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  1. More perspective on politics on a macro level:
  2. Sounds great .... wind and solar power ...but no calculation of carbon footprint of high tech yacht ..... sails, mast, hull construction etc. As one commentator pointed reduce the carbon footprint she would sail instead of one ticket on an airplane but, to get to NYC for Greta required 6 one way airfares for the crew to return to Europe. As the picture above illustrates, what are these kids willing to give up to reduce their carbon footprint?? Their cellphones??
  3. I think the problem lies in the fact the Libs haven’t requested the PBO to cost their programs...they say they will do it before the election.
  4. Before everybody gets all worked up about a handgun ban and the nanny state starts quoting statistics...I have never seen a definition of “domestically sourced handguns”.
  5. Some Canadians might still have a bromance with this guy....but judging reaction in the foreign press, he has been reduced to a laughing stock on the international stage (remember India trip). I wonder how he will be received at his cherished UN?? Yup...Canada’s Back!!! High Five !
  6. The difference is Trudeau’s increasing record of saying one thing to the people as the prime minister of the country and doing another to suit his agenda.
  7. Still no acknowledgement of third instance of Trudeau blackface on CBC and CTV.....although it did come up in CTV interview. The G&M seems to be on top of things....
  8. And after answering a point blank question on the campaign aircraft about other pictures of his past.....Trudeau answers there were only 2.....well, he has some more explaining to do!!
  9. Where is Ahmed Hussen???? Not a word about him in the election campaign.....will he be able to stand beside his leader now?? I’ll bet all will be forgiven in the liberal cabinet “for the sake of the party”... more like “for the sake of our jobs”. And to diecers points...I agree except that Trudeau was 29 when he was “dressing up”. And more importantly is there a pattern of hypocrisy here: womens rights —— he fires a cabinet minister because she stands up/disagrees with his agenda. womens respect—- assaults women at festival event and explains that people experience things differently indigenous rights—- mocks protesters at a liberal dinner for a few laughs diversity—- this blackface event ethics—- twice being found guilty by the ethics commissioner of violations and not agreeing with the findings The message of the current government has taken a big hit and he has lost a credibility big time.
  10. He is always quick to judge others, condemn them, and always with that rich Trudeau smarminess. In other words, it’s his hypocrisy that is so galling.
  11. Odd in the Vice article there wasn’t mention of the deficit and Trudeau’s promise to balance the budget in 2019....after years of deficits in Ontario, voters woke up and Wynne was turfed ... we will see if there is a similar reaction on the federal scene or will it take another 4 years of spending money we haven’t got.
  12. Now the government is just making stuff up to suit their agenda: The Libs were critical of mean old Stevie Harper “muzzling” they are creating science..... as well as restricting what to say and controlling the legal system. Trudeau is proving how much he admires Communist China. And if climate change is so real and so dramatic, why do you have to make up the data from modelling?? And just how many different models are there?
  13. What I miss, among other things, was being dropped off curb side, into the terminal and cutting through sales counter, into the baggage room, say hi to everybody and out onto the ramp to spark up the awaiting 737 for the security, no screening, no attitude from new hire employees, no baggage searches.....everybody smiled and was part of a family at the different terminals we flew we have employees that don’t even acknowledge one another!!!
  14. Does anybody remember Mcdees advertising a meal for “change for a dollar” ??? Or when their signs advertised “ Over 1 million served” ??? ya...I know..I’m dating myself...
  15. An oldie... And it’s not multinationals to blame: “and big multinationals that cut jobs domestically to tap cheap labor abroad.” Still haven’t figured out Trudeau’s rational....
  16. The growth in low wage jobs is the result of the disappearance of manufacturing jobs (thank you China) and the explosive growth of service many Tim’s, Starbucks, Popeyes, subways, chipotle, McDs, dollarama, homesense, etc are there now...almost on every corner....and yeah, not all workers are in their teens. So how much are you willing to pay for your coffee and sub to support a $20/hour wage?? And if the business can’t make money paying a legislated “living wage”, what happens next?
  17. 2 Dead from Kingston no less....there has been a noticeable increase in street people in the last year or two....meth or heroin perhaps??
  18. I guess it was only a matter of old company had a procedure for passing liquids on the outboard side of the cockpit....looks like an example for ART:
  19. On the SNC affair, comments from a retired judge: An interesting read.....
  20. With a name like that.....his lawyer will have a great defence for his client ...a victim of ptsd due to excessive bullying!
  21. FALSE.....that would have been Paul Martin wrt the Gomery commission...according to Bob Fife. And if the clerk of the Privy Council was so independent, why was he, Wernick, lobbying so heavily in favour of the PM during the SNC affair?
  22. My point wasn’t about emerg or the wait times .... it was whether mr Carrey is aware of the issues with our health care system..would he sit in emerg with the rest of us?
  23. Trudeau won’t answer questions-about the RCMP investigating SNC........he won’t answer about his personal wealth either: Will the fallout from the Panama Papers cast a wide net on him or Morneau? We haven’t heard much about this lately..have the liberals muzzled this investigation as well??
  24. Watched Jimbo extolling the virtues of universal healthcare on a talk show...try coming up here and try sitting in emerg for a couple hours for a broken toe!!