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  2. Advertising for cash flow!
  3. I don't see any reason to do a long landing,
  4. And how about the rest of the story from Paul Harvey! Maybe a puppy mill shipped it. Global reporters are almost always too lazy to get the complete story.
  5. IROP recovery is very difficult when an airline doesn’t have its normal amount of flying spare aircraft.
  6. Oxymoron ... informed public!
  7. Scheduled maintenance yes, breakdowns no compensation. Situations within airline control are any situations not covered by the two categories below.For example, they include commercial overbooking; scheduled maintenance of an aircraft that is necessary to comply with legal requirements; or mechanical malfunction of the aircraft identified during scheduled maintenance.
  8. AMEX platinum is the way to go. Well worth the $699 should one decide to be a ULCC user!
  9. better link
  10. Exactly, what other startups were there?
  11. So, exactly how many seats in a Cherokee 6? I just read that there are some with 7 seat configurations.
  12. Mav. You’re right, they would have a better chance if they were from tech ops.