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  1. I agree with everyone that you should put your overhead in proximity to your seat, for security if nothing else, and yes, y shouldn't leave bags in J. That being said, the FAs often bring Y bags for to J if there is room a few minutes before closing. In Kips case, an FA, not the pax placed the bag there before seat buddy arrived. my apologies to Kip, when I read Seat Buddy, my mind shifted to a friend of Kip's son, which isn't the case.
  2. Rich, Completly agree. If I had been Captain on Kip's son' s flight, I would have had his friend removed if he didn't apologize for the childish show he put on. Crew Bags, Demo Kits, Extra glasses, toilet paper, in flight entertainment master control units all take up "someone's" bin space. It doesn't "belong" to anyone. If buddy wants to sit and drink in the lounge until 5 minutes prior to boarding, he cannot expect saved space. He had the opportunity to board first, but forfeited the privilege. Just to illustrate this point, on the new AC Dreamliner, there are no overhead bins for the first three middle pods on both sides, NONE. On the EBJ, the last 8 seats have no bin space at all due to catering amenities and life rafts being placed there. You could board first for a Row 30 just to find out you have no space. Where would you expect them to place there bags? You have a reserved seat, that does not include reserved bin allocation.
  3. Got a strike coming out of China recently during first turn after Takeoff. Very alert RP saw it first and said quickly "Heads down now, Lazer strike". Very well done. Its too bad we don't have the capability to "WildWeasel" the criminal.
  4. How many killed by Communists in Russia and China, and North Korea, where belief in anything but the party has been banned. How has a century of Communism worked for tens of millions murdered in the name of nothing. How is the Cult of personality working out for the North Koreans starving to death, and in some reports, resorting to cannabilism? Three cited examples from the last 100 years who deny any connection to religion have killed murdered 10s of millions. Obviously your sectarian dream doesn't work so well either. Turns out man just likes to kill.
  5. Malcolm, what's the black and white picture of?
  6. My best guess on the black and white one is a that it's closely related to a DC-2. Its close, but no cigar.
  7. F-101 Voodoo
  8. Seeker, that explains your preferred GPA and 10000 fpm descents. 3.0 degrees is for Noobs. I have x-plane 10 and one of its types to try out is the Shuttle doing low altitude orbit, reentry and landing at Edwards. If the simulation is as good as the rest of Xplane, it must be quite a ride.
  9. I think the second may be a forerunner production line predecessor of the ME109 known as the BF109. The BF stands for Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and all 109 models prior to 1938 bore this designation. As a matter of interest, note the crash padding on the gunsight. A common feature on the German aircraft. This is fun, More please.
  10. I think the photo was mislabeled. Defiantly a 737-300. The TRex needed every square inch of panel for spinning, flipping pushing, blinking, or Serial number.
  11. Looks pretty close to a B737-300
  12. Conehead, this guy is NOT an AC pilot. I think he left a message on the public side of the ACPA website where comments can be left. He was never on an ACPA "Forum". Awesome reporting strikes again. i think his career path included Jazz, TC, and possible Sunwing, and of course a big drain where he watches his carreer go down the toilet. A little reasearch of the name online shows someone with the same name who's father recently passed away. If this is true, perhaps he's become unhinged.
  13. Oh, I have got to get me one of those for Video Games. Put a diaper on me, anXBox controller, and maybe mainline some Red Bull and you could Call of Duty all night long.
  14. Maverick, I had deleted my post soon after posting and left yours without context. I researched a bit more to verify its accuracy and am reposting it in its entirety. ACSidestick Boestar, What's your point? Ever notice that WW1, WW2, The Korean War, And Vietnam all were started by Democrats? WW1- Franklin D Roosevelt- Democrat WW2- Franklin Roosevelt- Democrat WW2- Harry Truman - Democrat Korean War - Harry Truman - Democrat Vietnam War - John F Kennedy Democrat, Lyndon B Johnson - Democrat ( Dwight D Eisenhower-Republican stirred the South East Asia pot prior to Kennedy drafting troops, boots on the ground warfare) Nixon and Ford, both Republicans spent administrations trying to extricate US from Vietnam. Rwanda, Clinton Democrat " His self admitted biggest failure Sent the first cruise missles attacks into Afghanistan and the Sudan in retaliation for US embassy attacks by non other than OBL. Clinton -Democrat Orders Cruise missile strikes against Iraqi intelligence HQ Clinton Democrat Order Operation Desert Strike against Iraq and Saddam Hussein Clinton- Democrat Bombing of World Trade Center One-Clinton Democrat Bombing of USS Cole in Yemen - Clinton Democrat I would wager that far more young lives have been wasted by Democrats than Republicans since the formation of the United States.