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  1. Fired While on LTD

    Well as usual there are other sides to a story. Unfortunately the company cannot tell their side unless they are sued. I'm sure the company has solid grounds for dismissal. It seems that reporters really like to give one side of the story particularly if it's negative. Time down the road the truth or the other story is seldom heard. Yes they worked for a company who cares but this company probably doesn't like being abused.
  2. Mysteries Solvied

    Malcolm and Kip, my utmost respect to you guys and your wives. Through thick and thin, richer or poorer may you continue for many more years in love. I'm stil with my first wife, also my BFF.
  3. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    If CRA/Liberal government want to collect more taxes then the first thing they should do is lower the tax base and then institute a compulsory receipt for every transaction. No numbered receipt? No payment required.. That way they would reduce under-the-table cash transactions and the tax would collectable on income earnings and GST, HST and PST as required. Just my opinion.
  4. I'd like to hear from the F/O on his side of the story.
  5. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    My take is that the Liberals asked CRA to try and float this taxable benefit increase and see what the response would be. Alas, it didn't go over well so the Liberals blame CRA for marking a stupid attempt at a tax increase.
  6. It doesn't look like "on the runway" to me!
  7. What’s in the box?

    Welcome back!
  8. What’s in the box?

    I thought blues deville didn't fly WestJet!
  9. Looks like major over controlling judging by the full stop to stop deflection of the rudder. 20mph? 17kt wind.
  10. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Big loss for Canada, bigger loss for Quebec. Although I don't have any sympathy for Quebec which wouldn't allow the east pipeline expansion. That's a much bigger loss for Canada.
  11. Air France A380 engine failure

    Maybe, but it's a little hard to get a three engine ferry permit on a 777.
  12. Air France A380 engine failure

    I suppose that Air France will get a 3 engine ferry permit and fly it to a better local for an engine change and repair.
  13. Seat Selection

    Something got lost in translation...maybe?
  14. WestJet to launch ULCC???

    Maybe it's called evolution, adaptation, reality or even staying fit. Besides the current CEO is not as tunnel visioned as the previous one.who said that we're never going to YYZ. The basic business model therefore changed.