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On a lighter note.....

Croc Dundee

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Here are the shows I try to catch on a regular basis (and why) -

Munk - on Access. Very quirky yet hilarious.

Scrubs - very funny.

Gilmore Girls - because my wife likes it.

Family Guy - very humourous

Dora the Explorer- because my kids like it.

The Simpsons - classic comedy

Futurama - my type of humour.

I guess I like to laugh a lot! laugh.giflaugh.gif

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Guest rattler

My vote goes for:

Gilmore girls because we both like it.

Dead Like Me .... great show even if I have to watch it by myself.

Smallville.... Superboy as he should have been shown in the comics.

Charmed..... interesting plot plus great scenery ph34r.gif

Jack & Bobby..... enteraining series

And on Spike, 5 to 10 times a week, CSI (original).......

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