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  1. I believe that there is a stay of proceedings indicated by the court. Meaning, I believe that there isn’t any conclusive evidence to tip the scales to proceed either way.
  2. Or Air Canada's customers.
  3. No shortage of participation for lower wages. I would call them APLA folks hypocrites because it’s not westjet pay.
  4. The F/As at WestJet don’t work as hard in flight as F/As from other airlines, this according to the F/As who have come from Sunwing, Air Transat, CanJet, Air Canada, Zoom, Emirates, Philippines,
  5. thor

    First WJ plane in new livery

    La flèche
  6. thor

    First WJ plane in new livery

    OK, then, what do you like?
  7. thor

    Mandatory drug testing for pilots

    Now It seems more often that I get a whiff of that aromatic skunk weed while I'm driving.
  8. thor

    It’s raining poop in Kelowna!

    She must be one of those old valley girls.
  9. thor

    Cdn Duty Day Regs

    I can say the same thing where I work. Coming down the bridge T+5 with a designer drink complaining that security was backed up or the line up was long. Relax, I’ve already called crew sked.
  10. thor

    Tesla Sets Tow Record

    Qantas big polluters? Someone should they’ll them to stop being so liberal with the Chemtrail switch.
  11. thor

    WJ Cancels 3 US Routes

    Sorry AME and. maverick, I deleted the offending pretext.
  12. thor

    WJ Cancels 3 US Routes

    No surprise, those were routes code shared with American Airlines. WestJet code shares with Delta now.
  13. You’re right, and I don’t think that there is a very strong support for a strike either. Only a handful of vocal local yocals on the ALPA forum think there is support.
  14. thor

    Flair Air

    Especially when Jetlines was eying the well maintained 10 738 lease returns from WestJet, only to have their plans thwarted with the start up of Swoop. WestJet has to protect the back door at all costs. Remember JetsGo?
  15. Regardless, Mirabel should have been called the Trudeau airport.