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Runway 03/21 LDA 6402'

From http://www.ogimet.com/display_metars.php?lang=en&lugar=cyye&tipo=ALL&ord=DIR&nil=SI&fmt=html&ano=2012&mes=01&day=08&hora=17&anof=2012&mesf=01&dayf=08&horaf=20&send=send

METAR/SPECI from CYYE, Fort Nelson, B. C. (Canada). SA 08/01/2012 17:00->

METAR CYYE 081700Z 00000KT 30SM FEW090 M12/M16 A2938 RMK

AC1 SLP978= SA 08/01/2012 18:00->

METAR CYYE 081800Z 19004KT 30SM FEW090 M08/M11 A2939 RMK

AC1 SLP983= SA 08/01/2012 19:00->

METAR CYYE 081900Z 18006KT 30SM FEW090 M06/M09 A2940 RMK

AC1 SLP985= SA 08/01/2012 20:00->

METAR CYYE 082000Z 18004KT 30SM FEW090 M05/M09 A2940 RMK

AC1 SLP986=

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