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  1. I don’t think the Rapidair is going anywhere… Just $20B of our tax dollars https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2021/07/07/via-rails-new-plan-is-bold-but-can-be-even-better.html “The VIA plan predicts travel times between Ottawa and Toronto would be lowered from the present 4 hours, 30 minutes to 3 hours, 15 minutes, although in recent times VIA has offered trips of 4 hours. There is also some clarification needed on the trip time between Montreal and Toronto as those trains would stop in Ottawa, adding another hour and a quarter, making the entire trip about 4 hours and 30 minutes.”
  2. This is a ridiculous notion masked in the modern day society’s new found fad “inequality”.
  3. In my opinion you’re over thinking this. The province was (is) still in a wave three mess. The Premier needed to distract the populous and threw them a bone. There is zero chance all travellers were quarantining (my guess is the actual compliance was 50% if that). This is all theatrics.
  4. As a female or a person of diverse background - do I want a company to promote such a quota? So people think I got the job, not on my merits, but because of what I look like or the chromosome at conception? No thanks.
  5. If it wasn’t WestJet, it would have been someone else. The “good old days” pre low cost carriers was never going to sustain itself.
  6. I agree with Specs. Staring at a screen for an hour is about all I can take. Conferences or longer meetings will still need to be done in person.
  7. WestJet continues to isolate themselves in a hub city that - due to a number of factors - will continue to be a city in decline. There is a reason AC left town and is fine with WS having what’s left.
  8. Ridiculous nonsense. Could be worse. Just see Canada’s worst Authority in YWG. They raised the AIF 50%. Guess someone needs to pay the debt on that ugly terminal they built.
  9. This thread ?... Let’s be rational for a moment. I’m required to wear a mask - except if I’m eating or drinking. Ok. So we establish that I’m not required to have them on at all times. And since I’m free to eat or drink at anytime during the flight, comparing masks to seatbelts is not relevant to the argument. So now we have established that a mask is not absolute. Save the Transport Canada rule argument as it’s not valid. Many on here are siding with the crew and the airline - fine. I wasn’t there. Nor were you. So he said / she said. I’ve seen video with kids wearing a mask so I will side with the family. My problem is the bully tactics displayed by WestJet. Yes. Bully tactics. The crew did not act rationally. The crew clearly did not deescalate - call the cops as that always helps deescalating things. In my opinion they knew these were pass travellers and quickly got aggressive: since pass travellers apparently as shown to me in the comments above must take any nonsense given to them with a smile and rank just below the baggage. WestJet culture now is clear to me the company doesn’t give a care about pass travellers: see below) Then the company went out of its way to tell the press these were pass travellers and then the next day informing the press their “privileges” had been revoked. Two news cycles good job. The company failed. The crew failed. The pass traveller thing is to distract from the main issue of how poorly WJ handled all this. That is my issue. Homer: remember when I got caught stealing watches from Sears? Well that’s nothing because you have a gambling problems. And remember when I let that lunatic in the house because he was dressed as Santa, well you have a gambling problem.
  10. Industry people rally around the company; stick it to the pass traveller the thread cries out. Stop being distracted by that for a minute. WJ uses the fact they were travelling as pass holders as a cover and excuse for the lousy handling of the situation. Blame the traveller. Blame the person who gave them the pass. Then publicly announces that they are cancelling the passes - we will show them the mighty company says. (I don’t know who is running the company now - or the communication strategy - maybe it’s not great because they are “working at home” and all the Netflix is distracting them - but the attitude about Covid is way way over the top - see the tweet announcing zero tolerance.) It’s all a distraction. Read what the non-industry people are saying. It’s a bad read for WestJet. But you’d never know on here. And now the world gets to hear the story: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54096061 https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/westjet-mask-row-scli-intl/index.html The company failed. They over reacted. Covered themselves and look bad for it. But they were pass travellers so it’s fine.
  11. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5716636 We each have our own definition of “respect”.
  12. Oh. So because they were on passes it gives the Airline an out to treat them like complete crap. Pass travellers have a responsibility to act reasonably - but they certainly do not give up the right to being treated with courtesy and respect. WestJet PR made it a central issue that they were on passes. Now you're excusing WJ. If they were flying upfront - how do you react then? Still zero sympathy? And what about all the other precious guests who were getting mad at the crew - then all ended up spending the night in YYC. Going to blame this family for that too? On what planet can you rationalize any of this?
  13. WestJet was quick to point out they were travelling on passes - giving them more wiggle room to excuse the company’s horrible handling of the situation. Just a miserable attempt at distraction.
  14. Calgary Herald story has more details https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/abuse-harassment-and-outright-disrespect-family-forced-off-westjet-flight-for-not-masking-their-19-month-old/wcm/de764b1b-29d6-4c04-a663-06714258283f/ Good job WJ. Handled flawlessly. ?
  15. The company sitting on hundred of dollars of money it refuses to refund is doing a bang up job being irrational - threatening customers with bans - over a policy requiring masks that I don’t have to wear if I am drinking or eating.
  16. More rational thinking. Return to the gate over a mask....
  17. Lucky Toronto Calgary next? Then what - the entire network?
  18. I’m not a pilot. But I’m guessing those of you who are could list off dozens of safety and airfield improvements to all the Canadian airports - that you’d each take over a damn waterfall or ridiculous art crap. And maybe I’m not Joe Public. But I’d rather you get what you need vs the nonsense we get now.
  19. So fire lots of pilots. Then try to get them back? If the situation arises where they need pilots, don’t you think ever other airline will be looking for pilots too? Is this really about being an FA is beneath a pilot? Lay-off better than showing people how to buckle a seat belt?
  20. at the risk of infuriating some - let’s be honest - a pilot is a much harder position to replace. The level of training and skills is higher than any FA. So keep as many pilots as possible - if the business grows/returns to “normal” hiring FAs is easy compared to finding pilots.
  21. Right...Because managers are all so stupid and self centred that they can’t objectively evaluate who is productive and who isn’t. Seniority protects the weak and useless at the expense of others and the business.
  22. For $100 a month you’d all still be laid off but those with seniority could move half way across the country to work still. Sign your cards!
  23. There is a massive difference between having your own staff and contracting out. There is at least a connection to the airline and to the customers with your own staff. Contracted staff couldn’t care less about the customer. The only thing that remains from early WJ is the name. Everything else is gone.
  24. What to you put in the plane to give the engines energy? Just asking, for a friend.
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