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  1. Completely agree Boestar. We are at a point where trying to do the right thing is giving way to SJW cameras and the easiest solution for the airlines finding themselves oversold (for whatever reason) if volunteers won't play along, is for the airlines to cancel the flight. Everyone is then rebooked according to standby priority and a situation where one or two persons get accommodated with in an hour or two, instead the bottom standby priority will now take days to get to their destination. Such progress. I can even see the situation where an airline will cancel the flight if no one volunteers, then removes and rebooks under a new flight number. Everyone gets reboarded by priority and the low man on the list is left to a later flight, since he should have been the one removed anyway. Or perhaps just do away with overbooking entirely. You don't show up, your fare is forfeit. Just like a hockey game.
  2. This is exciting news, it means Alitalia has climbed up from severe deficits to almost reaching break-even bankruptcy. Next step, make a small profit.
  3. Rich, Joseph Smith spent his entire life being beaten, jailed and held without charge. His two adopted children died from exposure on a night when he was dragged from his home to be tarred and feathered and the doors were left open all night to the winter weather. He was a "Lay" preacher, and did not receive payment for "Preaching". He was, when time and season allowed, a farmer. He was never rich, having spent his life between trying to settle in, and being driven to a new place. Along the way he, he was a general labourer, a carpenter, a farmer, a bank manager, a mayor, a Militia General, a candidate for President of the United States, and the Leader of a Church. All this before his 39th birthday. Finally at age 38, he was murdered by an illegal Mob and his followers driven from Illinois across the Mississippi eventually leaving the United States for The Mexican territory which would eventually become the state of Utah.
  4. I've been around the track at Loews motor speedway (Talladaga Nights)(24 degrees of bank) at 110MPH. You get compressed into the seat at 1.3-1.4Gs, meaning a plane doing 220MPH may be pulling close to two, similar to NASCAR. This would double the takeoff weight of the airplane and exceed most limits the book has. What an entirely stupid idea. I hope this dreamer did this Thinktank quality garbage on his own dime.
  5. Within 75 meters of buildings? That's going to make the burgeoning real estate photography market go under. I have a half acre. If I fly it within 75 meters of my house, in my own yard, on my private property I'm going to be fined? Nice try, but I'll wait to see the rewrite.
  6. There is a San Jose- Illinois, and a San Jose Costa Rica. There is also Portland, Maine. Only one Phoenix I know of. Perhaps that is why the elaborations.
  7. Beatty knew it was wrong, his mistake was showing it to Dunaway. They're Actors who have been paid their whole lives just to read the line. She just read the line, without thinking about it like Beatty obviously had.
  8. I agree with everyone that you should put your overhead in proximity to your seat, for security if nothing else, and yes, y shouldn't leave bags in J. That being said, the FAs often bring Y bags for to J if there is room a few minutes before closing. In Kips case, an FA, not the pax placed the bag there before seat buddy arrived. my apologies to Kip, when I read Seat Buddy, my mind shifted to a friend of Kip's son, which isn't the case.
  9. Rich, Completly agree. If I had been Captain on Kip's son' s flight, I would have had his friend removed if he didn't apologize for the childish show he put on. Crew Bags, Demo Kits, Extra glasses, toilet paper, in flight entertainment master control units all take up "someone's" bin space. It doesn't "belong" to anyone. If buddy wants to sit and drink in the lounge until 5 minutes prior to boarding, he cannot expect saved space. He had the opportunity to board first, but forfeited the privilege. Just to illustrate this point, on the new AC Dreamliner, there are no overhead bins for the first three middle pods on both sides, NONE. On the EBJ, the last 8 seats have no bin space at all due to catering amenities and life rafts being placed there. You could board first for a Row 30 just to find out you have no space. Where would you expect them to place there bags? You have a reserved seat, that does not include reserved bin allocation.
  10. Got a strike coming out of China recently during first turn after Takeoff. Very alert RP saw it first and said quickly "Heads down now, Lazer strike". Very well done. Its too bad we don't have the capability to "WildWeasel" the criminal.
  11. How many killed by Communists in Russia and China, and North Korea, where belief in anything but the party has been banned. How has a century of Communism worked for tens of millions murdered in the name of nothing. How is the Cult of personality working out for the North Koreans starving to death, and in some reports, resorting to cannabilism? Three cited examples from the last 100 years who deny any connection to religion have killed murdered 10s of millions. Obviously your sectarian dream doesn't work so well either. Turns out man just likes to kill.
  12. Malcolm, what's the black and white picture of?
  13. My best guess on the black and white one is a that it's closely related to a DC-2. Its close, but no cigar.
  14. F-101 Voodoo