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ANALYSIS: Israeli weapons house Rafael has Asian nations in its sights

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India and Australia are among the Asia-Pacific nations that Rafael has firmly in its sights with its current and in-development weapons and targeting systems. The company is in the final stages of developing the third and latest, ER, version of its I-Derby active radar air-to-air missile, and is eyeing a deal with New Delhi, which has already fitted the current I-Derby on its Aeronautical Development Agency Tejas light combat aircraft. Rafael is also pitching its ubiquitous Litening targeting pod for India s future fleet of Dassault Rafales. Meanwhile, the Haifa-based company has opened an office in Melbourne as it looks to develop Australian industrial partnerships to help pitch the likes of the I-Derby, shorter-range Python-5 air-to-air missile, and Spice air-to-ground weapon system.

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