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  1. Ouch, 151 peeps on a A319! Steerage class. Nobody knows who farted!
  2. It will cost you €50 if you don't show up with a boarding pass.
  3. One good thing with ULCC in Canada is that the lower class disturbers probably will not be on the mainline.
  4. 737s fly to Glasgow and Dublin.
  5. IMO... 2 choices, turn phone off, I'll talk. Keep recording, you get off.
  6. And with over 12 years of continuous profitability. Air Canada lost $87m Q1.
  7. So what exactly is your point?
  8. Still another TFW!
  9. Looks like a lot of overcomtroling
  10. Another TFW.
  11. Yes, barometric altimeter not radar altimeter.
  12. I don't think that Air Canada had upgraded this aircraft with EGPWS or GPS. Radar altimeter would be reading the ground directly below the aircraft and as the RWY is elevated above the surrounding ground, the altitude would not be used.
  13. Well they didn't exactly force the SB crew off, they were paid rather well and won their loyalty until the aircraft arrived back home.
  14. There's so much money in religion and every religion is big business. They want your money kind of like the government.
  15. Here I thought WestJet had the slackest dress code. Although it's similar it's not policed... generally. Especially with the online checking or kiosk useage and overwhelmed gate agents. Flight attendants don't know who is traveling as employee, dependants or buddies as the walk on board. You're right I wouldn't want to be the pass holder for that fiasco.