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  1. Long, long way from the WestJet care-antee.
  2. So biased ”Air Canada now outperforms all of its North American major-airline peers on the key metric of revenue per employee, at $688,000 to WestJet’s $392,000.” This is is a key metric?
  3. internet

    ID Check

    Funny how that works - so instead of 14 people, now its tens of thousands and infinity with google. So lets really think about what this complaint and call to the reporter was all about.
  4. internet

    ID Check

    But the person got to be on TV and the internet and will feel better about making sure they've been heard by exponentially blowing up the interaction, and the so called reporter got to write another trashing the airlines story - those get decent clicks.
  5. Buyer beware. Lots of successful “low fare” airlines - ones which passengers can have lots of confidence in.
  6. Yah. Grass is never greener on the other side. The transformation of WS continues.
  7. Ha ha ha ha. Enjoy that. Canadian2.0
  8. internet

    Westjet and YSB

  9. internet

    First WJ plane in new livery

    At least I’m consistent eh? ....and yes “ugly” referred to the livery.
  10. So only low fare passengers act up? No profiling or ignorance there.....
  11. internet

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    WestJet management is screwing up more now than they did back in 2003.
  12. internet

    Emirates Parking Planes

    What are you talking about? Every single industry stakeholder lost out? Delta alone paid out $5 Billion dollars in profit sharing over the last five years. Seems to me pilots, FAs and ramp people did okay
  13. internet

    WestJet 1st qtr

    We moved our limited WS travel in Western Canada over to AC - sorry for 2 hour Q400 flights - but nobody is messing around. At some point all the balls in the air are going to come crashing down. I would suggest the international 787 stuff is causing the unnecessary distractions while the Swoop disaster is late coming and the wrong strategy they should be employing to protect the bottom end of the market.
  14. internet

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Hate the whole thing. Old tail was simple. This is some graphic software over-designed mess of a bunch of different directions. Not sure who in Marketing is so paranoid that no one will know it’s a Canadian airline. Give me a break. How many more small ridiculous nods to “we are Canadian. We are Canadian” can they try to incorporate in that mess.