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Christmas Wishes


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Little Johnny has a swearing problem and his father is fed up, so he decides to go to a shrink to solve the problem.

He tells the shrink, "My son has a problem with foul language. Can you suggest anything?"

The shrink quickly replies, "Well Christmas is coming up, so I say, leave a pile of dog poop instead of what he really wants."

The father gets home and Johnny says to him, "When I wake up on Christmas, I want to wake up to a goddamn teddy bear. When I go downstairs, I want to see a goddamn train circling around the goddamn tree. And when I go outside, I want to see a goddamn bicycle leaning against the goddamn garage."

Christmas morning arrives. Johnny wakes up and rolls over a pile of dog pooh. Confused, he goes downstairs and sees a big pile of dog pooh under the tree. He then goes to look outside and sees another pile of dog pooh next to the garage.

The father comes downstairs and asks, "So, what'd Santa leave you?"

Johnny responds, "I think I got a goddamn dog but I can't find the son of a bitch!"

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