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  1. Sad commentary when our National Aviation Museum isn’t interested in displaying one of the few iconic aircraft designed, built and flown in Canada….. but at least the United States are interested in preserving it… https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/ottawa-museums-lack-of-interest-in-acquiring-rcaf-aircraft-prompts-offer-from-u-s
  2. I’ve commented before on having lost confidence and pride in this country and didn’t think much of sockboys off the cuff remark about Canada being a “post national state”. After watching the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, I was appalled at the lack of this country’s presence….a 12 member marching group that encompassed all of our Armed Forces??? Other countries a fraction of our size and importance had a better display. Even one commentator was shocked by Canadas lack of effort. Our Governor General, in attendance to represent our country, looked as if she wished she was someplace else. But here is Trudeau, marching in London, trying to score points with the Muslims, instead of honouring the Queen on her 70 years of service, and a way of life which thousands of men and women have died for to preserve. More than disgusted!! https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/queen-elizabeth-jubilee-royal-tour-1.6455325
  3. The law of unintended consequences…..from a local store.. I get it….to most people, sockboy has taken action to reduce handgun violence….but really all he has done has driven up the price on the black market.
  4. I was late to the party but using Interac option on my electronic banking account, sent to “theairlinewebsite@protonmail.com” worked ok for me …. So somebody got some money last night!
  5. The recent provincial election brought out opposing views of the parties….surprise. Most seemed to be against development, the 413 highway, the loss of farmland around Toronto, etc. One statistic the came out was that 137000 people arrive in Toronto every year and builders can’t keep up. Something has to give. This anticipated demand was put in perspective through an article in the Globe: “Returning to Pickering after university, Mr. Rehman set up shop as a real estate agent. He noticed a startling number of development notices going up. Appearing in a mall parking lot or at a big intersection, they would inform residents that a builder was proposing to put up some very un-suburban-looking high-rise buildings there. Curious, Mr. Rehman decided to investigate. He went on the city’s website and started to count the number of developments proposed or under way. The figure he came up with blew his mind: In his quiet community, no fewer than 75 towers are due to rise – some of them more than 50 storeys tall.” So, growth is coming whether people like it or not. Like the condos along the Toronto waterfront, the density will be extreme. Similar to NYC, Hong Kong, Beijing……not a place I would like to “live”.
  6. I think more of a signal is that Brampton ridings went “blue”…. disillusionment with wasted tax $$$ and jobs??? Even Jagmeets brother lost his seat. im sure it turned heads at the federal level!
  7. I agree with that assessment, Seeker.
  8. Fwiw …. Was listening to a podcast and the handgun “freeze” is being implemented differently than the “assault style weapon” ban, which was done under an OIC. From what I understand, this was an abuse or not the intent of an OIC prompting several court challenges. To avoid this again, the libs are using an “amendment to legislation” that has to go through parliament in 30 days. There are only 20 or so days left in the current sitting, so whenever parliament resumes in the fall, tack on another 10 and it’s law. I can’t see Jagmeet and his lapdogs opposing it so, it’s likely a done deal.
  9. Let’s not forget the iconic 1911. An essential in any collection imo. Sales are so brisk, it will indeed set a record. Stores are not only selling out, but the distributors are running very low on stock!
  10. I’ve always wondered what the rats of the Trudeau sinking ship must think of the policies of their government. Here’s a clue: From the Globe & Mail.
  11. Remember the liberal talking point about the bad “assault style weapon designed to kill the most amount of people in the least amount of time”? They have banned them so the problem will disappear. Leave it to the criminal mind to come up with a solution that every self respecting gang banger can’t do without…. And if Canada can’t control the illegal smuggling of hand guns, this option will be impossible to stop….handgun freeze or no handgun freeze.
  12. Not according to the Trudeau government…basically they banned guns that look bad and are painted black……this is only a partial list…..I stopped at guns that begin with “C” 2) Part 1 of the schedule to the Regulations is amended by adding the following after item 86: Other 87 The firearms of the designs commonly known as the M16, AR-10 and AR-15 rifles and the M4 carbine, and any variants or modified versions of them — other than one referred to in item 47, 49 or 50 of this Part — including the (a) 2 Vets Arms 2VA-10; (b) 2 Vets Arms 2VA-15; (c) Accuracy Systems A-15 Custom Edition LR Tech Tactical; (d) Adams Arms AA15; (e) Adams Arms AASF-308; (f) Adams Arms Multical; (g) ADC ADC234; (h) ADC ADC253; (i) Adcor Defense A556 Elite GI; (j) Adcor Defense ADC15; (k) Adcor Defense B.E.A.R.; (l) Adcor Defense Elite; (m) Addax Tactical ADDAX-ZK; (n) Addax Tactical AT-15; (o) AdeQ Firearms L-Tac; (p) AdeQ Firearms Paladin; (q) AdeQ Firearms Venator; (r) Advanced Armament Corporation MPW; (s) Advanced Armaments Incorporated M15; (t) Aero Precision A15; (u) Aero Precision AP15; (v) Aero Precision G15 Ghost Gun; (w) Aero Precision H15; (x) Aero Precision M4 Carbine; (y) Aero Precision M4E1; (z) Aero Precision M5; (z.001) Aero Precision M16A4; (z.002) Aero Precision Pistol; (z.003) Aero Precision P-15 PEW; (z.004) Aero Precision STS15; (z.005) Aero Precision X15; (z.006) Airtronic DMR; (z.007) Alamo Tactical AT-15; (z.008) Alberta Tactical Rifle AT15; (z.009) Alexander Arms AAR15; (z.01) Alexander Arms AAR15 Beowulf; (z.011) Alexander Arms AAR15 Beowulf Overwatch; (z.012) Alexander Arms AAR15 Genghis; (z.013) Alexander Arms AAR15 Grendel; (z.014) Alexander Arms AAR15 Grendel Overwatch; (z.015) Alexander Arms AAR17; (z.016) Alien Armory UFO-10; (z.017) Ambush Firearms A11; (z.018) Ameetec Arms AM-15 General; (z.019) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Modular; (z.02) Ameetec Arms AM-15 M4 Tactical Master; (z.021) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Standard Tactical; (z.022) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Standard Varmint; (z.023) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Tactical Predator; (z.024) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Varmint Master; (z.025) Ameetec Arms AM-15 9MM; (z.026) Ameetec Arms WM-15; (z.027) America Remembers Colt AR15A2 Match HBar Vietnam Commemorative; (z.028) American Defense Manufacturing UICH; (z.029) American Defense Manufacturing UIC 10A; (z.03) American Historical Foundation Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match HBar Vietnam Tribute Special Edition; (z.031) American Historical Foundation Colt AR15A2 Sporter Target Operation Desert Storm Commemorative; (z.032) American Precision Arms A15; (z.033) American Spirit Arms ASA15; (z.034) American Spirit Arms ASA15 Pistol; (z.035) American Spirit Arms ASA308; (z.036) American Spirit Arms Canadian Carbine; (z.037) American Tactical Imports AT-15; (z.038) American Tactical Imports ATI-15; (z.039) American Tactical Imports MilSport; (z.04) American Tactical Imports MilSport Canadian; (z.041) American Tactical Imports Omni; (z.042) American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid; (z.043) American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid Pistol; (z.044) American Tactical Imports T14; (z.045) Anderson Manufacturing AM-10; (z.046) Anderson Manufacturing AM-15; (z.047) Angstadt Arms JACK9; (z.048) Anvil Arms AA15; (z.049) Area 53 El Capitan; (z.05) Area 53 El Jefe; (z.051) Ares Defense Systems Ares-15; (z.052) Ares Defense Systems Ares-15 MCR; (z.053) Ares Defense Systems Ares-15 MCR Sub-Carbine; (z.054) Ares Defense Systems SCR; (z.055) AR Five Seven AR15; (z.056) AR Five Seven AR57 LEM; (z.057) AR Five Seven AR57A1 PDW; (z.058) Armalite AR-10A; (z.059) Armalite AR-10A2; (z.06) Armalite AR-10A4; (z.061) Armalite AR-10B; (z.062) Armalite AR-10 KLM; (z.063) Armalite AR-10 Magnum; (z.064) Armalite AR-10NM; (z.065) Armalite AR-10T; (z.066) Armalite AR-102 Sporter; (z.067) Armalite M4C Carbine; (z.068) Armalite M15; (z.069) Armalite M15A2; (z.07) Armalite M15A4; (z.071) Armalite M15A4 T; (z.072) Armalite M15 Pistol; (z.073) Armalite SPR Mod 1; (z.074) Armalite SPR Mod 2; (z.075) Armalite SPR Mod 2A; (z.076) Armalite AR-10 Pistol; (z.077) Armi Jager AP15; (z.078) Armi Jager AP74; (z.079) Armitage International BR-15-A6S; (z.08) Armscorp AC-15; (z.081) Arms East N8S; (z.082) Armtech X; (z.083) Ascend Armory A15; (z.084) AR15 Chatterbox CB-15; (z.085) AR15.Com ARFCOM; (z.086) AR15.Com AR15.Com; (z.087) AXTS AX556; (z.088) Badrock Tactical BR10; (z.089) Badrock Tactical BR15; (z.09) Bartlett Enterprises 1202009; (z.091) Barrett Firearms M468; (z.092) Barrett Firearms REC7; (z.093) Barrett Firearms REC10; (z.094) Battle Arms Development BAD-PDW; (z.095) Battle Arms Development BAD-15; (z.096) Battle Arms Development BAD556-LW; (z.097) Battle Rifle Company BR15; (z.098) Battle Rifle Company BR16; (z.099) Battle Rifle Company BR308; (z.1) BCI Defense SQS-15; (z.101) BCM Rifle Company BCM4; (z.102) BCM Rifle Company M4A1; (z.103) Bean Firearms BFC-15A; (z.104) Bear Creek Arsenal BCA15; (z.105) Black Creek Labs BCL15; (z.106) Black Creek Labs BCL102; (z.107) Black Creek Labs BCL102B; (z.108) Black Dawn BDR-15; (z.109) Black Forge BF15; (z.11) Blackheart International BHI-15; (z.111) Black Leaf Industries BL10; (z.112) Black Leaf Industries BL10B Prototype; (z.113) Black Leaf Industries BL15; (z.114) Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 10; (z.115) Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15; (z.116) Black Rain Ordnance SPEC15; (z.117) Black Rifle Company BRC15B; (z.118) Blackwater BW-15; (z.119) Black Weapons Armory BWA-15; (z.12) Blue Line BL-15LE1; (z.121) Boberg CDH-15; (z.122) Bohica M16SA; (z.123) BPM BP15; (z.124) BPM CQB-10; (z.125) BPM LR-10; (z.126) Breda B4; (z.127) Brownell’s BRN-16A1; (z.128) Brownell’s BRN-601; (z.129) Brownell’s XBRN16E1; (z.13) Bushmaster Carbon 15; (z.131) Bushmaster XM15E2S; (z.132) Bushmaster XM15E2S Law Enforcement; (z.133) Bushmaster XM15E2S M4; (z.134) Bushmaster XM15E2S M4GP; (z.135) Bushmaster XM15E2S Predator; (z.136) Bushmaster XM15E2S Varminter; (z.137) Bushmaster XM15E2S 450 Bushmaster; (z.138) Bushmaster XM15E2S DCM Competition Rifle; (z.139) Bushmaster Bushmaster 308; (z.14) Bushmaster BAR-10; (z.141) Bushmaster XM15E2S V Match; (z.142) Bushmaster BR-308; (z.143) C3 Defense C3-15; (z.144) Cadex AR15 Karpat SPVM; (z.145) Cadex CDX-10; https://silvercore.ca/2022/04/01/the-complete-ban-list-of-newly-prohibited-firearms-in-canada-as-of-may-1-2020/
  13. Have read the excerpts in the media of the government study……..one stat that seems to be missing is the percentage of crimes committed with guns that were illegally possessed…ie not licensed . I DONT THINK THAT WOULD FIT THE LIBERAL NARRATIVE.
  14. From the latest Toronto shooting: Sarcasm alert……..Thank god it wasn’t painted black or it really would have been dangerous!
  15. Trudeau will use the shootings to distract the electorate away from that messy affair about arbitrarily invoking the Emergency Measures Act to extract him from not wanting to deal with the trucker convoy.
  16. A timely if not lengthy record of the “mass grave” story: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/the-year-of-the-graves-how-the-worlds-media-got-it-wrong-on-residential-school-graves
  17. “A month after authorities called off the search, family members of one of the pilots of an aircraft that went missing in Ontario have found the wreckage. Brian Slingerland’s family chartered a plane and spent most of last Saturday searching an area near the last known position of the Piper Comanche Slingerland and his friend John Fehr had recently purchased and were ferrying back to their homes in Alberta, more than 1,500 miles west. They found the wreckage less than five miles from the point of last radar contact of the plane in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The duo took off from Dehli, Ontario, about 100 miles west of Buffalo, New York, to Marathon, Ontario, about 100 miles north of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, on April 14. After the plane disappeared, searchers flew about 350 hours trying to find the plane but the search was called off April 24. Authorities say they don’t know what the family did that the searchers didn’t to find the wreckage. “I’m not sure what tactics they were employing,” Ontario Provincial Police detective Trevor Tremblay told local media. “But they found the aircraft about seven kilometres from the last known point on radar.”
  18. And Marco Mendocino will be full of misinformation and lies as he brings in more restrictions on handguns using the Texas shootings as a pretence to “keep Canadians safe”…Quebec is on board, and with the backing of the NDP, and the bloc to support the libs. Ford has said he is not interested in more laws against law abiding citizens….just get tough on criminals. We’ll see but I’m not optimistic. Meanwhile, the gangs and druggies will still carry as a sign of power and the shootings will continue.
  19. Agreed….all the claims of genocide will make both the indigenous community and the government look disingenuous in the eyes of the world.
  20. Maybe we will never know…..and it will perpetuate the story. From the globe & mail
  21. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trudeau-kamloops-unmarked-graves-1.6463037 We probably have an idea as to why, but has there been any progress in actually finding human remains associated with the sites? I haven’t followed the story closely, other than headlines, but is there a valid reason why no excavation has taken place to unearth the truth? My understanding is the ground penetrating radar only detects anomalies in the earth structure and detailed records were few and far between ie the burial sites could also contain town folk. It just seems to me, that after a whole year, we would have a more definitive answer on the story. Other than generating another small government/indigenous department.
  22. Who would have ever expected to see a headline like this in a foreign newspaper? Liberals must be proud.. https://nypost.com/2022/05/21/how-canada-went-from-liberal-democracy-to-authoritarian-state/
  23. WOW !! Does this put things in perspective……from California no less…
  24. My point is not that the courts failed to convict, but rather the behaviour of our new Canadian father …… still having trouble adjusting to his new countries’ values!
  25. Diversity is our strength……no comment from our feminist pm…what to choose, what to choose!
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