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  1. thor

    WOW coming to YVR

    Probably at a discounted price.
  2. So buddy wants to sue WestJet. Have at it. The burden of proof is on him to prove that the flight attendant was negligent in his/her job. I’m assuming that MedLink was called and their decision is what we have to go by regardless what any other medical personal says. They assume all responsibility. Malcolm, next time maybe you could give both sides of the story before passing judgment. We all know media networks don’t. Out of my respect for you please keep your Schadenfreude to yourself.
  3. Monday morning quarter backing... two sides to the story. All the more reason to have cabin crew managers.
  4. If the passenger was sitting in the window seat of an emergency exit then it’s a TC requirement that the passenger be awake for take off and landing.
  5. Ok. Yes aircraft can be a dirty environment; however, there is a scheduled cleaning program which mitigates a lot if culumitave dirt and germs. Airlines are public transport and precautions should be taken so as not to touch your face at all when the hands have been in contact with public touch points. Included in not touching your face should be your seldom cleaned cell phone. I’ve see flight attendants picking up their cell phone with the latex gloves on after picking up trash!
  6. thor

    WOW coming to YVR

    Reminds me of the JetsGo days...
  7. Yes there are many in Tech Ops like you, and in my opinion probably one unidentified disgruntled employee making fake news.
  8. thor

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    One of the biggest causes of fatigue is commuting whether it’s driving or flying and nobody wants to admit it. The other is red eye flying and a 24 hour layover for the return. Of course in my humble opinion. I shortened my commute to 35 minutes by road years ago.
  9. thor


    I will be on the CVR and FDR
  10. thor

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    You’re right but they don’t have the AIF, Nav Fees etc that makes our fares in Canada unreasonably less affordable. I flew Norwegian for a 45 min flight for 1/2 what it costs in Canada to go from YYC-YLW including a checked bag.
  11. I don’t think that they could do the RNAV approach because they didn’t have GPS installed on the aircraft.
  12. thor

    Air Canada fined $65K

    Absolutely, CYA.
  13. thor

    Perlan Project

    It works out that 1kt is about 100ft/min. Actually 101ft/min.
  14. thor

    Cockpit Life Hack

    What’s that smell?
  15. thor

    AC on wrong taxiway in Narita

    Commuting plays a big part in fatigue. I know so. Now I no longer commute and flying the same schedules I’m not as tired. Commuting cost me extended time after work's full duty days to get home and leaving a day earlier to get to work.