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  1. internet

    WestJet 787

    If you don't understand why the pilots - along with FA's and those employee flying non-rev all chipped in to help groom the aircraft, then you don't understand the philosophy of WestJet (at least the old school philosophy) By the way, in my opinion, thinking that it's demeaning to pilots for helping turn the aircraft is pompous, arrogant and insulting.
  2. internet

    Aipril Fools Day in YLW

    The famous - expand because peak periods we are busy. Meanwhile the place is empty 23 hours a day. Typical Airport Authority nonsense. Airlines should be charged based on time-of-day demand.
  3. internet

    New Mtce Base for Porter

    Helps when you sell the airport for a half a billion
  4. internet

    WestJet 787

    Sorry to make your day - it’s a really ugly livery on a massively expensive airplane with far more capabilities than required. See the next 4 AC A330’s.
  5. internet

    Time for Unruly passengers to pay.

    Gate agents are not bouncers but it’s a lot easier and cheaper to deal with this on the ground than in the air. I would argue they have a responsibility to be watching for passenger behaviours and deny boarding. And you’re telling me the crew didn’t get a sense the guy was drunk? Did they think, ah maybe he will sleep it off, we just won’t serve him. The flight didn’t get too far from YYC before he decision was made to turn back. Most likely a case of everyone trying to be “nice” and “avoid conflict.”
  6. internet

    Class Action Suit re AIFs at YYC

    These AIFs are absolutely ridiculous. Who wouldn’t love to run a business where you spend money like crazy. No need to care or be accountable to anyone, and then you get to worry about revenue at the end. You run a monopoly so who cares. Im so glad it’s YYC. They **bleep** away millions and millions on that crap hole idiotic international mess, those stupid white golf cart buggies and the never ending construction, justifying their AIF. I hate the place so much. Air Canada continues to get more of our business because WS forcing more connections thru YYC. I’ll never go via that 10AM WS transborder bank ever again.
  7. internet

    Calgary Olympic bid or not

    Well in fairness, it depends how you define profit. I could make a fortune in the airline business if I didn’t have to pay for any capital costs - like airplanes.
  8. internet

    Calgary Olympic bid or not

    Some Calgarians don’t want to pay (can’t blame them since the Province and the Feds won’t pay for what most believe will be games that go over budget (which they almost all do and which was only cobbled together at the last minute - and short of the initial desired target - even now there are holes in the numbers (like $200m in unavailable insurance policies??)). Some are not impressed with the process; the local government and the Bid committee has been accused of not being transparent nor having a solid sense of a financial plan or event plan (if you’ve read anything about the Bid over the past few months you would agree - for example the security budget is half what Vancouver spent 8 yrs ago and they have no where for the Curling events yet (Edmonton?)) Some want the games as they believe it’s an effective way to leverage other governments money to refurbish and build things (like a field house for Calgary; note the Bid doesn’t include a new arena to replace the Saddledome) and others think its the economic boost the city needs. I personally don’t think it will pass, I think the questions and concerns will out vote the spirit and hope. 65/35 But if it did pass, and considering it’s 8 years from now - I wonder which Airline would be the official one. Hmmmm
  9. internet

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    In “a” base fare. So nothing preventing a swoop from posting a Y fare of $3,900 from YEG to YXX one bag included and ending the complaint.
  10. So biased ”Air Canada now outperforms all of its North American major-airline peers on the key metric of revenue per employee, at $688,000 to WestJet’s $392,000.” This is is a key metric?
  11. internet

    ID Check

    Funny how that works - so instead of 14 people, now its tens of thousands and infinity with google. So lets really think about what this complaint and call to the reporter was all about.
  12. internet

    ID Check

    But the person got to be on TV and the internet and will feel better about making sure they've been heard by exponentially blowing up the interaction, and the so called reporter got to write another trashing the airlines story - those get decent clicks.
  13. Buyer beware. Lots of successful “low fare” airlines - ones which passengers can have lots of confidence in.
  14. Yah. Grass is never greener on the other side. The transformation of WS continues.
  15. Ha ha ha ha. Enjoy that. Canadian2.0