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  1. WestJet to Increase Hamilton Service

    Directly aimed at NewLeaf with lower base fares & no apologies offered!! Hamilton loads have been modestly encouraging to NL from what I've heard, so the WS response isn't surprising.
  2. Trigana 737 freighter in belly landing

    Accident: Trigana B733 at Wamena on Sep 13th 2016, hard landing results in main gear collapse http://avherald.com/h?article=49deae9a&opt=0 200' ceilings and visual only approaches? CVR should be interesting to listen to.
  3. New Leaf Travel

  4. Air Canada’s CEO riding out low Canadian dollar - BNN News http://www.bnn.ca/News/2016/4/8/Air-Canadas-CEO-riding-out-low-Canadian-dollar.aspx
  5. Flair to Provide Uplift for Transat

    ....and now for YFB services. NunatsiaqOnline 2016-04-06: NEWS: Nunavut’s re-branded Go Sarvaq’s now ready to take off http://www.nunatsiaqonline.ca/stories/article/65674nunavuts_rebranded_go_sarvaqs_ready_to_take_off/
  6. Jetlines arm twisting?

  7. 787

  8. New Leaf Travel

    Too late Internet.
  9. Westjet To Boston

    YHZ-BOS as well.
  10. Worlds Biggest Aircraft

    Impressive Russian technology. But they prefer, almost to a man, their headset choice to good old David Clark of the USA.
  11. 36 posts so far on his jewel and not a peep. You vacationing Bean?
  12. Thanks Lakelad!! Everybody spins......even our loveable, if somewhat self-serving "Bean". You made my day, sir.
  13. Porter going public via IPO

    Agreed ILB !!! MD2...maybe you're taking this thread a wee too personal now. I've been amused by the bantering between you and Mr. Bean. There's a ton of information to be gleaned from listening to you both, and I honestly hope Porter does ok with their plans to build an airline, etc. etc. etc (it certainly can't be easy).....but the unsavoury finacial fact's presented by Bean in this issue really shouldn't be ignored. I'm ignorant when it comes to the financial mechanics of airlines, so when Bean dumbs the figures down for plebs like me to understand, I can appreciate the effort. Help me, and anyone else to understand (using the numbers provided) how this IPO can possibly be a LONG TERM viability. Not picking on you....just want your FACT BASED opinion. I'm still learning. Thanks Ref
  14. CoD MW2

    Except I believe Dropzone is getting it for a PS3.....and the Play Station Network (PSN) allows multiple accounts on the same console. Plus online gaming is free....something that XBox Live isn't, and was one of the reasons I switched gaming consoles. LL3G3NDARY