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  1. Kip, any problem with this? off-topic

    Kip, you're not suggesting you were breathing through the tube at 4 feet under are you, or did I misunderstand? Merry Christmas to you and Scuba 2
  2. Great New AirCanada Commercial

    Mine too, I was able to find mine on a Caribbean layover.
  3. Great New AirCanada Commercial

    How about this?
  4. Accident in Northern Saskatchewan

    Engines all running, passenger wrong, I’m wrong— and very happy to be so.
  5. Hey YVR - Buy a plow!

    Kip, it’s a still taken from the actual video. Have a look here from CTV News
  6. Accident in Northern Saskatchewan

    Kip, that is exactly the scenario I was intimating. As I said, I really hope I’m wrong. Thanks Malcolm.
  7. Accident in Northern Saskatchewan

    That’s my thought as well. The left isn’t curled, but twisted two different ways, possibly no power on at impact. That can happen when it’s turning but no making power, hits an object (tree) then immediately reverses from the impact the other way and hits another object (tree), The passengers said one quit, then the other, then the impact. There is only one reason both can quit so close together, and that’s fuel starvation. The reason for fuel starvation is limited to two reasons. It did it, or you did it. I sincerely hope it somehow did it, for whatever reason and that this is not a repeat of TransAsia 235.
  8. Accident in Northern Saskatchewan

    In the TSB pictures, it appears the flaps are slightly extended. Thank heavens for the forward cargo location on the ATR, or this would be a very different story. It’s incredible to understand from the TSB pictures how the pilots could be relatively unscathed.
  9. The Headline Says Airline with worst food

    Air Canada and JetBlue tied for second, Obviously they didn’t try Chef Hawksworth hazelnut chocolate torte with Cherry/cranberry compote. Its worth the look of ridicule your doctor gives you a medical time, it’s a least 1000 calories by the time your done your third piece.
  10. I'm not sure who PAYS, Malcolm, but the Companies themselves give courses to the TC inspectors, most of whom will never touch the real plane.
  11. Swoop??

    Someone at WJ should have checked the Urban Dictionary,, as well, for more contemporary meanings.
  12. Swoop??

    Says it all Check out this video on YouTube:
  13. Superman Drone Video
  14. Flying into Hail

    You should see the medal you get when you don't fly through hailstorms!
  15. AC Aircraft Swap

    Call again, and see if you get a more helpful agent. Barring that, ask for a supervisor who should know how to take the next step. Good Luck.