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  1. vrefplus5

    Westjet pilots strike vote

  2. vrefplus5

    Swoop - Apply now

    That’s apparently only an issue with certain Chinese carriers, Blues. Xiamen Air being one of them. Several others are actively recruiting and training Canadians as I type.
  3. vrefplus5

    Swoop - Apply now

    Or on the hotel shuttle....or airport crew bypass. This industry is rife with either hypocrites and two-faced masqueraders....or folks with extreme short-term memory loss. There will be absolutely no shortage of applicants, for the posted positions.
  4. Flight and cabin crew. Flair Air did the same contract previously which 5T will now operate. Cheers.
  5. vrefplus5

    Flair route expansion

  6. vrefplus5

    WestJet to launch ULCC???

    Does anyone know if theyve secured funding, or even an investor?https://finance.yahoo.com/news/canada-jetlines-signs-letter-intent-090000783.html