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  1. Something for Aircraft Spotters

    I know at this site Mary River there hasn't been anyone that I'm aware of, although some photos find there way to social media. We were to have the Discovery Channel show up today for a five day shoot, but weather wasn't cooperating. They have scheduled themselves in for five days and sometime in late spring early summer you will be able to catch it on Mighty Planes.
  2. Something for Aircraft Spotters

    Silly question but how do you create a PM?
  3. Something for Aircraft Spotters

    Very old image what is shown on Google Earth, very modern camp now.
  4. Something for Aircraft Spotters

    Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pics, immediate dismissal, can't even carry your cell phone.
  5. Something for Aircraft Spotters

    Actually the purity is anywhere from 67-76%. The railway is now in the planning stages with a start up around 2020. There was some concern by the IL-76 crew on their initial inspection of airstrip due to loose gravel, on yesterdays first flight brakes only were used, no reverse, as they were concerned of ingestion of gravel. We have a 6500' runway and they used less than 3000' before coming to a complete stop. AN-22 crew coming in today for runway inspection.
  6. Something for Aircraft Spotters

    First load arrived into Mary River today. Cargo is only Ore Haul Trucks. Could of done the complete job in 8 trips with the AN-22 but wasn't available until May.
  7. New Leaf Travel

    Myself and 2 children flew with them YHM-YLW return 08 Aug. They definitely exceeded my expectations, a few hiccups but still arrived on time. Had 95 paxs YHM-YWG, 105 paxs YWG-YLW. Will definitely use them again especially if their price remains the same.
  8. YHM to YUL

    I'm hoping more than 7 months as I will be taking it regularly.
  9. Drone Dunce.................

    Yes it's people like this that will ruin it all for us law abiding UAV pilots. I have the same model as this dip$hit and I notice a couple of interesting events. You can't fly within 8 km within an airport unless you are in manual mode( obviously he was in manual mode) if he was to be in GPS mode the software would have not even allowed the motors to start. He has also tried to mask the visibility of the UAV from being seen by ground personnel and flight crews as you can clearly see that he has put electrical tape over the corresponding flashing red/green lights on the underside of the motor arms. Clearly an accident waiting to happen.
  10. I actually have video of this but of poor quality, on a side note I have from a good source that the reason the bear doesn't make a meal of the dog is that he is fed on a regular basis
  11. For best results use full screen, look closely at about 37 seconds. http://youtu.be/s6_GMz0QVh8
  12. Oh yeah the infamous Peugeot commercial, I think I will just keep my mouth shut.
  13. From my own experience here is what has happened to me. Passport had been through the wash a number of times, outer cover was separating, main page with photo appeared to be undamaged from water( or so I thought). I cross into the US on a weekly basis and never had an issue with the border patrol either verbally or from their scanners. At airports pretty much the same never an issue with the condition of it. I was about six months away from renewal and decided to get my documents in order. After producing passport to teller she immediately scanned it. After informing me her scanner could not read it she asked if passport had ever been wet? She tried different scanners and finally came back to me without passport and informing me it was now "VOID" and that I would not be getting it back. I had to go through the whole process again as if I was a first time applicant, guarantor etc. My suggestion, as long as no one is questioning it or it scans, don't give it up. Hope this helps.
  14. Netbooks

    There are so many out there that it's becoming confusing, I eventually ended up going with the Asus 1000HE. I was sold on this unit mainly for the battery life, although they claim up to 9.5 hrs the best I have achieved is 8 hrs. Most Netbooks have the Atom processor but the Asus has the upgraded Atom N280 as opposed to the N270 in most others. I was told this has better power management. Keyboard on the Asus is awesome, about 93% size of a regular notebook. I would suggest looking for one that can be memory upgradeable, my Asus came with 1gb ram but can be upgraded very easily, some others cannot be upgraded. Good luck Norm Hilliard