? btw..did you know that UN stands for "ususally nothing"
  9. That protester obviously didn’t under stand the truck had the right of weight!
  10. Not bad for a national newspaper: if this was in the Globe....Trudeau would really be in trouble.
  11. Sorry...I do not share the same admiration. After debacles like SNC Lavalin and the screwing Mark Norman took, our pm boasts about respecting the rule of law?? And now this?? You mentioned if you or I tried this, we would be tasered and dragged away. What kind of society have we become when there are two standards of justice?
  12. Attention all activists and now have free reign to shut down one of the largest countries in the world for whatever issue you choose...the trudeau government is willing to dialogue until the cows come home and half the country is laid hurry, take your time...will be interesting when propane and decking fluid runs out!
  13. You might get your wish....the interview with “Indigenous Services Minister” was less than reassuring...other than stating they don’t want to repeat mistakes of the past, the government is “fully engaged” and it’s a nation to nation relationship. The world is watching.
  14. At what point will the talks, the reconciliation, the polishing of the silver chain reach a conclusive end?? We have a national chief of the AFN, regional chiefs, chairs of elders and youths councils, hereditary chiefs elders, local band chiefs that have been negotiating on behalf of the First Nations....and now we have unelected band members, with no title and sympathizers with no status at all, holding TROC hostage because of their perceptions of governance and injustice....when will it end??
  15. A sample of the rhetoric our woke pm will have to reconcile....after all it’s his governments most important relationship .... nation to nation:
  16. Meanwhile, trying to explain why half the country’s rail lines are hijacked by terroists/anarchists.... Oh...excuse me??? I seem to recall a situation The more this guy opens his mouth, and the more the world gets to see his record and the results of his governance, the more this country will slide into irrelevance.....oh yeah, Canada is back....lmao.
  17. I have never seen so many articles commenting on the hijacking of the country in a national newspaper......while the leader of the country glad hands in Africa, oblivious to the plight of the economy at home.
  18. This doesn’t sound like peaceful protest to me....numerous incidents of violence from the acts of protesters.... How will Justin solve this?? Sunny ways, sunny ways?.. Like he has with other issues deflect and blame someone else. Good to see raging grannies and Antifa getting in on the act too....will be interesting.
  19. Who da thunk?? Is there any manufacturing left in this country?
  20. Interesting position Trudeau has got the country into by free and open consent with indigenous high profile indigenous lawyer is implying that means any and will that work???.....the country will gradually grind to a halt ...witness the cn rail blockade and now a takeover of a former MPs office in Toronto (symbolic) and the arrests in B.C. for ignoring an injunction. The AFN and band chiefs don’t mean anything as long as individuals and fringe groups can control the show.
  21. Of course governments can affect how the economy performs......and investors and companies “vote” with their feet. Why is the United States economy booming and Venezuela in the tank?
  22. The liberals have stated they will adapt UNDRIP by the end of 2020, so these type of protests will become more and more prevalent, whether sanctioned by elected band chiefs or not. And the country will suffer economically. How is “Sunny Ways” working for you now Justin??? Btw.....this is happening while the turd is in Ethiopia sucking up to the UN homies.
  23. I remember reading a bio about a weekend warrior that owned a high profile securities co. in Toronto....enjoyed riding a Harley and just to complete the badass image, had a ponytail sown in to the back of his helmet.....real badass!
  24. How many industrialized countries would allow one of the busiest passenger/freight rail lines be shut down by activists for a day and a half and take no action?? Another “positive” message for industry trying to business or thinking of investing in this country. And Trudeau says TMX will be built...