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  1. thor

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    You’re right but they don’t have the AIF, Nav Fees etc that makes our fares in Canada unreasonably less affordable. I flew Norwegian for a 45 min flight for 1/2 what it costs in Canada to go from YYC-YLW including a checked bag.
  2. I believe all one pays for is a seat, seatbelt and access to the 'can', everything else is extra. So they wait. pretty sure that AW is included with the access.
  3. I don’t think that they could do the RNAV approach because they didn’t have GPS installed on the aircraft.
  4. thor

    Air Canada fined $65K

    Absolutely, CYA.
  5. Actually we’re really fortunate to have Maverick's skill, talent and experience. And he's just one of the many men and women who shine at WestJet's tech ops.
  6. thor

    Perlan Project

    It works out that 1kt is about 100ft/min. Actually 101ft/min.
  7. thor

    Cockpit Life Hack

    What’s that smell?
  8. thor

    AC on wrong taxiway in Narita

    Commuting plays a big part in fatigue. I know so. Now I no longer commute and flying the same schedules I’m not as tired. Commuting cost me extended time after work's full duty days to get home and leaving a day earlier to get to work.
  9. thor

    AirCanada 2nd Quarter Results

    Malcolm, you’re so eager to report WestJet's loss, could you care to report Air Canada's loss of $71 pre tax on a pre tax income of $163m in simple layman’s terms.Thanks. WestJet's reporting is much easier to understand than Air Canada's EBITAR method.
  10. thor

    AirCanada 2nd Quarter Results

    I’m hoping so Malcolm, I not so sure though. It seems that every time WestJet reports a profit the stock price goes down. Maybe the reverse will be so this time by reporting a loss.
  11. Hold on to your hats boys!
  12. You’re entitled to your wrong opinion.
  13. thor


    I divert all the time around thunder storms. Why is this a big deal if a flight diverts. This is getting petty.
  14. I believe that there is a stay of proceedings indicated by the court. Meaning, I believe that there isn’t any conclusive evidence to tip the scales to proceed either way.