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  1. YYZ

    Absolutely. NavCanada is a disappointment. So is the GTAA for that matter. The rules and procedures they both put in place and the little castles they defend Staff shortages, holiday book offs, OT generating deals... business suffers, passengers suffer.
  2. Rapper Targets WestJet

    I like some rap music, but that's not rap. **bleep** kids go for these days. Flash in the pan... he'll be dead after he puts that $150K up his nose, or in his arm... or wraps his next supercar around a tree a little harder.
  3. Encore pilots

    I try to introduce myself to my colleagues anytime it works, in the boarding area, if workload seems low preflight, after a flight, whatever, and yeah it pretty much goes like that - "I'm John on the Boeing in Toronto and I'm not really a new guy, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for the ride"... a brief moment of small talk follows and I leave it at that, and yes, most times in fact the question is "did they get you a good seat in the back"... We are nearly 4000 now spread across aircraft, across bases, and I like to meet my colleagues when possible, my impression has been that they do too... that way I know when I see them who to get a pint for. I believe most of us try to and want to look out for one another where we can, whether the jump, the bunk, etc... maybe that's inappropriate to you... but if we don't watch out for each other NO ONE ELSE WILL... I'll leave it at that... I'm not going to carry on and hijack this thread further and debate every question... maybe we can start a new thread if you think it's a hot issue.
  4. Encore pilots

    Please elaborate rather than insinuate Fido. Bottom line, it's the Captains' jump, alleging generational gap differences is irrelevant and I don't see it. Making an issue here where there is none.
  5. Encore pilots

    Incorrect. The Pilot is not required to be qualified on the aircraft. If they aren't qualified they must be made familiar on emergency equipment and exits. Same as if they are traveling in the cockpit jumpseat. I would suggest your opinion is a minority and bottom line is it's up to the Captain on how his seats are used. I am sure a 777 Captain has the balls to say "No" if that's his preference or someone comes off as an entitled dick. So if you do indeed care, you shouldn't - it's a courtesy between two professional colleagues and neither one of them is you.
  6. Encore pilots

    Entitled? Sounds like they are asking to be able to stretch out a bit. Are you a 777 Captain? If so, why don't you say "No" if it puts you out so much? If you aren't, why do you care? What if they weren't a "demand exceeds supply 17 month new hire" what if they were a 10 year guy? 20+ year guy? I've certainly seen all seniority levels in the bunk on pass travel/commuting. I've been in the bunk for a sleep on pass travel/commuting even DHing, I found the Captains always offered it up, made sure I was taken care of as much as they could when I introduced myself.
  7. WestJet Back in the news

    It's not just about a terminal and a gate though, it's the staffing that are in the midst of dealing with their own struggles and the resulting shortage, reduced availability of catering, grooming, maintenance, everything... When you operate a larger presence like the American airlines you have the staffing and resources that you can still function on a reduced schedule, but if you are a couple flights a day only and rely largely on a few people and contracting your competitors resources to service your flight, is it any surprise they aren't able to help you? This is another case of Poor "should-have-bought-travel-insurance" Me not taking any personal responsibility for booking their discounted vacation during hurricane season... any wonder why it's discounted? And then the media eating it up in their quest for bullsh!t content...
  8. Maybe they could dig up and paint some clapped out Bandeirantes too and make this interesting...
  9. AC retirement projections

    Assuming age 67 doesn't come... The word is that someone has a lawyer.
  10. WestJet 737 Max

    Centre seats blocked for "Premium" I suppose.
  11. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    Airlines have said in the past, in response to taxing pass travel, that if that empty seat has a taxable value they should be able to write it off as a loss when it goes empty.
  12. Nice first post <heavy sarcasm font>... AC is doing great, but the pilots are going the other direction... Is that you Ed?
  13. It sounds like it's your leave that you are giving up to get the bonus? If so I'd want to be paid forthwith.