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A Day in the Life of a UA FA


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I think that just about every airline in the industry has a few of those "dedicated" FA and I have had the pleasure of meeting and flying with  a few. 

The one that was the "best" had all the traits of the subject FA in this article but she went a little further.....

Almost 3 decades ago, while employed by Max Ward, I was taking Scuba02 to Hawaii as she had never been there and we were flying on a WD 747....(economy SA). The on-board service in our section was outstanding and my wife remarked how lovely the FA was and how wonderfully well  she interacted with the pax. During the flight the FA asked if we were heading for Aloha country for vacation. My wife piped up that she had never been there and were were going to celebrate our 25th on the beach at Waikiki. More "girl to girl" conversation ensued and then the FA went back to the rest of her charges.

As we deplaned that FA gave my wife a good-bye hug and then grabbed me for what  I felt was a bit too close and too long  for good-bye hug until,..............I realized she was shoving a full bottle of champagne in my jacket pocket !!!!

Aloha !!!B)..(I miss those days)

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