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  1. WestJet and Cello

    And no seatbelt extensions are provided to anyone in the exit row.
  2. WestJet and Cello

    Angela Hewitt ships her Fazioli prior to her performances. She only plays her piano.
  3. WestJet and Cello

    The way the seats are getting cramped it won't be long before the cello doesn't fit anyway.
  4. I don't think so. Even before the aircraft gets to V1 of 160 kts the decision to reject or continue needs a human element. What happened to the Tesla's auto drive car? First fatality. So let's experiment with live people for pilotless aircraft.
  5. Interesting re Life Choices

    Maybe it's the f/o's duty to assist?
  6. Flying into Hail

    DEFCON. The chemtrail and strobe switch is a three position switch. So it's understandable that the strobes were on instead of the chemtrail system especially in he vicinity of CBs. Just different forms of visibility. Simple mistake. Happens often.
  7. Flying into Hail

    Not true DEFCON
  8. AC Aircraft Swap

    As side stick says good luck.
  9. SFO Incident

    Blues, are we sure that this aircraft is indeed equipped with GPS? The 320 in Halifax was not equipped with GPS, therefore, it was unable to do any kind or RNAV approach.
  10. SFO Incident

    Good explanation, however, with RWY 28L closed I don't think that there would be any need for the LDA DME 28R to be used, rather the ILS 28R. Maybe with all the waiting aircraft wait on taxiway C with their taxi lights on could cause some confusion. Also with the 30Kt NW xwind the Air Canada 320 would have had a good crab giving the pilots on the ground the illusion that the 320 was pointed right at them. I'm not sure if Air Canada has FDM, a go-around probably would have recorded the event.
  11. SFO Incident

    I'm not sure that the NTSB will have much to go as the incident was 3-4 days earlier. I assuming that the aircraft was departing early the next morning and if it flys 10-12 hours a day the FDR would be overwriting the go-around time so there would be no info to capture.
  12. 150 years young

    The difference is that the Military doesn't have to turn a profit and spends the taxpayer's money with ease.
  13. Ouch, 151 peeps on a A319! Steerage class. Nobody knows who farted!
  14. It will cost you €50 if you don't show up with a boarding pass.
  15. One good thing with ULCC in Canada is that the lower class disturbers probably will not be on the mainline.