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AC liberalizes Tango, Fun changes


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From today's Daily

"Changing flights on Tango just got easier. Customers have been asking for it, and now it's available - same day, confirmed change reservations on Tango fares. Effective today, customers who purchased a Tango fare but who want to change their reservation at the last minute for another flight on the same day can do so by paying a flat amount of $150 Cdn/ $120 US (plus any applicable taxes)."

AC did this a few weeks ago with the FUN fare, putting in a $50 same day change fee. Now, AC won't charge the fare difference for any same-day changes. Customers can get a confirmed seat on an earlier or later flight that day by paying the flat fee, which makes those fares more flexible than the competitions'. That makes it easier on airport employees - transactions are simpler, and standby lines shorter. The competition does allow standby (first come, first served, employees included), but for a confirmed rebooking, requires payment of the fare difference between the price paid originally and the fare available that day, which can be a few hundred dollars.

The only constant in the airline industry is change.

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