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  1. This isn’t in anyway a productive comment to make on this thread, But.. Hows that outsourcing everything and everyone to unskilled labour to save money program working out for you Boeing?
  2. I’m in southern Ontario. As I’m part of The Front Line people, who the vaccine is smart enough not to infect, coming back from out of country is a non issue with no required quarantine. It’s just this one time, after already being at home, where it turned out our sim instructor tested positive the day after we sat in the sim with him. Called the hotline, got the test and was told to stay home.
  3. Sorry. I.... just....can’t........stop........myself!
  4. I was exposed in MIA when we went down for training. Had the test done and was told to self quarantine. Not one phone call, not one visit. I don’t know, but it would seem somehow u set off some bells somewhere.
  5. A rather interesting tutorial on locks. He speaks nothing but truth....
  6. I think I will sue her as I have developed PTSD from learning that u can get PTSD from an engine failure. I did not know that. If it hadn’t been for her lawsuit, I would not have realized how traumatic an engine failure can be, and so she is to blame for my PTSD over her getting PTSD from an engine failure. Now, back under my blanked...
  7. Why is it some people always have to attribute things they don’t understand to the supernatural or off-world beings? And that’s going on the assumption these events even happened. Sorry, I for one will need much more proof than “trust me”. And so far, nothing I have ever witnessed makes me believe in either. And as a counterpoint to the submission Daniel.o posted....
  8. “The Drake Equation”not withstanding..... I have nearly +/- 19,000 hours now. From the north to the south of the continent and then some, I have yet to see anything that cannot be explained. And I say this with some sadness, as I would dearly love to some evidence of another civilization. But sadly nothing. No blinking lights, or buzz jobs by reckless ETs having some fun. Even the Bermuda Triangle has been a disappointment in this regard. So until someone can produce some verifiable evidence, I will continue to be a sceptic. And taking someone’s word from the Internet on this s
  9. Upper... Are u suggesting pilots are withholding the fact that they HAVE seen these UFOs? What percentage of pilots do u believe have seen UFOs?
  10. Sadly, I never got any PIC time in one, just BS time. It’s still a very vivid memory of when they let me start one up at the dock. I can still feel and smell this thing.
  11. Considering what the US and Boeing did (re the CSeries), I don’t think Canada should be taking any aircraft from our southern neighbours anytime soon. Grumble.....
  12. Sorry if I missed where this is stated about the part time work, and minimal training? As for around here, there is a computer learning module that must be completed, and then it’s a day of sim training. I believe this is more than enough given how much is already known about the issue. I for one am very happy to get back to the Max as it is (my opinion) a much more pleasant plane to spend time in vs the Ng. Just my 1.5 cents.
  13. Any word on when the folks in red will be doing that training?
  14. WJ pilots will start going down to MIA in January for training on the Max. I can’t speak fo AC folks.