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  1. Thanks for clarifying, I guess I knew that... must have just been thinking Georgian.
  2. I heard there aren't any Beech's flying AC routes anymore.
  3. 50:1 seating 40:1 passengers I'm not sure the exact regulation wording, but I don't think you can switch back and forth between them on a sequence of flights.
  4. Absolutely this was intentional. How can there be any doubt... straight out climb on the departure path from the international airport. Several departures before it - cargo and ME countries. Iran and the Ayatollah with Russian hardware into a plane of Canadians and Iranian-Canadians going to Canada, plus a handful of Ukranians and other Westerners...
  5. I think comparing the model T to an airliner is the wrong analogy. That's like a Wright Flyer... Maybe something like a 1960 Buick Riviera... or any Detroit automobile from that era would be a more parallel comparison... There are a lot of 40-60 year old cars still on the road. Big steel bumpers and lots of metal... I'd rather take a hit it one of those than a 2019 Kia with an airbag.
  6. JD Power ranking says as more about the expectation of that cross section of the population that is the airline's passengers as it does the airline. I don't think many Canadians are ever satisfied. IMO the level of entitlement in our society in general is growing exponentially... people see these amazing Instagram or Influencer posts and are **bleep** that it isn't their reality when they take a trip, when the fact is, it really isn't anyone's... It's all attitude. Just MHO.
  7. That is the most ridiculous decision to put it at YYZ. It is the most ridiculous to allow it at YYZ. Obviously political, keeping jobs in region, to allow the divestment, sale, and redevelop of Downsview.
  8. I see the 350-1000 being the eventual replacement for 777s...
  9. Big +1. Are we a free country and civilized society or not? I don't need the government telling me when or where or how I do anything when I'm not bothering anyone else. And it's about time for dogs on patios!
  10. They're buying like 5 or 6 of each to develop training programs for other militaries. Banana Republic needs an airforce on the cheap? Uncle SAM isn't getting them F35s, but is ready to get them up and running with these. The US has no need of these for their own operations.
  11. I bet this was a joke gone wrong... Captain leaves the video up and then goes back there where he's on it? Give me a break. There never was a live stream at all... that's why no camera could be found. I bet the Captain recorded a one time video with his iPad and then does a playback when someone comes up to run his "joke"... Except this time it was someone with their own set of issues with the airline and looking to be a victim and leverage the opportunity to any advantage they could.
  12. Happy to disagree on it. The world is changing, Russian, Chinese, whoever will be and are challenging our ability to control our territory. Particularly in the Arctic.
  13. Are we a sovereign nation or not? We absolutely do need interceptors. We absolutely do not need turboprop light attack aircraft We absolutely do need an extensive, Arctic capable Naval fleet. We have to own the North and the Arctic moving forward. That's where the pressure will and is coming, and from the Americans too. Our status quo capabilities basically cedes it to whomever wants to go up there... The Chinese nuclear ice breaker about to launch - rumoured to be the largest in the world - isn't for sailing the South China Sea...