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  1. More @CBCNews: Europe's Airbus to buy majority stake in Bombardier CSeries program. Airbus will acquire a 50.01 per cent interest in the CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP), which manufactures and sells the plane. Bombardier will own 31 per cent and the Quebec government's investment agency will hold 19 per cent.
  2. R.I.P. Tom Petty, Aged 66

    Unless two separate and independent sources told them, then the "journalist" didn't do their job.
  3. R.I.P. Tom Petty, Aged 66

    Word is the "journalist" got it wrong and he is still alive in hospital.
  4. Swoop??

    The dumbest name. The ugliest livery. With the sole purpose of doing exactly what WS screamed and went insane over in the early 2000 - to eliminate upcoming competition. Wont take very long for people to disparagingly call it "poop"
  5. Swoop?? WestJet Airlines said it will offer fares that are 40 per cent cheaper than those currently available in Canada as it unveiled new details about Swoop, the ultra-low-cost carrier it plans on launching next summer.
  6. Hurricane Harvey

    84.9 this morning at Winnipeg Costco
  7. Libs Study selling off major airports

    I have no concerns at all - the Globe story shows that private ownership isn't a bad thing.
  8. WestJet Changes the Rules

    The march to Canadi>n 2.0 continues.
  9. OMG NO FOOD (⸮)

    I agree CanadaEH. Transat chose to handle it this way when lots of other options existed. I'd be furious too. OMG no food? They were trapped in a tube 200 feet from the terminal. This was ridiculously unnecessary.
  10. Based on the behaviour of passengers escaping recent crashes (the fact they reach for the smartphone camera and film it in the first place is a big hint) getting carry-on bags, taking their sweet time, the confusion on board - I would suggest most packed flights would have difficulty emptying the plane through half the exits in 90 seconds.
  11. I think ModerateChop is onto something.... From the weekly posting with the US OAG changes: WS FLL-YUL NOV 1.3>0.4 DEC 1.2>0.6 JAN 1.1>0.5 FEB 1.1>0.6 MAR 1.2>0.6 WS LAS-YWG DEC 0.6>0.3 JAN 0.5>0.3 FEB 0.6>0.3 MAR 0.6>0.3 WS MCO-YHZ MAR 0.6>0.4 WS MCO-YOW NOV 0.6>0.3 DEC 1.0>0.5 JAN 1.0>0.4 FEB 1.0>0.4 MAR 1.0>0.5 WS MCO-YUL DEC 0.3>0.2 JAN 0.3>0.1 FEB 0.3>0.1 MAR 0.3>0.2 WS MCO-YVR NOV 0.2>0.1 DEC 0.3>0.2 JAN 0.3>0.1 FEB 0.3>0.1 MAR 0.3>0.2 WS MCO-YWG JAN 0.6>0.4 WS RSW-YOW NOV 0.3>0.1 DEC 0.3>0.2 JAN 0.3>0.1 FEB 0.3>0.1 MAR 0.3>0.2 WS TPA-YOW JAN 0.4>0.3 FEB 0.4>0.3 MAR 0.4>0.3
  12. Join a company knowing it isn't unionized. Then try to unionize it once you're there. If you don't like it - leave - there are tens of thousands of people that will do it knowing what the conditions are
  13. How much we made before interest and taxes. Imagine how much more you'd make of you didn't include interest and taxes....
  14. Then be the CEO