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  1. Obviously good foresight on behalf of the executive leadership team protecting the borders.
  2. Actually item [7] said that payment was made. however, $4M in lease payments is still owing!.
  3. Hopefully it won't a cash for gas soon.
  4. Jaydee, are you in Alberta?
  5. One with Asperger's and the other a drunkard on the same sailboat?
  6. thanks Jaydee, I found it after I voted. Obviously we’re not an NDP crowd.
  7. I quickly read the title as 'Vomiting Intentions Poll', and much to my disappointment I re-read it. Liberals- minority at best, spending money from future generations, looking for NDP support CA - minority at best, getting rid of the carbon tax, looking for support from the Green NDP- promising the world knowing that they'll never have to deliver Greens- wishful thinking Bernier's party ?!?! Jody W/L & J Philpott are two that I would have my support, alas, I’m stuck voting for Mr. minimal attendance Len Weber Liberal majority=western separation
  8. Maybe, but the horse will drink when it’s thirsty.
  9. IMO it really doesn’t matter when WestJet reports anymore. Soon all the stock will be sold at $31. And most likely there will be no Q4 report.
  10. I really don’t think WestJet is concerned about Swoop's (descriptive) performance or customer treatment or even if it doesn’t make a profit. It’s sole purpose is to go against Flair and Canada Jetlines from eroding revenue from the mainline. Spirit wings, bare fare, service has equally a poor rating. Friends of mine fly on swoop to save $10! Vs flying on AC or WS. $1 fares on JetsGo(ne) denied WestJet employees their profit share twice. Both AC and Canadian went bankrupt after WestJet entered the market.
  11. You get what you pay for. Sorry no sympathy.
  12. I agree blues. We’ve used Air Transat many times paying for club out of YYZ and YUL. Excellent way to go. I think that for this deal to go thru some politician is going to get their hands greased.
  13. I just don’t know why Boeing didn’t update the 757 if the MAX 10 was going to have about the same #of seats. Then I’m not a Boeing engineer.