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  1. Seeing as most people's feet are not anywhere near an imperial foot, I’m thinking that’s how they’re justifying it.
  2. Thats a really good price for a business class seat .
  3. No sure how the governments could save the airlines because there isn’t much in the line of tax payer's dollars coming from landing fees, business taxes, gst and so on.
  4. WestJet/Air Canada could maybe do the same. Skeleton crew to repatriate travelers.
  5. “National emergency, two very big words” the Donald (duck)
  6. Such as this one. ?
  7. The ones in Kelowna have the Max removed
  8. It should take 2-3 weeks. I waited almost 3 months and then went to the nexus office and asked how long it should take. They checked my application on file and processed me right away. In 2 weeks I had my card. No explanation on why it was hung up.
  10. Advertising for cash flow!
  11. I don't see any reason to do a long landing,
  12. And how about the rest of the story from Paul Harvey! Maybe a puppy mill shipped it. Global reporters are almost always too lazy to get the complete story.
  13. IROP recovery is very difficult when an airline doesn’t have its normal amount of flying spare aircraft.