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  1. Swoop??

    Someone at WJ should have checked the Urban Dictionary,, as well, for more contemporary meanings.
  2. Swoop??

    Says it all Check out this video on YouTube:
  3. Superman Drone Video
  4. Flying into Hail

    You should see the medal you get when you don't fly through hailstorms!
  5. AC Aircraft Swap

    Call again, and see if you get a more helpful agent. Barring that, ask for a supervisor who should know how to take the next step. Good Luck.
  6. As undeclared, ununiformed combatants, they are not soldiers. They are premeditated, cowardly murderers. Let them come home, be tried for multiple murders and other atrocities , and go to jail for the rest of their lives. Better yet, cancel their passport and leave them there until the Kurds come through.
  7. They probably can't wait to get back and collect their 10.5 million.
  8. SFO Incident

    Agreed, the problem is that an aviation "expert" weighed in on CNN early on and presented these numbers, which don't make sense. Actual facts are going to have an uphill battle against innpaccurate sound bites made for money. Big questions regarding fatigue will be identified, and the airport itself may have to answer some big question, re turning off the ILS signal and why, where was the 15 foot tall X showing the closed runway, why were offset visuals still in effect if the left side was closed etc. It would seem if 28 l was closed, there is no reason a straight in ILS couldn't have been up and running.
  9. SFO Incident

    BD, the initial reports as well as AVHerald all report the crew was told to go around .25 mile past the runway end. This is the point the were TOLD to go around. One mile equals 5280 feet. One quarter of a mile is 1320 ft. The touchdown zone on any runway is the first 3000 feet, or one third of its length, whichever is shorter. AC SOPs say plane is on ground by 1500' or you're going around. At 1/4 mile down the runway, these pilots are flaring and at idle, which meant they crashed. As they did not crash, they must have been going around before ATC chimed in at the threshold -.25mile point. Aviation-navigate-communicate. As Flight Aware has removed the actual 4 minutes from the FAF to the first MAP point, it's hard to know exactly what happened. The .25 past end of runway goaround initiation smells pretty fishy though, and I know you are experienced enough to realize that. The good news is, the investigators have all the actual data, and will release a report of what really happened. Each post above may have snippets of the truth, or simply show armchair WAGs which only contributed to sullying reputations, not actual reconstructive fact.
  10. SFO Incident

    Upper Deck, Re Here's the actual taxi chart of KSFO Taxiway and Runway are same length. Aircraft cross threshold 35-50 ( normally 35 feet) above the end of the runway. If these pilots actually hadn't started going around before being .25 miles mile past the end of the runway, they would already have been on the ground. The goaround was absolutley initiated by the AC pilots prior to ATC waking up to the clues being handed to him.
  11. Well thought out and written VSplat.
  12. SFO Incident

  13. SFO Incident

    BD, I agree that we'll have to see whether this is real, or a reaction to miscues from the pilot on the taxi way. It's less than 150 feet to the runway and depending on how far back he was and wind, his nose could have been pointed anywhere.
  14. Skytrax surveyed 20 million people. JD Power and associates surveyed 11,000 AT THE AIRPORT where those with something to say could be first in line. SkyTrax is the Oscar, JD Powers is a Dundee for best paper salesman.
  15. Westjet bumps cycling team..

    Interesting, I missed that.