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  1. So fire lots of pilots. Then try to get them back? If the situation arises where they need pilots, don’t you think ever other airline will be looking for pilots too? Is this really about being an FA is beneath a pilot? Lay-off better than showing people how to buckle a seat belt?
  2. at the risk of infuriating some - let’s be honest - a pilot is a much harder position to replace. The level of training and skills is higher than any FA. So keep as many pilots as possible - if the business grows/returns to “normal” hiring FAs is easy compared to finding pilots.
  3. Right...Because managers are all so stupid and self centred that they can’t objectively evaluate who is productive and who isn’t. Seniority protects the weak and useless at the expense of others and the business.
  4. For $100 a month you’d all still be laid off but those with seniority could move half way across the country to work still. Sign your cards!
  5. There is a massive difference between having your own staff and contracting out. There is at least a connection to the airline and to the customers with your own staff. Contracted staff couldn’t care less about the customer. The only thing that remains from early WJ is the name. Everything else is gone.
  6. What to you put in the plane to give the engines energy? Just asking, for a friend.
  7. shocking Winnipeg airport improvement fee notching up Sept. 1 06/1/2020 7:46 AM Winnipeg Airports Authority will be increasing its Airport Improvement Fee by Sept. 1 to offset the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fee, applied to commercial airline passengers departing the Richardson International Airport, will increase from $25 to $38 per passenger, according to the airport authority. The Winnipeg Airports Authority cited the economic consequences of the pandemic, noting that air traffic in April alone fell in excess of 95 per cent, and that it is expected to take several years to return to normal air traffic volumes. The airport improvement fees are dedicated towards capital needed to maintain critical infrastructure for the benefit of the community, and does not cover airport operating costs, the airport authority said.
  8. People are sheep. And most can’t think for themselves. When a number like three years is floated out there, in the interest of a) not having to do any thinking and b) be a sheep and not disturb group think, many others jump onto it as well. No one knows. People can make plans with various scenarios - and three years being one of them. The only reason I’m not on a plane right now is because I’m not doing a two-week quarantine on the outbound and inbound. Who has a month to kill.
  9. Airport authorities spend money with such disregard to any rational frugal thought. And why should they - Just jack the AIF. Non profit - get bent. Spend at Will and chase the revenue later.
  10. The odds of that happening are low. More risky driving to the store. Rational thinking is missing from far too many actions.
  11. Ration thinking left humanity long ago. Our “education” system wouldn’t want to teach kids how to critical think and ponder rational thoughts - it would throw a wrench in the entire liberal education agenda.
  12. I was trying to convey my thanks to those people at Canadian and hoped that they had favours returned to them.
  13. In a former life the friendly kind folks at Canadian were always willing to help out. Always appreciated. I hope somehow they got it back.
  14. People are fearful sheep soaking up internet nonsense.
  15. The photos are Interesting but the pax load is what caught my attention.