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  1. j.k.

    The New Bearded ones

    Jazz policies? Yeah, yeah there's an AC FOM note... 1/2", trimmed... probably the line right below no facial hair below your upper lip line for those wearing moustaches. I haven't heard anyone complaining against the moustache guys with bushy staches or handlebars wrapping down the sides.
  2. j.k.

    The New Bearded ones

    Put the strawman back in the bag. Ties and beards and backwards ball caps are completely different things... and I'm sure there are bankers with beards. And you're wrong.
  3. j.k.

    The New Bearded ones

    I originally thought/heard that also, but I have it on good authority that's actually not true. It was coming anyway. Jeez, I don't know why anyone cares! Beards are accepted in our society... From business to government to academia to celebrities...
  4. j.k.

    The New Bearded ones

    "Published grooming standards" Lol, got that brochure in the mail I think... And some guys need a haircut, or to fix whatever it is they've been getting that they call a haircut... some are deathly in need of new shoes, others should dryclean their pants for Fs sake... or get rid of the wheels from China that light up pink when you walk... Everyone I see wearing beards look great. Better than some of the staches I've seen over the years at least... I say keep on keepin on...
  5. j.k.

    Wrong Airport

    Absolutely. No disagreement from me there... My post was only speculating what they were doing that led then into an unacceptable position... one guy looking outside, figuring he's lining up about where dolpn is, 4-5 mile final, while the other is in a rush to select the flap, the gear, do the landing checklist, etc. and nobody crosschecking inside...
  6. j.k.

    Wrong Airport

    For the sake of accuracy, it's DME 6.6, but 4.5nm from RWY 06. I think rushed is the threat here... "Do you got it?" "Uhhhh... uhhhh, I think I see it, uhhhh yeah there it is..." "Cleared the visual" "SH!T! Better get down..." CLICK, CLICK, "FLAPS! GEAR!" "Uh... SH!T... that's not it! GO AROUND, FLAPS!"... The pressure we put on ourselves to take the visual to accommodate ATC/traffic/efficiency/time esp. in the States... "Do you have the field? Report field in sight. Do you have it? How about now?"... If it's not an airport I am very familiar with or a published visual procedure... NO THANKS. Even then I have no interest anymore in carving an airliner onto final at 1000'AGL, 3 NM final, or rushing to keep it in tight while high on profile. Maybe that's just me... but I don't need to prove anything and I don't need the aggravation... With the stable approach requirements, tdz awareness, etc... Keep it simple, give yourself space and time.
  7. j.k.

    RNV-Y FMC Pictures

    No problem.
  8. j.k.

    RNV-Y FMC Pictures

    Hi Felix, I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for... but here you go. . For example Capital 4 Arrival, expecting RNP Y 32. I would have loaded the full arrival and placed the expected transition after the vector. Fix sequence like this... VISOL ULAGU DEMKO VOLAG DUKTI VECTORS DEMKO ULDAX XORUX VODUL MIXOT RW32 RAFNO If you clear us the RF transition from DEMKO, I would bring the lower DEMKO up to the top one, and it would clear the points in between, giving me the desired transition... fix sequence like this... VISOL ULAGU DEMKO ULDAX XORUX VODUL MIXOT RW32 RAFNO If you said the transition wasn't available and we were going to be vectored... I would leave it and allow it to fly the route I programmed into the STAR downwind VECTOR until you turned me on a heading, then I would carry MIXOT to the top with a 320° intercept extension. MIXOT RW32 RAFNO That clears the previous DEMKO RF transition and associated points out and just leaves an extended centerline which we would intercept. Hope that helps.
  9. Really? Trashing of? Hardly... How many Airbuses are still there? Recent Airbus purchases... 321s, 330s. plus 319s kept. How many Boeings are there? Aside from that, I have no doubt the new sims, training, maintenance, was all part of the package. That's ALL these guys do. Cost sh!t out. They don't care it's this or that or FAs hate it... Why would they? I don't care either... it is what it is... and the passengers like it... big TV screens and big bins...
  10. Sophisticated doesn't necessarily equate to better. I believe the 737-8max has lower operating costs than the 320neo and I believe AC acquired them at a far more attractive price. Some FAs might not like them - girt bar, small galley, jumpseat, but the passengers seem to like them, and the pilots I know think it's fine... it is what it is... EMJ burns with 169 passengers.
  11. j.k.

    Departure Attitudes

    I don't get what the guys problem was...
  12. j.k.

    ID Check

    Sounds like a bumbling agent. They let them on, the other agent was satisfied too, why then go on the aircraft 10 minutes later and make a scene? I mean, sure, if you're going to be a boy and look like a girl, you have to be able to roll with it a bit sometimes in these situations and be prepared to explain things or clear up misunderstandings... it sounds like that happened at the gate though. The agent needs to learn some discretion.
  13. j.k.

    AC on wrong taxiway in Narita

    I bet the sign in the grass, in front of them to their left says B7... Of course it denotes the exit after the sign - But when you're approaching the end, and there is only one high speed charted near the end, and you see what looks like a high-speed, and there is a B7 sign next to it, and you're probably trying to expedite... you get sucked in. Tough one for these guys...
  14. My father in law got sick a number of years ago. His family doctor booked him an appointment with a specialist, it was going to be months down the road before he could be seen. He became so sick while he waited that he literally turned yellow, went to emerg, diagnosed with cancer. Dead a few months later. Health care in this country has very few benefits beyond that it is eventually available to everyone, if you can live that long, and there are some very good people that work on the front lines of it. Other than that, we've got absolutely nothing to brag about.
  15. Of course people want cheaper, but ceding control of our airlines to foreign pressure, allowing more subsidized carriers in (UAE), or introducing cabotage are all big picture losing moves for Canada. No mention of expensive airports, excessive fees, and the high taxes that Canadian consumers pay for on their ticket price... If people want cheaper, and want to stimulate the industry, that's what needs to be cleaned up.