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  1. People are fearful sheep soaking up internet nonsense.
  2. The photos are Interesting but the pax load is what caught my attention.
  3. Get what you pay for. Swoop won’t be around forever as people realize what a crappy product it is and with any sort of planning you can pay almost the same on AC/WS. Plus I wonder if Onex will keep it once Flairs dies. The only “value“ is Swoop flying non-stop in markets the big two don’t. But everyone I talked to said their Swoop flights were delayed (I’ve done one and it was 2.5 hrs late). So what do you really save?
  4. Canada Jetlines postpones launch over financing challenges, lays off staff @GlobeBusiness
  5. I’m sure AC wouldn’t be opposed to returning to Airbus NB. CR is going to up Boeing’s #*% on this fiasco and will be coming home with some free shiny new 787s and suitcases of money.
  6. I doubt Don Bell would have allowed such nonsense back in the day. There is always circumstances that must be considered. WS used to empower their people to make the right decision. Now it’s the news media telling tens of thousands, of not more, about WestJet crappy service.
  7. Presently First Air operates two flights a day (one on Sat) each to Churchill and Rankin. Those appear to be gone eff. Nov1. Wonder if they are going to CALM Air?
  8. Looking at the schedule beyond Nov 1 - appears Winnipeg is being dropped entirely from the network?
  9. Swoop must not operate with any spares. And even if they did, the operation is so spread out any problems at one end of the country takes 5-6 hours for the hot spare to even show up.
  10. I've read on other forums that AA connections were solid on the previous WS YYC-DFW and YYC-ORD flights. I wonder if DL and AA could get into a tussle for a piece of the WS action?
  11. What are the odds Delta takes a slice from Onex?
  12. Bloomberg reporting, and some evidence to support, that China has grounded the 737Max fleet. Bloomberg, citing Caijing, reports that China has asked domestic operators to ground their 737 MAX aircraft. While we have yet been unable to officially confirm such, this is the number of 737 MAX flights above China now vs. the same time last week.,103.39/4
  13. Where are these -175s all coming from?
  14. Anyone who thinks AB, especially YYC, is improving economically is dilusional. AC continues to give YYC to WS. Trunk route flights will always be solid - but the “hub status” for AC is long gone. YWG will transform into a major “low cost” city, with ever increasing presence of these carriers. Again, AC moves towards providing trunk route service only.
  15. This kind of a response confirms my interpretation of the original statements intention.