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  1. There’s already a rumour going round that they may change the Max’s name to 737-8. I mean, how many people would be able to tell the difference once seated in the back anyways?!
  2. We received a memo some time ago of how to deal with this as it’s no longer an unexpected fault, but is turning into a trend. As soon as you call Maint they usually already know what it is, and answer the phone with “GPS right”? As for unsubstantiated rumours, the one going around is that it’s a Russian satellite passing over Canada causing this. The scuttle-but has it that Maint knows when the issue will cease by looking up the position of the satellite, and when it will pass over the horizon.
  3. I haven’t seen one in the Caribbean, but I did see a NASA balloon back in the day while doing a very early morning flight from Winnipeg to north west of Thompson that was launched out of Lynn Lake. It was the first time I thought I saw a UFO. one minute it wasn’t there...the next minute there was this big a$$ thing floating in the sky, being lit up by the sun.
  4. That’s were on Floats Planes it’s a bit easier to ferret out the BS artists. Just ask them to taxi out in a little bit of a breeze and watch them dock again. Hard to fake that without experience.
  5. “Pucker Factor” trumps “meeting the parameters” at times. ?
  6. reverse thrust cannot be selected unless the forward thrust levers are in IDLE - reverse thrust lever is blocked at reverse idle until related thrust reverser is more than 60% deployed - movement into reverse thrust engages locking pawl preventing forward thrust lever from moving - terminating reverse thrust removes the locking pawl and restores forward thrust lever movement ability - reversers are electrically controlled, hydraulically operated - battery switch must be ON - engine fire handle must be down - NG aircraft must sense on-ground or Capt or FO's RA
  7. No conspiracies here. Just another WJer who is slowly feeling a little less cynical with all this time away from the job. Hence, I’m feeling like talking about aviation again. PS This time off has been the best thing that has happened to me in quite some time.
  8. The rumour for this has been going around for over a year now. So they finally pulled the trigger, and as per “The Shock Doctrine”, now’s the perfect time for them I guess.
  9. Twelve years with the company and just received my lay-off as of June 1st. Anyone need a float pilot out there?
  10. Or maybe..... This is just a plan to ferret out the conspiracy, and Anti Vax type nuts, and people who like to find real world instances that align with their paranoia and then deem it to be true. And once outed, these people will be rounded up and given to the Aliens for mass anal probing (remember when that was a thing?)