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Canada To Join Red Sea Mission Despite The Lack Of Capability

In response to increasing threats faced by commercial ships in the Red Sea from Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, Canada has announced its decision to join a U.S.-led naval mission. The move comes as part of a broader international effort to protect vessels navigating through the strategically important waterway.

U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin unveiled the initiative, dubbed “Operation Prosperity Guardian,” during a visit to Bahrain. Canada’s initial involvement will consist of deploying a small number of personnel, according to government sources. These staff officers are expected to be assigned to work at a regional U.S. command, assisting with operational planning.

Notably, Canada, with its fleet of 12 naval frigates, faces constraints as six of these vessels are currently undergoing deep maintenance. The preferred maritime asset for this mission would be an air-defense destroyer capable of countering threats like anti-ship ballistic missiles. However, Canada lacks this specific capability at the moment, although new surface combatants with such capabilities are still in production.

The decision to contribute personnel rather than ships has raised concerns, with Conservative defence critic James Bezan expressing disappointment. Bezan emphasized the need for Canada to provide tangible naval assets, criticizing the government’s alleged failure to ensure the Royal Canadian Navy has the necessary resources.

Our contribution all but meaningless, most military forces do not need any more staff members.

Canada sending 3 staff officers to support U.S.-led Operation Prosperity Guardian
The Department of National Defence has confirmed Canada's participation in Operation Prosperity Guardian, a United States-led maritime operation to defend commercial ships in the Red Sea and Western Gulf of Aden.

Minister of National Defence Bill Blair said the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will deploy three staff officers as early as next week under Operation Artemis – the CAF operation concerned with security in Middle East waters.

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t was #OTD in 1946 that the Royal Canadian Navy commissioned its first aircraft carrier, HMCS Warrior (CVL 20).
Originally HMS Warrior, she was a Colossus-class light aircraft carrier which was ordered in 1942 by the British Royal Navy during World War II and finished in 1945. She was loaned to the Royal Canadian Navy from 1946 until 1948 when she was replaced there by HMCS Magnificent (CVL 21). Did you know our own TBM 309 served on the Magnificent in the RCAF???
Warrior returned to the Royal Navy and served until the end of the 50s when she was sold to Argentina who in turn retired her in the 70s when she was scrapped.
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Rumour has our navy possibly purchasing nuclear subs. 

Trudeau says Canada to purchase new submarines, will consider nuclear | National Postanada to look at new submarines, and Trudeau doesn't rule out nuclear option

New,  not used, British subs would fit the bill, but as normal we may be shopping in the used "bargain" basement. 

The Royal Navy's 'silent enforcers': How a new generation of nuclear submarines loaded with weaponry will keep the UK safe (msn.com)

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