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  1. I have a few hours on the 37-200 (13 years worth) and operated into 5000’ strips routinely. I cannot imagine what this crew was doing to warrant this result, other than not bothering to flare and flying the aircraft into the runway:
  2. Meanwhile, in Montreal….. So the mayor decides she has to make a statement to reassure the population “this could have happened anywhere”….except rather than focusing on the obvious… Plante goes on to rail about gun control, obfuscate, and distract, a good liberal in waiting, putting in time before she runs for the coveted MP seat and pension: As if any more gun laws would have helped…..I hear machetes and knives are becoming popular.
  3. The release of such a sweeping edict, with little concern for the hundreds of small business owners and sporstmen, sounded very sophmoric from our highly experienced foreign affairs minister, the one who didn’t know about the 5 Eyes memo.. ”like, I was on a sleepover at Marco’s place, and we like, had this problem and, uhhh, we had to solve it, soooooo, like, we came up with this idea….., we just banned it…cause I have the power, ehhh? We can do it cause, we have to, like, have to keep Canadians safe, like from day one….and we just did it cause we don’t have a parliament anymore, and people like, believe us on like guns are bad, they kill people and stuff and our best bud jagmeet says he will back us on anything, right? Uumm ya so we did it, so that’s good right? And Marco says gun numbers will go down so that’s good right? Uumm that’s all I have to say about that.” Unbelievable…
  4. The show continues…..the illegal gun trade and gangstas are laughing: What are these morons thinking, other than taking marching orders from sockboy? People are starting to realize this is just a show and does nothing against crime. https://nationalpost.com/news/canadian-press-newsalert-government-bans-import-of-handguns
  5. Re shootings over the weekend in toronto it is becoming so commonplace that there is no uproar anymore…people realize that, for the most part, the violence involves a specific group in society…..after hours clubs, many illegal establishments or with individuals “known to the authorities”…….natural selection, so to speak.
  6. “We are now being asked to apologize for Slavery. I fail to understand how the country of Canada should or can apologize since Canada never condoned or practiced "Slavery".” I agree….repeating a post made earlier on another thread (forgive the bluntness but it is direct) ….
  7. Wow …what a show!! The smiles, the pride of raising the Canadian flag, the patronizing statements, we have your backs….gosh darn, we are just so good….you can trust the word of Trudeau while bobble heads Freeland and July look on with fawning admiration! Like our commitments for clean water for the indigenous populations, our commitments to the oil and gas sector, the chaos at airports, CBSA, Catsa, the passport debacle, and most glaringly, our support to the Afghan interpreters….Canada fails once again on the international scene…
  8. Great ….. Oddly, the government did not include a total cost of the buy back program which some have estimated to be upwards of $6.7 BILLION!!!!!!, in either releases from the Globe or the Post….surprise. Not a big number for this government though……and I can already hear the liberal puppets mouthing the talking points…. ”We can’t afford not to do it” ”You can’t put a price on safety” ”We are keeping Canadians safe from day one” BLAH BLAH BLAH!! What was that line??? From my cold dead hands!
  9. While Canadians sit back smugly thinking we are the envy of the world, tolerating a government that “keeps us safe, has our backs from day one” all the while meeting our climate targets, naively thinking the rest of the world will follow suit…..here is a perspective from someone has been travelling the world, observing and noting the reaction of other citizens. JORDAN PETERSON: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau liberals
  10. Not exactly a new idea…..I remember an anecdote about a ground agent who was fed up with dubious abilities of some wheelchair passengers off of Miami flights …. After escorting this w/c through customs, once clear the passenger jumped up and walked out the door…which prompted the agent to start yelling “OMG look!! It’s a miracle , it’s a miracle!”.
  11. Just when sockboy thought he had restored peace in the country by dealing with those mysoginists and racist truckers (who keep the country running with deliveries) along come the farmers (who grow food and produce dairy for the world)……I wonder what names he will call them?? https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/slow-roll-protest-ottawa-police-spot-farm-vehicles-in-city-ahead-of-rally-at-dutch-embassy-in-support-of-farmer-protests And with his increased immigration targets, what better way to supply food for the country than reducing the means of production! https://torontosun.com/news/national/trudeau-pushes-ahead-on-fertilizer-reduction-as-provinces-and-farmers-cry-foul
  12. Yes….you can cover the pm’s visit but don’t dare ask a question that would point out sockboys inability to govern the country, but clear and transparent government for sure.
  13. A letter to the editor with an opinion on why our sockboy pm is flitting around the country doing photo ops:
  14. What a change in 7 years……..a PM that didn’t talk down to the citizens and make them feel guilty for being Canadian. Btw…Trudeau doesn’t go anywhere these days without a overzealous security detail….take look at one of his bodyguards, the one 6 ft ahead of sockboy. Trudeau is 6’2….this guy must go around 7’3”!!! (It’s at the 5:55 mark).
  15. I hope the Federal judge is satisfied he made the “right” decision….a criminal record like this individuals and he’s worried about the deportees safety? What a great country…can’t imagine how victims family must feel. Diversity is our strength. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/man-charged-in-homicide-had-been-found-to-be-danger-to-public-but-judge-stayed-deportation
  16. Still waiting for Justin to “tell it to Putins face” what he thinks, not just on Crimea, but more importantly Ukraine…if he was willing to tell him off 7 years ago, what’s stopping him now??? https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/justin-trudeau-would-tell-off-bully-vladimir-putin-directly-to-his-face-if-he-becomes-prime-minister
  17. What happened to reading, writing, and math?? Is this the best use of tax dollars and since when do teachers dictate curriculum? https://tnc.news/2022/07/13/ontario-teacher-white-privilege/
  18. I think it was one of Trudeau’s best acting performances to date…..the voice almost cracking with emotion, the cadence, the body language…after SSOOO many apologies, he has it nailed …. truly an Oscar moment! Now, on to the next act at the Calgary stampede…better brush up on those lines…….”we have your backs from day one, high paying jobs in clean tech, green transition, diversity is our strength, multicultural, make the rich pay their fair share…”. HHHMMMMM…..TOUGH CROWD. Maybe he can try bribe them with some of their own money!
  19. It didn’t get much press, but when our finance minister showed up at the opening of Caribana in Toronto, she flippantly joked about donating $1 million to the parade……(not much press, because to the liberals, it’s only a million, like what’s the big deal?). Did this festival really need the money or is it just vote buying to another minority group. Meanwhile, taxpayers are struggling with high gas taxes, food and rising interest rates. Similar respect was given to our money when Trudeau casuallly tweeted $50 million to Trevor Noah …it’s hip to be cool.
  20. Can’t wait for the junior set to graduate to firearms: Peel Regional Police @PeelPolice · Follow STABBING: - Erin Mills Py/Eglinton Ave W #Mississauga - 2 youth victims stabbed and taken to a trauma centre - Suspect: Ml South Asian 15-17 years blk tshirt nke gry - Sweats - C/R at 1:58 p.m. - PR22-0226684 Updates to follow 3:01 PM · Jul 7, 2022 Read the full conversation on Twitter
  21. At least some people are paying attention: Mr Oldkind is a prominent criminal lawyer an political commentator in Toronto.
  22. I will agree 2 sides to the story……but after Trudeau calling the trucker convoy a bunch of mysoginists, rapists and arsonists, calling out the flying of non existent confederate flags and nazi swastikas, invoking the Emergency Measures Act because he and local police couldn’t deal with them, the media going all out hyping the story, Mayor Jim Watson saying there will be zero tolerance for protestors and the latest examples of political interference with the RCMP…I have become a skeptic with whatever goes on with politics in Ottawa and the independence of the police. I think the police probably incited an interaction to make a statement…. All in all …. the last couple of years have changed my mind on the direction the government is taking the country. Now, if there was video/audio showing aggression towards the officers, justifying the arrest, I might change my mind about the use of excessive force….so far, not convinced. (Especially from coverage by the CBC).
  23. Imagine Trudeau having to face real Canadians on Canada day…..who da thought after 7years of his corrupt, woke, post national government, there would be people **bleep** off?? His arrogant, smarmy, have your backs, Canadian is a Canadian message is wearing thin and doesn’t want video of protests on national and international media……bring on the storm troopers! Law enforcement should be ashamed of themselves…..Canada Day indeed.
  24. I can’t help but think of staff that used to take commuting for granted….from getting on flights or taking a hotel at the airport…..yikes!
  25. Answering my own question: https://torontosun.com/news/crime/multiple-people-injured-in-exchange-of-gunfire-at-saanich-b-c-bank-police
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