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These are products I am personally familiar with that I recommend based on my experience with them.  Signing up through the link provided will financially support the site.

Brim Mastercard - Brim Affiliate link  This is a Canadian Credit Card.  (of course, using the link does not allow me any access or information about who used it)

Standard credit card features; insurance, points, etc.  A long list to review on their site including secondary cards and free global wifi.  The one thing that's different and the reason I got the card is that it does not charge an extra charge for foreign currency transactions.  Charged the converted amount with no surcharge/extra fee.  My previous card would charge an extra $7.50 for each transaction which adds up quickly!

There are 3 card levels; a $0 basic card (that still has the free wifi and no charge foreign exchange) up to a premium card at $199/year with the insurance, etc.  Currently running a promo to rebate the annual fee!

With the free global wifi and no charge foreign currency transactions it's certainly worthwhile to get the basic card at least.

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