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  1. This news is hot off the press. Your doctor will now be required to payout $100.00 per minute that you are held in a waiting room past your appointment time.
  2. Make everyone move to the tail of the airplane? The 777, 767, and 787 don’t have any trim wheels either. They have two alternate trim levers. Moved together they directly control the Stabilizer position. In a worst case scenario, it all electrical is lost, there are still backup cables attached to the Stab and selected spoilers to maintain control and level flight, until power can be restored via the RAT, APU, etc. Note, the 787 has two IDGs ( integrated drive generators)per engine and two on the APU. In addition, the flight controls are driven by their own permanent magnet generators, backed up by 28 VDC. It’s quite inconceivable that the 787 could have a complete electrical failure.
  3. When the Concorde was on its farewell tour, it came through YYZ. It was departing R23 with our 767 next in line holding short at Hotel. With us only a 150 feet away, it brought the engines up to full, before releasing the brakes. I've never experienced a better example of turning JetB into noise. Our whole airplane shook with rock concert level bass boom that made your stomach flutter, and we were unable to hear ourselves. In my memory, I've made it a full afterburner takeoff, but can't really remember whether that's true or not. Pretty impressive way to let everyone know you're leaving the building either way.
  4. Based on how well it was written, I think Tommy has finally made it big!
  5. Haha, I like the way you think Boestar. As a commuter, I’ve often seen people’s frustration when experiencing gate arrival holds. The best is when a flight is 30 minutes early, and no gate is available, so you wait 20 minutes. Even though the flight is still 10 minutes early, and people were told to prepare for a flight x hours and x minutes long, they totally begin to come unglued once the plane has landed. Who hasn’t considered, in jest, to ask for a hold, for a few laps, rather than arrive early and risk the stares from those aren’t happy with 10 early and would rather have 30.
  6. BBC News - Airbus says A380 superjumbo production will end