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  1. thor

    Wow, just wow...

    I want to see the log book entry and RTS.
  2. thor

    WestJet 787

  3. Either way it makes the press. Woe is me and the airline screwed up.
  4. thor

    Winter Flair

    Probably for the new to them 737ng for line indoctrination.
  5. Exactly, ALPA sold us out with delusional dreams. What we had was much better.
  6. Nope, but welcome Archimedes' death ray.
  7. thor


    All you need is the data plate to build an airplane.
  8. I believe it’s $.06 CASM. Aircraft are new, (warranty) and owned, crews are paid below legacy carriers. Ancillary revenue probably close to $100 per pax.
  9. thor

    747 at YHZ

    Probably not equipped with GPS.
  10. thor

    The Perile of Chasing Cheap

    Book directly with the airline.
  11. thor

    WOW coming to YVR

    Probably at a discounted price.
  12. So buddy wants to sue WestJet. Have at it. The burden of proof is on him to prove that the flight attendant was negligent in his/her job. I’m assuming that MedLink was called and their decision is what we have to go by regardless what any other medical personal says. They assume all responsibility. Malcolm, next time maybe you could give both sides of the story before passing judgment. We all know media networks don’t. Out of my respect for you please keep your Schadenfreude to yourself.
  13. Monday morning quarter backing... two sides to the story. All the more reason to have cabin crew managers.