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  1. Sorry... But your said done, collapsed... if they require a bail out so be it... there's no way they are gone though. Not only bad for US, bad for airlines, bad for travelers, bad for world economy. Really, they were just unlucky... could have just as easily been Airbus, don't kid yourself.
  2. Or maybe it's time the US dumped the Saudis for the Iranians.
  3. There's no way Boeing is done. The US government wouldn't let it happen. One big military contract will take care of everything and put them back in the black.
  4. No doubt you get what you pay for, but when you are stranding people for days you should be buying them a ticket on another airline. It's not like this is a place on the other side of an ocean with weekly service and no alternatives... this is a city served by multiple airlines, each offering multiple direct flights, not to mention connecting flights through other cities, yow, yul, etc. There are lots of options It's one thing for an airline to bump to the next flight, or tomorrow morning or something, but to say your flight is not for 2 days when there are other options? And not provide accommodation? Wow.
  5. My friend is in YHZ now trying to get home after her flight cancelled today... they are telling her not until Tuesday afternoon... They won't book her on AC, flights left with open seats to YYZ this evening, flights with open seats tomorrow morning, and all the agents say is they don't have an agreement with Air Canada... have to wait until Tuesday, no accommodation, and no pizza is being provided! Get real Swoop! People have jobs to get to...
  6. Oh, did they order pizza? My mistake, it wasn't reported in the story... Facts? Weather is certainly a fact. Time on aircraft, and being restricted from getting off is reported in the story. Is it fake news? No air conditioning, again reported in the story by eye witnesses, and evidenced by heat stroke in an FA taken to hospital. Was that fake news too? As you say, APUs are pretty effective at cooling the cabin, so didn't sound like they turned it on, was it broken? Maybe... but if that's the case why are you leaving 100 or 150 people on your aircraft for hours during a heat wave? My comment stands... What's the Captain doing here? People should no be restricted to remaining on a hot aircraft for that length of time. It's our responsibility to hold boarding, or deplane the aircraft when it subjects passengers to dangerous conditions like this. Is that chucking **bleep**?
  7. What!? and they didn't even order a pizza? 30° day with soaring humidity, 3.5 hours in an aircraft with no ground air, too cheap to fire up the APU, won't let pax off, FA taken away on the ambulance with heat stroke... what's the Captain doing here, is this how ultra low cost Swoop culture is?
  8. j.k.


    I think Douglas Reid has been spending too much of his career on Academia Island shooting spitballs and seeing what sticks... Buying Porter for its attractive domestic and international routes? Westjet being 100% bought by Southwest? A provincial premier having a say in a 100% sale to an American carrier? None of these things will happen. Doubly so on sale to Southwest... Exponentially so on a provincial approval mattering on a majority sale to a foreign owner... it isn't their jurisdiction... and it isn't going to go above 49% for a long time, if ever, and even then, certainly not as an exception for an already established player... and certainly not in Onex's timeline for this investment.
  9. Not a very long time employee at all... less than 5 years... he was at Westjet (10 years) but didn't start there... immediately prior AC, Malaysian (2 years,)... and before Westjet he worked at Canadian (2 years) and Air Miles (2 years). Anyway, good riddance I say, as a shareholder, I see all management positions at Rouge as redundant and a waste of money. "*President*" LOL, right... forgot who he was until this story ran...
  10. I heard he ran the airline the way we would appreciate it. Gutte reise, Herr Lauda.
  11. j.k.


    Maybe it's this one? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/business/commentary/article-with-westjet-deal-onexs-schwartz-again-goes-to-battle-with-air/
  12. j.k.


    Your link doesn't work.
  13. This is a simplistic narrative that I keep seeing in the media. It's made here by some data nerds, without any relevant industry or design experience but a flare for making and narrating computer videos from what they read in the news. They are attempting to develop a conspiracy outrage and increase their YouTube views. Do the pilots "fly" or handle the aircraft significantly different than any other 737? No. Should this plane be a differences course only? ie. a couple i-pad modules. Yes. The only issues I see: - Pilots should have been trained on MCAS, it's potential problems, how they present, and how to handle it. We were made aware after Lion Air. - The single sensor failure causing such an issue was a bad design decision by Boeing and it needs to be revamped. It sounds like it is: multiple sensor agreement required, less aggressive mcas input, more easily overridden by pilot input.
  14. j.k.


    offer the flight on the max for $10 less and people will fill the thing up.