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  1. Well, maybe it’s “very few” for Chrystia and Justy, but maybe the US takes its borders seriously: I realize the numbers pale in comparison to the US southern border.
  2. I posted something earlier regarding the outrage at the US posting troops near the is an article that should have the left howling...btw... check the date: I wonder how Canadians would react if the US started telling Canada how to secure its borders?
  3. There is a lot of media attention about Canadians from the bad old US of A, but it’s not the only source of possible virus cases:
  4. Sad commentary on our government and procurement:
  5. Or if you prefer fresh out of the river:
  6. Here’s a more comprehensive listing of confirmed cases which have led to passenger exposure: 114 international flights which transported passengers with the virus!! And now they decide to screen flights, domestic only!
  7. Let’s hope China doesn’t send us the supplies that the Netherlands just rejected:
  8. And for the outrage at the rumour of US troops being stationed near the border: I hate to inform Ms Freeland but this has been the case for over 100’s called Fort Drum, New York and there are about 19000 soldiers stationed there. As far as surveillance is concerned: I was at an air show at Wheeler Sack Airfield (10000’ runway on the base) years ago and a drone was on display. The soldier was proudly explaining the aircraft to us and it’s varied missions. My wife casually enquired if it was being used along the river for border surveillance....he quickly replied “I can’t talk about that!”. There are numerous arrests by CBP from smuggling ops in the past with the use of electronic surveillance.
  9. Can someone help me make sense of this, because Canada is in fact, telling a foreign country how it should protect IT’s borders, not our own? The US doesn’t use PC language ... the migrants are called Aliens because they have no status in the US are probably in the country illegally. That’s why they are flocking to Canada. Others are using a US visitor visa (and making false statements) to try enter Canada via the US. And maybe a small point, but these migrants haven’t left the US because they were never allowed to enter Canada. Therefore, they didn’t achieve status as a refugee in Canada, so they continue to be persona non grata in the US. Trudeau can’t have it both ways. Quotes from an article in the G&M
  10. I thought it odd that with the emergency going on here at home, that Africa would be high on the list of Trudeau’s worries.....glad he didn’t get the blank chequebook he was hoping for.....we send enough money overseas on his “pet” projects. The quote was from his daily pep talk, Mar 25.
  11. Simple....the Bloc knows they can get anything for Quebec as long as they keep Trudeau in power..bloc and libs have 189 seats combined versus 149 for pcs, green, ndp and 1 independent.
  12. Some things havent changed wrt the Covid crisis:
  13. Boestar, you are making a lot of assumptions here and of course i want the population to be healthy...I certainly dont want to cut off his hands, I just dont want him to be able to reach deep into my pocket for the next 2 years without oversight.
  14. First off , I certainly don’t regard you as I dumb grunt. WH. My issue with the Liberals was the potential over reach of their powers, as was initial proposed, to have the power to spend and tax for 2 years without parliamentary oversight. I do agree that governments must act quickly to deal with the health and economy, but as proposed, the legislation was a power grab. The election illustrated that the citizens of Canada didn’t trust the liberals from their previous 4 years of majority government.
  15. Not surprising given the current medical crisis: BUT......why would the government even consider this move??? with the rapid spread of the virus and the need to protect our citizens.....this will not be something Trudeau and his cabinet will be bragging about in their daily pep talks! And these guys wanted the country to give them emergency powers (aka as a dictatorship) til 2021?. The nerve!! Still don’t get they are a minority gov’t.
  16. Thankyou Justin.....and just how many support staff are helping you maintain your self isolation?? worries about going for food, milk and other necessities of life. Tried shopping online for groceries from stores 50 km away (local stores don’t offer the service) .... first available slots for pickup are 8 days away.
  17. Will this be the final nail in the coffin for Alitalia?? South African was also going into hard times before Covid.
  18. Was this a compilation or just 1 spectacular dive site?
  19. Trudeau doesn’t have to suck up to the UN anymore.....the UN has decided borders matter and have suspended refugee resettlement efforts in other countries. And to the point migrants will just find another illegal crossing, Trudeau can remove the golden more processing for healthcare, lodging and benefits!!! No incentive for fake migrants to use money out of their own pocket to travel.
  20. It’s not just US students that ignore health recommendations:
  21. And is there a connection with Italy now surpassing China in the number of virus deaths??? So yeah.....borders do have a lot to do with the problem.
  22. And what was trudeau's response letting passengers arrive unscreened from known hotspots like china, italy and iran??? handing out pamplets??
  23. Its all about the impression of the turd [this govt] doing something.... they should have screened people at the arrivals 5 weeks ago!!!!! its not like it was a surprise....China then Iran then Italy ffs.
  24. We were insured by Medoc Johnson thru AC Pionairs.....caveat emptor... so this 10 day return issue might apply to others. I tried to obtain additional coverage through Medipac but you have to originate in Canada, they wont bind you if you are already in another country. The agent indicated that other policy holders were trying to re-insure but it wasn't possible. He said it is his busiest time in 20 years in the business. We are in St Pete Beach and feel the same way, but, not ready to spin the wheel with no coverage in the US.