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  1. j.k.

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    LOL... that's about it!
  2. j.k.

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    The Captain. No?
  3. There are still box cutters and knives on the secure side... 911 was an opportunity for some to justify making a lot of money on all the extra layers of BS.
  4. What? Nobody to buy a pizza? Seriously though... That's what travel insurance and self sufficiency is for... Go book a room! Feed your children! Take a taxi! Oooooh... fending for yourself in this world... The horror. If you can afford a week or two vacation for your family you can pay a couple hundred bucks for a last minute hotel booking for the night to look after your family and then sort it out with the airline or the insurance when you get home... Those people will absolutely fly Westjet again if they are the cheapest option by 2$...
  5. I'm not saying that. As I stated "truths"... But somebody will inevitably have a problem with him and anything he says no matter how right it might be. Some are more interested in shouting down discourse because of the messenger rather than listening to an idea on its own merit. It's impossible to bring up some things now, impossible to reference some people now, without someone else being deeply offended. Anyway... my statement was more a joke about that... "LoL"... and the association to the "victims" of this well handled oceanic diversion and recovery.
  6. "non-contributing zero" Sums it up well... LoL... Be careful about dropping Louis CK truths though... Someone will have a problem with that too.
  7. The Pilots made a great decision... probably just inside ETOPs when the issue occurred, well ahead of the ETP... a little bit of figuring and coordinating was likely before the turn around which took them further out... but why chance it with 1 system left over a big ocean into a base with minimal support and a shortish runway. The flight got back to YVR at 1433. Replacement flight left YVR at 1936, into OGG late that evening - Pax didn't miss any nights... Less than 5 hours in the terminal... all considered not too bad IMO. If you can't get by with a 10 dollar sandwich and a coffee, chip in an extra 5 or 10 and get what you want. I mean what do you want? Surf and turf and a bottle of '81 Chateau Latour? No these people want to be victims. Like the story of the Hawaii holiday trip and oceanic diversion isn't enough. And instead of saying great job pilots and airline, we're glad we were accommodated reasonably quickly all considered and got there safely later that day, they call the CBC and feign outrage. Get a life.
  8. I heard A350-1000 orders are in the works too as a 777 replacement... not B777X.
  9. Shunning more Boeings plays well politically too after the BS from Boeing and the Americans.
  10. How does it stall progression? Wasn't Swoop going to do that anyway?
  11. It's like a Mexican standoff. Hamilton wants the airlines' commitments before expansion, the airlines want the expansion before committing... Hamilton loses either way.
  12. I tried to take the flight a few times... Every time the flight was full or close to full. They had just moved to 3x daily from 2x... if I recall when they launched the route a few years back it was only 1x. I suspect it's more than light loads that caused the route to be pulled... maybe politicking with airport authority or something.
  13. j.k.

    737 800 Over run

    Was it a MAX or NG? Sounds like NG... "737-800"
  14. Sounds like a great reason to bilk taxpayers for a bunch of business class trips around the world... "research"...