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  1. What I believe is immaterial. The person who wrote it believed in God, the people who adopted it as our anthem believed it to be a true representation of our thoughts, hopes and aspirations as a Country. It has nothing to do with the gender of the people who populate this land. I don't see how an anthem inclusive of ideals of helping your neighbour, taking care of those less fortunate than ourselves, of hope and charity, of honouring those who have gone before us is something to be fought and changed.
  2. My 2¢ worth... GOD had a Son. His name was Jesus Christ. In all thy Son's command would refer to do all we do with regard to values put forth by Jesus Christ... I don't see anything wrong with that...
  3. How to contact the "Honourable" Helena Guergis... Helena Guergis
  4. Before you start using Wikipedia as an authority on the subject of Global Warming...
  5. How does one, in an Astra? And where did it go after it was "dumped"?
  6. From the letters page of the National Post... Tongue firmly in cheek I'm guessing... Don't believe the raw data, it's toasty in Edmonton National Post Larry Wong, Canwest News Service Re: Cold Comfort: Mercury Rises To -20 C In Edmonton, Dec. 15. Those who believe it may be cold in Edmonton will be cheered to know that the recently published temperatures consist of only raw temperature data. The Climate Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia, U.K., has used its complex and peer-reviewed computer adjustment for that raw data to determine the real temperatures for inclusion in future IPCC rep
  7. My Parents pointed this out to me on New Years Eve as we went out to dinner... Unless there is some satire involved with Mao balancing on Lenin's head I miss the point and think it inappropriate... Richmond Review
  8. A nut free zone on an airplane would be akin to a no peeing zone in a pool...
  9. I must be new and inexperienced... How does the fuel dump system work on the Boeing 737 NG?