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  1. Gold plated palaces built on excessive fees yet with inadequate operational facilities. Tear down the entire system in Canada and start again with something that makes sense and brings real value to the operators and customers.
  2. Sensing weakness in the primary France to Quebec market player no doubt. Dump in a bunch of seats, pressuring Transat primarily.
  3. "High speed intercepts aren't really a tactic of the F35" I wonder what we were planning on doing with them? Sneaking up on the Russians slowly?
  4. Fails to conceal the what exactly? If you're going to "nevermind" it, just don't include it, that's what backspace is for. That's impressive that a 6 week intensive training course is conducted by some in this business, and we understand what that brings in terms of consistency and quality of service/product, but that's certainly not what's required to fill the position. I think your comparators are a little off... Rookie Doctors and Lawyers vs. Flight Attendants? If you say so...
  5. Perhaps Icelandair has been considering this action previously - Pilot FAs - you have to wait until the end... Please don't watch if you take offense easily... but the context seems right.
  6. Sorry to here all these people losing their jobs, but perhaps it's a creative solution to ensure the pilots can stay current, and the business can stay viable and respond timely to a recovery leading to an eventual recall. Otherwise perhaps everyone will be gone... Spool up time to get a new pilot trained and ready for the line is in the order of 3 months. FAs with minimum training? I'd guess 1-2 weeks?
  7. And a 777 has a lower CASM than a DH8-300... doesn't matter if the route can't fill enough seats. Operating cost overall is higher.
  8. There aren't any flight attendants either... all layed off. But most of the pilots haven't been trained away yet.
  9. Django Reinhardt. ... and he did it with only 3 fingers on his left hand.
  10. Preparing for a similarly drafted statement in the weeks ahead regarding another M&A.
  11. Yeah. But we're in Canada and we're like the worst of the world for pilot pay. Plus the rest of the costs in Canada are higher than the rest of the world so it even inflates our pay% more. ie other staff and fees and taxes. As I said AC is 3%ish and WJ is likely less.
  12. I might have been a bit of hyperbole, but you have gone now the other direction. 3+/- at AC, I think Westjet is less.
  13. "helps the companies... to recover better on the other side" Why should labour take the hit for that? Pilot salaries are such a small part of the overall cost picture, you could work for free and it would amount to the company saving 1¢ on every dollar in their budget. So you devalue your pay to the point where everyone is hurting just to help the billionaires' equity fund? At the company that has been turning profits for 20 years? I would imagine the downbid into Encore is going to be quite the event for Westjet. I would be surprised if all the layoffs happen, the amount
  14. Where are they supposed to park 148 aircraft? All the 737s have been parked in the US because you don't want them sitting the Canadian seasons. Same goes for these, how long will they sit now? I don't think any unions have a say on where aircraft are parked.