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  1. Many store at Chinook Centre in YYC are open today...
  2. http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/s...80-7075383351aa Senate blocks airline ad rules Publication of full fares sought Sarah Schmidt Canwest News Service Saturday, March 22, 2008 OTTAWA - Transport Canada has yet to launch consultations into new rules forcing airlines to advertise the full price of airfares eight months after a law was passed requiring it to do so, raising concerns the popular initiative could be killed. The long-standing practice of airlines advertising one price for a ticket, then tacking on taxes, fees and surcharges upon purchase, appeared to be coming to an end last spring, when the House of Commons passed a bill requiring airlines to include all the extras in ads. But the Senate added a roadblock to the so-called "all-in" advertising provision, postponing it until industry and government could determine how to avoid unintended consequences on airlines' competitiveness. Liberal Senator Dennis Dawson, a former lobbyist for WestJet Airlines, proposed the delay after airline executives appeared before the Senate. They argued the new rules were unfair. Transport Canada's Patrick Charette said despite the delay in consultation, Ottawa is still committed to the consumer protection provisions. "We're monitoring the developments," he said. "We're still at the same stage, we're considering next steps." Michael Janigan, executive director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and member of the Travel Protection Initiative, says the delay isn't a good sign. "My impression is Transport Canada was never interested in implementing this, and has no interest in consumer protection. I can't think of another instance where, in effect, you'd want to encourage misleading behaviour on the grounds that it's good for business." The airline industry maintains it's unfair to require all-in airfare advertising because most provinces, which regulate how travel agents advertise, require no such provision; only Ontario and Quebec require agencies to include all fees and surcharges in ads. © The Calgary Herald 2008
  3. The Korean restaurant by my place just closed down, I guess Mr. Kim wasn't making enough money. Good food and all, busy on the weekends, but the place just never caught on. I blame the many Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. There are so many of them and Chinese food is much more popular with North Americans. Now if we regulated that there could only be one Chinese food restaurant in each community, and forced some Chinese food place to close, then maybe Mr. Kim would still be open today. Yes, we should regulate Chinese food restaurants.
  4. A345 is much different than the A319's over the Atlantic. Sure would be a nice ride. I'm wondering if anyone knows what Singapore has thought of the A345. I get the impression AC didn't like theirs. What are the economics like for this type? Is this a more or even less appropriate mission? Singapore Airlines to Launch First All-Business Class Flights From USA to Asia LOS ANGELES, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing consistently strong demand from business travelers, Singapore Airlines has announced plans to convert its five Airbus A340-500 ultra-long-range aircraft into an all-Business Class configuration, on daily flights between New York and Singapore, and Los Angeles and Singapore. The current 2-class, 181 seat, configuration will be replaced with 100 of the airline's new, award-winning, Business Class seats in a 1-2-1, configuration. At 30-inches, the seats are the widest Business Class offering in the sky. http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/080304/nytu038.html?.v=101
  5. "Hidden Agenda"??? What? If the "the amendments have already been passed in the House of Commons", that means either, 1) only the Tories showed up, or 2) another party supported this plan. Politics and the Media in this country.... If you pay attention, it'll drive you insane. I'll just keep spoiling my ballots.
  6. Oh how the west would have been different had the CPR gone north (like the original plan) instead of south....
  7. It will. And remember - it's all Sundin's fault.
  8. "February 17, 2008. Calgary, AB WestJet has confirmed that flight 846 en route from Calgary to Ottawa exited beyond the end of runway 25 upon arrival in Ottawa. No injuries were reported and all guests have deplaned and are safely in the terminal building. There were 94 people on board including crew." http://c1dsp.westjet.com/guest/webAlert.js...isories_guesten
  9. You are referring to the dumping of the -200's early?
  10. http://www.reportonbusiness.com/servlet/st...y/Business/home "WestJet Airlines Ltd. [WJA-T] is developing its own customer loyalty program, offering rewards such as Florida getaways through its vacations division and encouraging consumers to earn extra points by taking flights during slow periods."
  11. Blame the bank's/mortgage people for preying on the ignorant... Blame the ignorant for being so... Blame everyones greed... In the end, it doesn't matter, as we all will pay. Prices will fall here too (YEG/YYC/YXE). It all comes down to replacement costs.
  12. I bought a 6/49 ticket Thursday, but I chose the wrong numbers by accident. I meant to pick 3, 17, 26, 33, 39, 46. Someone owes me $4.2 million.
  13. Yes, but I can't find the n/s flight, only via DFW. I was wondering about the schedule.
  14. I've tried a few times to find these flights on the Mexicana website, to no avail. Why would a June start not be loaded yet, or am I just blind?
  15. Who will be the first to crack (1 bag only) over the North Atlantic?
  16. Exxon Q4 revenue: $116.94 billion Q4 net income: $11.66 billion Q4 margin: 10% WestJet's Q3 revenue: $ 614.1 million Q3 net income: $76.1 million Q3 margin: 12.4% It's all relative... http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/01/news/compa...sion=2008020114
  17. No no no, what I mean is that "standard operating procedure" for the established carrier is to add flights, drop fares and give away billions of points. Everyone could see this coming.
  18. You knew this was coming "Alaska Airlines said it's increasing the number of flights from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Los Angeles and is also "upgrading" service to several other California cities beginning in late April. The move is apparently a response to Virgin America's December announcement that it is launching service in March between Seattle and San Francisco and between Seattle and Los Angeles." http://ca.us.biz.yahoo.com/bizj/080116/1576912.html?.v=2
  19. I like my news this way... I hope all recover quickly. http://www.gov.calgary.ab.ca/citybeat/publ...rent/index.html Date: Thu Jan 10 11:08:09 2008 Subject: Update to Airport Emergency Response From: EMS Public Information -----BEGIN MD5 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- CITYBEAT - CITY OF CALGARY PRESS RELEASE ----------------------------------------------------------------- This morning at approximately 8:00am, the City of Calgary Emergency Medical Services responded to the Calgary International Airport in conjunction with the Calgary Police and Fire Departments for reports of an in-bound aircraft with multiple injured patients on board. Calgary EMS responded with the following resources: 11 transport units, 5 Supervisory units, a Medical Rescue Command Unit, the Air Medical Crew,and a Medical Rescue Support Unit. Calgary EMS attended air-side to the aircaft, which landed without incident, to assess all persons on board (total of 88 passengers and crew). Calgary Paramedics transported a total of 10 patients from the scene: 6 patients in stable, but potentially life threatening condition and 4 patients who sustained minor, non-life threatening injuries. The precise cause of the injuries has not been confirmed. In communication with the Calgary Health Region, the 10 patients were transported to the Foothills , Peter Lougheed, and Rockyview hopsitals in order to avoid overwhelming any one hospital. Due to the number of ambulances required at this incident, Calgary EMS requested mutual aid resources from surrounding EMS services come into the city in order to continue to provide ambulance coverage to the regular volume of emergency calls in the city. -30- Public Contact Information: Stuart Brideaux, EMT-P Public Education Officer Emergency Medical Services The City of Calgary 538-7606 Public Email Contact: 3-1-1contactus@calgary.ca Date: Thu Jan 10 10:46:05 2008 Subject: Update on Incident at Calgary Airport. From: Fire PIO -----BEGIN MD5 ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- CITYBEAT - CITY OF CALGARY PRESS RELEASE ----------------------------------------------------------------- At approximately 8:00 MT this morning Police, Fire and EMS responded to 655 Aero Road N.E (The Calgary Airport). Air Canada flight AC190 gave reports of multiple injuries on board. The flight was originally slated to Toronto from Victoria but had to divert to Calgary as a result of the injuries. The aircraft (airbus 319) landed safely at approximately 08:30. Updated numbers of passengers (from Air Canada news release) indicated that there was a total of 88 passengers including the 5 crew members. Approximately twenty two pieces of fire apparatus responded to the incident to ensure adequate manpower for the situation. The aircraft can carry approximately 120 people if totally full. Last reports indicated 10 patients transported by Calgary EMS and patient status can be obtained through them. The Calgary Fire Department assisted with basic medical care and assisted EMS with the quick and safe removal of passengers. An incident investigation will be conducted by The Transportation Safety Board. -30- Public Contact Information: Jeff Budai Public Information Officer 287-4257 Public Email Contact: 3-1-1contactus@calgary.ca
  20. How much traffic goes YYZ-YVR-Asia these days? I wonder because there are more and more non-stops from YYZ; AC has HKG, NRT, ICN, PEK and PVG , CX and Korean have n/s to their hubs, plus with Etihad and Emirates going the other way.....
  21. Stock's never been lower, then throw in the exchange and presto. Is this a buy low, sell high thing, or is there more, like mtce contracts, etc?
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