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  1. I'll give you the benefit of assuming that I'm not reading your sarcasm font clearly on that one...
  2. Homeland security was quick to contain the Secretary's statement: A Homeland Security official called The Globe and Mail late Friday night from Washington to say that Mr. Kelly did not mean to imply that there had been specific threats against Air Canada or any other airline. "The Secretary was not referring to any specific plot or specific airlines. He was talking generally about efforts by terrorists to disrupt air travel and he used examples of airline names," said the official, who was part of Mr. Kelly's delegation to Ottawa. "He did not intend to imply specific plots about this airline." In other words: He was just making a false statement without basis. Speaking without thinking. Seems reckless and characteristic of this administration so far.
  3. Transiting through LHR will save you their pricey LHR tax vs. destined/departing there... Same with YYZ, not to mention all the Canadian taxes... Many of them likely don't count when you are in transit ... we must be one of the least competitive jurisdictions in the world, particularly YYZ.
  4. The 'jumpseat' (or the seat in the cabin in lieu of) is the captain's - the advantage isn't to the competing airline, but to the individual - it's a courtesy between professionals. With reciprocity the advantage and courtesy goes both ways. We have seen an erosion of this in recent years through Government and Corporate policies, but we can't forget whose seat it is and who decides who goes there. Unfortunately I also think we've seen erosion of this through individual grudges and attitudes. I've seen levels of animosity and snark from fellow professionals increase in recent years between competing carriers... Seems we ought to remember that we all came from a similar cut of cloth to get to one seat or the other, and we need protect the profession through some mutual respect. Corking one another is poor form.
  5. Thank you Westjet? What did Westjet do?
  6. Word is it wasn't the way the story portrays it... and the whole swoop in 'this is how westjet does it' is outright made up. Good job on the AC crew making the safe choice to an uneventful diversion in the middle of the night at the end of a long duty day in poor weather. I understand AC staff were busy answering questions, booking new flights and getting everyone's accommodations looked after for the night. Nice of a fellow industry professional to order in a few pizzas while AC staff were sorting other things out...
  7. I could see Trump kicking the ME3 to the curb in exchange for being able to say he brokered a deal to create 25,000 jobs. I mean he should kick them to the curb either way... but this makes it even easier to pull the trigger.
  8. Like this is a new problem? How many governments have come and gone and nothing... and you feign outrage from your armchair... I wonder what people living the issue have to say? There are many similar stories, in fact Canadian indigenous people voted in record numbers in the last election and overwhelmingly they supported and continue to believe in Trudeau... is it perfect? can it ever be? but it seems he's making advances that benefit a broad section of Canadian interests... and getting the pipeline expansion through native territories approved in short order - which Harper couldn't do in nearly 10 years of trying... seems collaboration and cooperation works?
  9. I read that article when it was first published Kip. Thanks for reminding me again of the O'Leary illusion though... Deicer, I'd like to hear some truth and real criticism of Trudeau vs. what's being offered here... which is pretty empty generalisations...
  10. I guess we run in different circles... I don't hear anyone laughing - but I hear a few like you with zero substance complaints and baseless derogatory comments. I like reality. Facts. I'm not a Trudeau fan, I'd prefer a few things run differently, but overall he's getting more done than the Harper Government did... Barely one year in - after being handed a shiit sandwich economically with oil tanking and the US now turning inward and we have 2 pipelines, plus keystone coming, we stood tall against the Belgians and secured CETA, there's a middle class tax cut, firm action on carbon emissions, continued support to our allies in eastern Europe, valuable action in the Middle East, and a leading contribution to the refugee crisis. We have Americans and Europeans who want to move here. We are the last bastion of the progressives, yet still able to close a multimillion dollar weapons deal with the Saudis... I don't have a problem with trashing Trudeau, but might as well get something to take to task because you're offering nothing... Kinda like the Conservative party offers nothing... Rona, Raitt, Leitch, Maxime... now O'Leary... LOL.. Give me Mulroney anyday over these hacks...
  11. He already did it... "On Wednesday Trudeau at first defended his behaviour saying he answered a question asked in French in English in Ontario at the start of his tour." http://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/justin-trudeau-raked-over-the-coals-for-french-answers-to-english-questions Much about nothing... If this is all you can get at, or complain about his education or work history then I think your complaints are pretty thin. Let's get on with it...
  12. Dagger, I usually appreciate your posts, but as far as US espionage not involving swaying sovereign nation politics, I have to disagree vehemently. That said, nobody on this forum can say that the Russians weren't hacking this election. In fact the FBI, intelligence officials and none other than the President himself are saying that they were... So my question to the rest is how can you be so sure? Do you not think it plausible? Even likely? Make no mistake, Putin focking hates the West and what happened to the former USSR. How can you play so willfully ignorant when all those on "our" side say otherwise? Because the right wing won and anything to diminish that is heresy? Is that how blind you are willing to be over the narrow difference in our political spectrum? Assange and Snowden were admirable in their initial deeds but I'm afraid that their credibility is past the expiry dates at this point... I'm not saying they are wrong necessarily, but tainted without corroboration. Bottom line: keep an open mind and watch your/our backs. Most of the world would like to see the West fail/fall.
  13. When they did the 3 prequels I was disappointed... I liked the Force Awakens though... I look forward to Rogue 1...
  14. O'Leary might be smart, but like the advertisement from the Mayor, self serving. He doesn't give a shot about you or me or Canada... More interested in his corporate pals, bank account and above all EGO. Unfortunately our political talent chest is bankrupt... Our citizenship is polarising... I don't see a bright future in many respects for our once great slice of the world...
  15. I like CBC radio. I like ad free CBC radio. I have no problem with this. I can't stand most of their populist news drivel though...