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  1. I was thinking ...What a view!
  2. Lawyer/Pilot Low Vis Takeoff

    And X for obscured. W on the SA and C on the forecast.
  3. Lawyer/Pilot Low Vis Takeoff

    WOXOF? It's been a long time since I've heard of that. Wasn't that a question on the MET exam? COXOF Regardless Happy New Year. And may everyday end better than it starts.
  4. Seasonal Whining

    He should send it to Airbus, I guess he wasn't thinking or forgot that they weren't made in Canada.
  5. Perfect Belly Landing

    I was the thinking the same thing having visions of trying to land while juggling the starter.
  6. Perfect Belly Landing

    He forgot to fill out the logbook!
  7. Rapper Targets WestJet

    How did Bieber get through? Or is he yet?
  8. Funk

    Judging by the looks of it, it has a long history. I don't think I've ever seen a big red knob in the panel like that before.
  9. Swoop??

    Millennials are generally living off their parents' money and living at home or close to home and meager income.
  10. Talk about a Tough Landing

    He would have been on the pad in 1/2 the time with less stress with a Canadian made bear trap.
  11. Let it snow, let it snow

    And here here I thought you were talking about the Liverpool/Everton game. Little bit slippery as the boys play the beautiful game.
  12. Flair Air

    Not sure.
  13. I suppose most Lamborghinis and Ferraris end up crashed before the first engine servicing.
  14. WestJet Back in the news

    Should have booked with WestJet vacations and skip the middle man. Insurance isn't a bad idea either. The media probably won't post the final outcome.
  15. New Low Cost Start up in Canada

    Why would there be? Does any other ULCC connect or code share with anyone else? $10 fares? Doesn't anybody learn from history? JetsGo(ne)