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  1. What year was that? Really I don't believe you, or hearsay at best.. but whatever... When?
  2. "I would say: Don't fly Swoop" Hahahahahahahahahaha... ya think!!!???
  3. New direction. Growth focused in the property division which Mach alleges had been particularly poorly managed. We always think the airline is the business, we're mostly airline people, but in Transat's case it's not, the package and property, are the business and assets. And the Mach bid was fully financed - they put a second revised offer without finance conditions last month which went ignored.
  4. If this bid is sunk IMO the CEO/board gets fired and a new direction takes shape. Maybe activist type investors. You're right, they may up the offer but I doubt it, particularly if we don't see it by the end of the week... and I'm not sure it makes a difference with Mach acquiring shareholder proxies and +/-25% of the vote already publicly against the deal... not to mention everyone else that's either not voting or possibly voting No. Transat management has completely mishandled this.
  5. Because only shareholders of record on the date the deal was announced can vote. So Mach only wants your proxy with an option to buy at $14. If an investor doesn't take the $14 offer, and this gets a No vote anyway they'll be kicking themself. Even without MACH at 19.5%, this might get voted down. The largest shareholders are all against it. They'll be voting. How many small mom and pop investors and etf holders do you think will be voting? Minimal. And I bet with all the noise on this many that do are thinking they can do better than $13. Then what do you get? Who knows. At least if you throw in with Mach you're protected either way, yes or no. $13 maybe $14.
  6. I find it unreal that you could be well under the drinking and driving BAC and do a year in jail. Not excusing it, but that's excessive when you consider people that go through this are going to lose their careers and have their lives upended for what a bus driver would be legal to operate with. For what you would be legal to operate with in most of this wide world. We're talking the BAC level of less than 1 pint.
  7. I know I'd rather be on the $14 than $13 plan... Forget the board and everyone else's shares...
  8. Funny the TS BOD will make a recommendation for shareholders to sell to AC at $13, but not MACH at $14. I know who I'd be calling.
  9. Best of luck to my licensed colleagues. That situation really is a travesty. There is no way Engineers should be on the same contract as rampies.
  10. Sorry... But your said done, collapsed... if they require a bail out so be it... there's no way they are gone though. Not only bad for US, bad for airlines, bad for travelers, bad for world economy. Really, they were just unlucky... could have just as easily been Airbus, don't kid yourself.
  11. Or maybe it's time the US dumped the Saudis for the Iranians.
  12. There's no way Boeing is done. The US government wouldn't let it happen. One big military contract will take care of everything and put them back in the black.
  13. No doubt you get what you pay for, but when you are stranding people for days you should be buying them a ticket on another airline. It's not like this is a place on the other side of an ocean with weekly service and no alternatives... this is a city served by multiple airlines, each offering multiple direct flights, not to mention connecting flights through other cities, yow, yul, etc. There are lots of options It's one thing for an airline to bump to the next flight, or tomorrow morning or something, but to say your flight is not for 2 days when there are other options? And not provide accommodation? Wow.
  14. My friend is in YHZ now trying to get home after her flight cancelled today... they are telling her not until Tuesday afternoon... They won't book her on AC, flights left with open seats to YYZ this evening, flights with open seats tomorrow morning, and all the agents say is they don't have an agreement with Air Canada... have to wait until Tuesday, no accommodation, and no pizza is being provided! Get real Swoop! People have jobs to get to...