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  1. This news is hot off the press. Your doctor will now be required to payout $100.00 per minute that you are held in a waiting room past your appointment time. ?
  2. Make everyone move to the tail of the airplane? ? The 777, 767, and 787 don’t have any trim wheels either. They have two alternate trim levers. Moved together they directly control the Stabilizer position. In a worst case scenario, it all electrical is lost, there are still backup cables attached to the Stab and selected spoilers to maintain control and level flight, until power can be restored via the RAT, APU, etc. Note, the 787 has two IDGs ( integrated drive generators)per engine and two on the APU. In addition, the flight controls are driven by their own permanent magnet generators, backed up by 28 VDC. It’s quite inconceivable that the 787 could have a complete electrical failure.
  3. When the Concorde was on its farewell tour, it came through YYZ. It was departing R23 with our 767 next in line holding short at Hotel. With us only a 150 feet away, it brought the engines up to full, before releasing the brakes. I've never experienced a better example of turning JetB into noise. Our whole airplane shook with rock concert level bass boom that made your stomach flutter, and we were unable to hear ourselves. In my memory, I've made it a full afterburner takeoff, but can't really remember whether that's true or not. Pretty impressive way to let everyone know you're leaving the building either way.
  4. Based on how well it was written, I think Tommy has finally made it big!
  5. Haha, I like the way you think Boestar. As a commuter, I’ve often seen people’s frustration when experiencing gate arrival holds. The best is when a flight is 30 minutes early, and no gate is available, so you wait 20 minutes. Even though the flight is still 10 minutes early, and people were told to prepare for a flight x hours and x minutes long, they totally begin to come unglued once the plane has landed. Who hasn’t considered, in jest, to ask for a hold, for a few laps, rather than arrive early and risk the stares from those aren’t happy with 10 early and would rather have 30.
  6. BBC News - Airbus says A380 superjumbo production will end
  7. Anybody else catch the hypocrisy of self appointed passenger advocate Gabor Lukacs, who now WORKS for Flair Air, chastising THE RCMP, saying this was a civil matter. They were called by employees of the company he now works for. I wouldn't expect any impartiality from this know-it-all-who-knows- nothing, from now on. Any other airlines, who have 12 hour delays, he burns to the ground. Now silence. What are the RCMP suppose to do when they are called BY Flair; not show up? Hypocritic.
  9. It might be a historical Industry turning point for the improper and sometimes overused “Ground Checked Servicable”.
  10. It’s been a long time since I instructed and used to do elementary aerobatics training. I seem to recall, in a stall, the reason you kept ailerons levels, and only used rudder, was that the wing tips and ailerons stalled last, leaving the ailerons still effective during the incipient stages of the stall. If the wing dropped a bit (turbulence or stall in a turn) during a previously level stall, using the aileron to correct the roll changed the AOA of the dropped wing, which now suddenly would stall unevenly, turning the stall into a spin. It was the reason for rudders only when hitting stall AOAs. The natural reaction, without memory reflex training was to correct the roll with aileron, not rudder. i don’t know if that may apply here. When I learned to fly, stalling and spinning were practiced until it entered muscle memory. Other countries didn’t have such emphasis on the subject. RIP to all onboard.
  11. AC just released a statement, that the pilot in question never made any complaint or filed for anything requiring a manager to investigate. She just resigned, telling others she was tired of the business. Severely weakens her case over the what the poorly investigated reporting purported.
  12. Many of the people using the service are flying too far for their Helicopter or Business Jet to get them there, and so are “forced” to use an airline to get them there, like when the President of Deutchbank and his four VPs need to get to Melbourne. Others are so famous that they are use to coming in the “back door” of arenas, venues, restaurants through-the-kitchen etc. Walking up a Jetway is something nobody else gets to do, except they do it with someone carrying their luggage. Others may not be as famous, or as rich, but love the idea of having people wonder who they are. For a myriad of reasons, the service is First Class and very well received.
  13. These aren’t your average BMW 3-5 series. They are BMW 750Xdrive long wheel base, the version used if your going to cut it to make a stretch limousine. The trunk space is enormous. Reclining rear seats, TVs, electronic footrest, uniformed (suits) drivers. You can be taken from private check in directly to the airplane seat, no waiting area. The trials were very positive.