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  1. Give us AC Years of Service pay, and see how many guys from WJ would jump over for a DEC 37 position.
  2. The A10 shoots em up… the farmers drag away the corpses.
  3. Is the an unwritten competition these days as to who can fly the ugliest livery these days?
  4. I very much bewildered by the fact that folks making millions are telling people who make thousands that they are making to much money.
  5. ALPA approached the company to see if their was a willingness on their behalf to raise the OT pay structure to entice folks to work. They replied that their staffing was adequate without needing to increase pay. How’s that working out for u?
  6. I have a hard time believing that. I don’t know the pay structure at either airline, but i just can’t see guys jumping ship, unless it’s FOs taking the left seat over there Time will tell I guess….
  7. Where will they get the crews for all these aircraft who have enough experience? We were hiring new hire FOs with 2500 hours before the slowdown. And unless they up their pay structure significantly, I can’t see experienced crews flocking to their interviews.
  8. A little bit of Queen to start your day perhaps?!
  9. This is second hand information, but… I understand this guy was a bit of a problem child who wanted the summers off so he could do his air show flying, which then led to him booking off on pairings and eventually termination. Sour ? I suspect.
  10. If they all look like Diana…. I for one am also ok with it.
  11. It doesn’t matter to the Bean Counters. John D. Rockefeller was once asked “How much money is enough?” He answered “Just a little bit more.”
  12. Our company (before the pandemic anyway) used to do a BGI-YYZ-YWG as part of a 5day pairing. I would not want to do one of these without someone there with me to catch my “brain farts” and the end of the last leg. And then there is the fact that on day 5 I find that I’m more susceptible to “brain farts”, as I’m somewhat already thinking what I need to on my days off. This single pilot thing smells like a unacceptable risk just to save $. IMHO.
  13. That’s what I was thinking. i would love to see the bill for this little “oops”.
  14. Can u expand on what sort of damage something like this would to to the fuselage vs aluminum pls. I understand that they “bake” the entire section in one piece. So how would a repair be conducted on something like this? thank u
  15. How does a carbon fibre fuselage compare to a aluminum one in this situation? I know there have been some hard landings on the 67 which caused buckling, but which was repairable. How does one of these handle this sort of damage?
  16. I may or may not have lost, and had to replace all sort of wings over the years wich turns out I didn’t loose in the end after all Funny thing about that. ?
  17. This isn’t in anyway a productive comment to make on this thread, But.. Hows that outsourcing everything and everyone to unskilled labour to save money program working out for you Boeing?
  18. I’m in southern Ontario. As I’m part of The Front Line people, who the vaccine is smart enough not to infect, coming back from out of country is a non issue with no required quarantine. It’s just this one time, after already being at home, where it turned out our sim instructor tested positive the day after we sat in the sim with him. Called the hotline, got the test and was told to stay home.
  19. Sorry. I.... just....can’t........stop........myself! ?
  20. I was exposed in MIA when we went down for training. Had the test done and was told to self quarantine. Not one phone call, not one visit. I don’t know, but it would seem somehow u set off some bells somewhere.
  21. A rather interesting tutorial on locks. He speaks nothing but truth.... https://youtu.be/m-tKnjFwleU
  22. I think I will sue her as I have developed PTSD from learning that u can get PTSD from an engine failure. I did not know that. If it hadn’t been for her lawsuit, I would not have realized how traumatic an engine failure can be, and so she is to blame for my PTSD over her getting PTSD from an engine failure. Now, back under my blanked...
  23. Why is it some people always have to attribute things they don’t understand to the supernatural or off-world beings? And that’s going on the assumption these events even happened. Sorry, I for one will need much more proof than “trust me”. And so far, nothing I have ever witnessed makes me believe in either. And as a counterpoint to the submission Daniel.o posted.... https://taskandpurpose.com/analysis/military-generals-conspiracy-theories/
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